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Believe it or not, Gantz actually has a handful of scenes that are genuinely heartwarming.

  • A major one is at the end of the Oni alien arc, where several people sacrifice their freedom from Gantz to resurrect their's and Kurono's friends and allow Kurono to go free. Even Nishi gets brought back.
    • Kato, after being revived, heartfully thanks both Kei and The Old Man, since his points were given to revive him. When Kato finally sees his brother after 10 months of being dead, he discovers Ayumu rummaging through garbage cans, having survived on his own this whole time. Ayumu, far from being upset (because as far as he knew, Kato just vanished), runs to his brother and welcomes him back.
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    • Reika, althought she was in love with Kurono, chose to revive Tae, so Kurono can use his own points to take his freedom and reunite with Tae.
  • Pretty much any scene with Takeshi and Kaze, especially the one where Kaze finds out how Takeshi died, and where he engages the Osaka boss alien in unarmed combat after it wounds Takeshi.
    • Much later, The Old Man finds out that Kaze and Takeshi are homeless, so he offers them a place in his own home.
    • Later on, Takeshi stops referring to Kaze as Muscle Rider... and just calls him Dad.
  • The scene where after losing their memories, Tae and Kurono find their way back to each other.
  • The scene after Kurono's nightmare of what could've happened if he never knew Tae. Finding his girlfriend by him in bed, Kurono realizes how much she means to him. Aww...
  • For as monumental an asshole as Kurono is at first, he also seems to become the most human character. First, he earns the most points in the Dinosaur mission, by saving everyone on the team and killing more foes than the resident Ax-Crazy Blood Knight, gaining the respect of literally everyone present. Then he turns down Reika to be with the girl he loves, despite the fact that Reika is an insanely attractive idol who has become devoted to him. All it seemed to take to push him onto the right track was having people finally respect him/be grateful toward him.
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  • Chapter 275, when Anzu tells Kato that she loves him.
  • "I did it! Just like I promised!" —the Nerd Virgin from the Osaka team, who's gotten enough points by now to bring back Anzu.
  • In ch. 321, Tae is rescued from certain death by an older man while aboard the alien ship/planet/sewer/thing. That same man had been giving her rather... creepy looks earlier. When she finally works up the courage to ask why he saved her of all people, he reveals that he's a pedophile. A short time later, as he lies dying, he reveals that his daughter had been killed a day earlier during the initial invasion...and that Tae looks a lot like her.
  • In ch. 351, the long awaited reunion of Tae and Kei. After experiencing so much hell during the Katastrophe arc, it's hard not to tear up seeing Kei burst in tears just from seeing Tae again. The alien woman's reactions to this make this moment all the more heartwarming and tear-inducing at the same time.
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  • Chapter 368, when Nerdy Virgin learns that Maejima is also a virgin and gains the boldness to proudly state that he's a virgin. His teammates' reactions allow this moment to double as a Funny Moment.
  • The God Aliens are monumental assholes, but they DO supply one very cold logical scientific fact that's actually quite heartwarming: Souls exist, reincarnation exists. And souls who were close in life stay close perpetually. Reika will be reborn as an American woman, Kei (clone) will be reborn as her son 20 years later, and Kishimoto will be reborn as her daughter 2 years later. It's not truly the end for any of the fallen.
  • The final panel of Gantz: Kei, after enduring all the horror of the Gantz missions, seeing his friends and loved ones die all around him, and dying himself multiple times... finally gets to rest, collapsing into Tae's lap, a look of absolute peace on his face. Earn Your Happy Ending, indeed.


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