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The Two Tigers

  • When he's attacked by a bear, Naoto complains he's sick of them. Why? Because he has eaten so many that he's grown disgusted, and now will have to do it again after killing it.
    • By the way, Haruna is sick of cooking bears too, and hopes the next is a deer.
  • Everyone is gearing up for the match between Odin and Kaioh Mikasa, Kaioh arrives... Then points out of the ring, Tiger Mask arrives, and Haruna explains that Kaioh can't fight due doctor orders, with poor Kaioh running away while he complains of a non-existant pain.
    • Gets Harsher in Hindsight when we see that Kaioh had already fought Odin once, and that is why he accepts to let Tiger Mask fight in his place.
  • The way Haruna steals the direction of the show from Miss X, and her dumbfounded expression when Tiger Mask arrives and before Haruna announces his name.

Tiger and Lion

  • Haruna's dealing with the New Japan Pro-Wrestling. She's so outmanouvered that her only way to apologize to Ken and Naoto is to hang herself from her feet.
  • Yuji Nagata dealing with the pissed-off Haruna and Miss X.

The Tiger's Legacy


The Mask of Red Death

  • Ryu's vain attempt at getting a date from Haruna.

The Mystery of Fukuwara Mask

  • Fukuwara Mask is having trouble selling his merchandise. His solution: he announces that anyone who bought his keyrings would get a handshake from Tiger Mask, who was just passing by and doesn't even know Fukuwara. It works.
  • How Fukuwara beats poor Ryu Wakamatsu: he starts fooling around and jumps out of the ring, with his mask getting backward and blocking his vision, Wakamatsu comes down to help... And is promptly thrown on the ring post, getting too stunned to realize what's happening until he is counted out. Wakamatsu's Oh, Crap! face at twenty is what sells it.
  • At the battle royal Fukuwara tells Tiger that the secret of winning is all in the head. Tiger Mask thinks he's suggesting a headbutt.

Idol vs. Heel

Naoto and Naoto

  • Everything Haruna does in the episode.
  • An old fan of the original Tiger Mask sees the advertiment of a fight of the new one on the newspaper, so goes to watch it... Because he mistook him for the original, and his granddaughter has to tell him otherwise. In his defense, he's very old by now.
  • When Gorilla Jeet Singh comes by swinging his sword, everyone runs. Everyone but the old man. His granddaughter praises him... Then he admits he was too scared to run.

Tiger's Den Bares Fangs

  • While visiting Daisuke at the hospital, Naoto gets roped into promising his nurse he'll take her to see a Tiger Mask's match.
  • Ryu's latest attempt at courting Haruna: selling merchandise imitating her moves and phrases.
  • After Tiger Mask and Hiroshi Tanahashi win a tag team fight, Nagata offers them a shot at the IWGP Tag Team Championship. Haruna's reaction? Happiness at their expected victory... Because this way she'll be able to sell more merchandise.
  • When Naoto joined Zipangu, Takuma really wanted him to not quit... Because he was the only other trainee and was sick of running errands alone.

The Stormy Opening Match

  • Fukuwara Mask on a train. That is all.
  • Fukuwara Mask doing his usual thing to Tiger the Dark.

The Mysterious Mister Question

  • When Mister Question proves his Yoga-derived stretchiness, Fukuwara Mask has no problem. Then he dislocates all his joints in one arm... And the eyes, nose and mouth on Fukuwara's mask slide down to the chin from the shock.

The Tiger's Killer Move

  • When Naoto tells him he wants an original Finishing Move in time for the match with Tiger the Dark, Kentaro is OK and proposes to train at the usual place... Then Naoto tells him Tanahashi already invited him at the NJPW gym and, a priceless face later, tries to come up with reasons he doesn't need one. Followed by a Luminescent Blush when Haruna guessed (right) that he was jealous that the NJPW could take him away.
  • Takuma's utter embarrassment when he tries to have Ruriko bring his gift to his father.
  • Naoto's Oh, Crap! face when he hears Ryu shouting "Hey, Tiger!" under his window.

Tiger vs. Tiger

  • Haruna is using a punching bag to train in the Rolling Sabat kick. Finally she executes it perfectly, and turns to cheer... Cue the bag hitting her in the back.
  • The sheer annoyance in Miss X's voice and body language when she had to announce Tiger Mask for the semifinal.

A False Victory

  • Before the diva match, Fukuwara Mask asks the main commentator about Queen Elizabeth and Payne Fox's stats... And his colleague rattles off their measurements instead of the expected combat-related information.


  • The day after the tournament, Naoto is depressed because now the trail to Yellow Devil's identity is gone, and Haruna is depressed because Naoto donated the prize money to charity. All 100,000$ of it.
    • Ken's face when he's told of the money. Apparently he agrees with Haruna...
  • As Naoto is going out to train, Ruriko calls and they set up a date to go and watch a wrestling night. Immediately after, Haruna sets up a match for Tiger Mask that very same night. It goes as well as you'd expect... And she didn't even knew of the date.
  • Miss X and her assistant going to Tiger Mask's match in disguise.
  • When Miss X tells Haruna on the phone that the contract for GWM's Masked World Tournament specifies that the champion (Tiger Mask) must enter matches designated by GWM, her assistant adds "It's written in a corner in tiny writing."

