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Funny / Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

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The Manga

  • Chapter 21: During the School Festival, Yuuko gets Niiya to go with her into another class's Haunted House; an Imagine Spot from Yuuko shows that she expects Jump Scares that will give her an excuse to cling to Niiya even tighter. The irony of having a ghost as your 'date' inside a haunted house aside, the actual students playing the 'ghosts' inside - who are already being mildly influenced by their own attraction - end up temporarily able to see Yuuko... and become too frightened to do their jump scares. Yuuko leaves the attraction very disappointed.
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  • Whilst mildly homophobic, Kirie's mortified declaration that romantic activities should only be for "healthy young boys and girls" is so hilariously reminiscent of The Talk that you just know that's her sole frame of reference on the subject.
  • In the epilogue, Momoe sets up a small shrine for Yuuko in the club room and puts a sweet bun there as an offering. Then she freaks out at the bun's disappearance while Yuuko calmly eats it in the background.


The Anime

  • Episode one of the anime. Some of the best scene-manipulation this troper's ever seen. Basically, the episode is in two parts, the first from Momoe's (who can't see ghosts) POV, as increasingly weird and unexplained incidents happen. The second half is from Yuuko's and Teiichi's POVs, and you get the "explanations" behind the events, and Momoe's completely wrong deductions and reactions. Even the background music gets in on the fun, with the first half having your typical 'sinister, mood-setting' ghost story music, and the second half keeping the same beat, but removing the sinister aspects and adding a more whimsical tone.
  • Episode two also includes these visual manipulation tropes when Yuuko and Niiya are caught up in a game of "hide the demon." In order to calm Momoe down, Niiya has Yuuko pretend to be the demon that doesn't actually exist. Momoe sees Yuuko as a horrific demon, whereas the actual Yuuko is in a white burial kimono and having a real blast with what's going on. When Niiya attempts to "exorcise" Yuuko, Momoe sees him as a badass exorcist fighting a monster, whereas the actual Yuuko shouts "Are there any kids around here I can gobble up?" ("Any crying children here?" in the dub) (The voice actress's silly voice at that point makes it even funnier.) The "exorcism" ends as Niiya places a talisman on the "demon." From Momoe's perspective, he's banishing the demon. In actuality, he grabbed Yuuko's boob.

Alternative Title(s): Tasogare Otome X Amnesia


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