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  • "I can't believe the last book I ever bought was a girlie mag!"
  • The Gantz for the Osaka team speaking in Kansai-ben.
  • After the second mission, Hojo gets labeled "Homo" by Gantz. The other guys have minor freak outs while the guy denies it. He gets 10 points, but he's too pissed off to care.
    • If you look closely the three that were surrounding him were immediately on the other side of the room in the next panel.
  • After the dinosaur hunt, Gantz's message for Reika points out she was staring at Kurono as if she is in a trance throughout the hunt. Cue blushing denials. This could count as a CMOA for Kurono since she is a freaking hot and famous idol.
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  • Before the Osaka hunt, Sakurai was nicknamed "Cherry" by Gantz. After the Osaka hunt, his nickname changed to "No longer a Cherry." The next panel shows Reika confused as to what it means, and Sakurai tries to play it down.
  • How an Angel Alien kills a Gantz member in Chapter 291 exemplifies why so many view Gantz as a Bloody Hilarious manga.
  • Chapter 337. Rescuing hundreds of humans from an alien spaceship really makes you hold your bladder.
    "You guys, there are women present!"
  • Chapter 368. All of it. After having more than a reader's fair share of serious chapters, the manga finally gets back to its obscene, sex-obsessed roots by showing what the other Gantz teams are doing as the Tokyo team awaits their transfer. It makes the Osaka team's actions look tame in comparison, which is really saying something.
    "I'm jealous of this fucker, he has three dicks!!!"
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  • The sex scene between the Oni disguised as Reika and Inaba in chapter 199. It's so ridiculous that it really defies description.
  • Kurono VS Kaze starts off with Kurono pulling off a crane stance before saying "screw this" and goes back to normal.
  • Kurono slam dunking the basketball so hard that the basket with the base plate breaks. Followed by his Oh, Crap! reaction to it.