Fierce Fight - Bigfoot Match

  • On her first day working as medical staff at Max Dome, Miss X warns her to not try and romance the wrestlers. Ruriko then dons her nurse uniform... And one of the wrestlers tries and asks her out until Miss X whips him in the ass and sends him back to train.
  • During Bigfoot's tv introduction and after he destroyed a tree, Miss X gives him a mike and asks him if he has anything he wants to say:
    Bigfoot: "I'm hungry! Give me a big steak!"
    Miss X *whispering after Facepalming*: "I meant for Tiger Mask!"
  • After seeing Bigfoot's interview and the crushed tree, Ken jokes about having wrestlers pulling buses. In the original series Tiger's Den already had Gorilla Man do just that.
  • Ken's Luminescent Blush when Haruna points out he's glad that Naoto decided to train with him for this fight.

A Capable Promoter

  • Nagata dealing with the Mexican promoter-and the fact she's molesting him. On the back seat of a bus full of wrestlers (who are ignoring them) to boot.
  • Nagata and the NJPW wrestlers, plus Tiger Mask, the Mexican promoter and her luchador, meeting with the local promoter, also the mayor of the village they're wrestling in, and the local youth association-composed entirely of pensioners (and they really are the youngest men of the village).
  • Haruna's big entrance-motivated by the Mexican promoter offering 50,000$ (5,000,000) per match if Tiger Mask goes to Mexico. And then their discussion about Tiger Mask possibly fighting to Mexico, especially after Haruna learns her counterpart was offering 50,000 pesos-in yen, 270,000. Air fare and lodging included.
    • Haruna's faces as the Mexican promoter gives her the above information.
    • In the end they settle for a bet on their match: if Saboten, the Mexican wrestler and son of the promoter, wins, Tiger Mask moves to Mexico, but if Tiger Mask wins... Well, the promoter told Haruna to choose her pick while saying she was a major Mexican promoter, and Haruna choose an hotel in Acapulco. And, of course, tells Tiger Mask about it only after signing a contract about the bet.
  • While Haruna and the Mexican promoter were talking business, the wrestlers were eating. After they were finished, the Mexican promoter went to Saboten... Who bragged about eating her food for her and asked if he had been a good boy. Cue uppercut.
    • All the interactions between the promoter and Saboten.
  • Ryu invites Tiger Mask and Haruna to the local hot spings. Tiger Mask replies he wants to explore the old school they are in, Haruna thinks about it for a moment... Then she sees Ryu's face, dons sunglasses, and declares she'll explore the school too.
  • The promoter orders her son to injure Tiger Mask before the match. Epic Fail doesn't even begin to describe his failures. Haruna even mistakes one of his attempts at training for Drunken Boxing...
  • Ryu catching the village women's association (all of them) peeping and taking pictures of them in the hot springs.
  • After Tiger Mask gains the upper hand on Saboten in their fight, his mother hands him a cactus to go with his mask and use as weapon while she holds Tiger Mask for him. Tiger Mask reacts... And Saboten hits his mother's ass. Cue chase scene, while the public laughs and Tiger Mask just stands with folded arms.
    • "Don't thrown money, please! Don't throw cushions-Ouch!"

Don't Be a Softy

Spring Tiger Is Born

  • Upon seeing the care package Haruna sent Tiger Mask, Ryu starts teasing him... Then Tiger Mask shows him the note in the package: "CALL ME OR ELSE!", written in horror movie-style.
    Ryu: "She got you whipped!"
    • Haruna's calls to Tiger Mask's cell phone are associated with a picture of that note.
  • Why does Miss X allow Haruna to substitute for Milk when she's hospitalized for appendicitis? Two reasons: to keep the schedule going after the huge sales specifically for the diva match... And because it's the perfect chance to jump in the ring herself and beat her up for contributing to her stress. Too bad it's Haruna who wins...
    • Miss X' reaction when she finds out the fans want a rematch, as she doesn't want to get back in the ring anymore.
  • Haruna's Imagine Spot of Ken finding out she wrestled.

The Escape From Hell

The Gatekeeper of Hell

  • Naoto's whole reaction when he finds out that Ruriko is actually rich. Especially when Daisuke realizes why he's suddenly sad and rubs salt in the wound by saying her father wants her to marry a doctor.


  • Even days after learning that Ruriko is out of his league, Naoto is still depressed... To the point that when Haruna asks him for a ride to Max Dome he refuses and goes back sulking.
    Ken: "Doesn't matter once you're in love. Go a three-count quickly with high spurt wrestling."
    Haruna: "What's that? Makes no sense."
    Naoto: "Great advice!"
    Haruna: "HOW?!"
  • Miss X' reaction when Haruna starts teasing her about their match.

