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  • Episode 7: Coco trying to wake Nozomi up by turning into Kouji... and then got caught by Nozomi's mom with him on a very awkward position against the sleeping Nozomi. Her mom's Freak Out! and Nozomi's attempts to 'explain' definitely count.
  • Episode 15: When Rin tells the other girls that Nozomi's mother is sick, they at first wonder why Rin is seemingly overreacting, until she explains that Nozomi would be the only other person at home since her father will be home late, at which point everyone realizes that Nozomi would be trying to do the household work by herself.
    Urara: We have to save Nozomi, I mean, Nozomi's mom!
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  • Episode 17: Rin pretending to talk to a boy about the bracelet she made in front of a mirror while the other girls, Coco and Nuts watch in confusion.
  • The other girls' antics while Karen is being interviewed by Mika in Episode 18, such as following them around in Karen's greenhouse while wearing silly costumes for no apparent reason, and later holding up signs to try to encourage Karen:
    Rin's sign: Fight!
    Komachi's sign: Calm down!
    Urara's sign: Wonderful!
    Nozomi's sign: I'm hungry...
  • Milk's introduction episode where she explains how she's suffering and had to play dead and garner many people to pity her to take her in out of pity... all in a sad tone, when suddenly...
    Milk: (with Evil Face on) They're all such suckers!
  • Episode 1 of Go!Go!: Nozomi signals the girls to get ready to face Scorp... but because they lost their ability to become Pretty Cures at the end of the 1st season...
    Nozomi: Girls! Ready?
    All: YES!
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  • The 'Detective Komachi' episode is full of funny, what with the accusations here and there and then Bunbee butts in in the wrongest time possible and gets accused. Only Dream gets to hear his alibi, the rest just whoop him out of Nuts house with Dream telling them to hold up to no avail, ending with all girls, after driving Bunbee out, giving a low "Yes!", looking at Dream with thumbs up. In unison. And yes, Bunbee didn't even get to whip out any Hoshiina monsters this episode.
  • During one of the fight scenes in Episode 24 of Go!Go!, as Cure Lemonade is thrown towards one of the windows of the Eternal HQ:
    Anacondy: (catches Cure Lemonade before she hits the window) "We cannot have you destroy our valuable collection. When you get sent flying, do it over there." (throws Lemonade aside)
  • Cure Coco and Cure Nutts in the Go!Go! movie! The beginning has Milk introduce how the Miracle Lights the audience is given work. Syrup walks out as "a monster" and Kouji and Mr. Natsu race out in order to "stop" him. When they mention to use the Lights to help them transform, the two do... into Cure Coco and Cure Nutts, their mascot forms wearing the hair decorations and sporting the colors of their love interests (Nozomi and Komachi) respectively. Yes, it's as goofy as it sounds!
    • Continued with after the opening song... Karen mentions that maybe eating too much sweets are going to make them fat... and all of the sudden, cue not just Urara, but also Nozomi and Rin, hamming it up and saying their farewell for their beloved sweets... Though Chocola fixes it by saying that eating things in Sweet Kingdom isn't gonna make you fat.

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