Fukuwara Mask's Ambition

  • Fukuwara Mask wants to attract money to his apparent hometown where every shop is closing down, and tells the mayor his plan: a great wrestling event with various NJPW fighters, the Candy Pair, Tiger Mask and Spring Tiger. He has already printed the posters... But still has to ask the wrestlers.
  • Naoto learns of Fukuwara's plan from Haruna, who has seen an ad on internet is incensed because she thinks Naoto made the deal behind her back... And missed Spring Tiger on the poster. And of course Fukuwara Mask calls Haruna to make the offer right as she learns Naoto is innocent.
    • How does Fukuwara convince Haruna to let Naoto fight (and fight herself as Spring Tiger, because he recognized her)? He tells her of the prize money for the wrestler favored by the public. Ten millions. In yen, not in pesos.
    • In the end it's Fukuwara himself who won the prize... By rigging the vote.
  • Fukuwara's conversation with Nagata.
  • After some issues with procuring a ring, Nagata has one delivered, but they still lack a bell. The solution? Well, in Japan the bell is actually called gong... So they use a gong.
  • Los Ingobernables de Japon vs Tiger Mask and Fukuwara Mask, with appropriate commentary.

War Games Open

  • The way Hikari gets Tiger the Dark to give her some information on Tiger the Third: she hounds him, even walking backward, until she stumbled and falls down, and then starts to beg-until Dark is too embarrassed to refuse anymore.
  • Due the rules of GWM's War Game tournament, Tiger Mask, being a freelancer, will be an easy targets for both GWM and NJPW wrestlers. He needs a partner... Cue Ken volunteering and being immediately shot down by Haruna.
  • Naoto and Fukuwara Mask's phone call.
  • As he arrives to the Max Dome for the War Games, Tiger Mask meets Ruriko and immediately tells her he looks forward to her help. Cue Haruna and the nurse reminding him he'd be better not need it.
    • When she leaves, Tiger Mask remains blocked looking at her... And we are treated to Naoto's absolutely ridiculous face (complete with Luminescent Blush) as he thinks what happened, until Haruna kicks him in the ass.
  • For the War Games, Tiger the Third says that whoever defeats him in the battle royal-like match will get his belt. When the bell rings Fukuwara Mask tells Tiger Mask that nobody would go after the Third immediately even with such a bait... Only to notice that his partner is going after Yellow Devil.
    • During the search Tiger Mask is blindsided and double-teamed by two opponents, who start stomping on him as he's down... Cue double kancho from Fukuwara Mask. And Ken applauds the move, as it targets an area impossible to train.
    • After saving him, Fukuwara Mask tells Tiger Mask he needs to use "this" while tapping his head. Tiger Mask replies "My head, not a headbutt."

The Fierce Tigers Clash Again

  • As the announcer hammily repeats the rules and points out that Tiger the Third is waiting for his opponent at the next stage, the various wrestlers can be seen looking at him in worry and anticipation... Except for Naito, who's slacking off in the middle of a fight as usual.
  • After coming to rescue Okada from five opponents, Nagata calls up "New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Assemble!" His wrestlers come for the fight... Then he notices that Naito is still slacking off.
  • When Dragon Young's name is spoken by the announcer, everyone who knows his identity says they're surprised that Wakamatsu is there... Including Haruna, who's standing next to Hikari.
  • The tournament has a wrestler using Yellow Devil's gimmick. Who is under the mask? Kaioh Mikasa. You can hear the comedic incredulity of both Tiger Mask and Tiger the Dark when they find out... Then Dark flips.
  • After seeing Okada, Tanahashi and Naito passing to the next stage in quick succession, Nagata gets fired up and launches a rallying cry to continue like this-and gets eliminated by El Caracas while he's distracted.

The Mysterious Miracle I

The Yellow Demon

  • Nagata's face after Naito tells him that he and Los Ingobernables de Japon are not fighting in the NJPW promotion war because they have to fight another in Mexico.

The Solitary Tiger

  • During dinner Ken says the wrong thing and has Naoto leave right as Haruna was about to get through him-so Haruna took away all the remaining food, much to her uncle's perplexed reaction.

The Tiger's Sanction

  • What does Haruna cook to celebrate Naoto and Ken's reconciliation? Deer meat.
  • Kevin's face when he sees that Takuma is getting physical therapy from Ruriko and how close they're getting.

Showdown With the Arashi Juken Style

  • When the group goes to Kyoto to meet with the successors of the martial artist that once helped the first Tiger Mask, Haruna drags Ken and Naoto to a sweet shop... And finds Lady, Miss X' assistant, on "private business". Sharing a table with Fukuwara Mask. Who immediately says it's just a coincidence.
    • That evening Haruna is in the hotel's hot springs trying to understand which one of Arashi's supposed successors is the legitimate one... And then notices Lady is in the springs too on "private business". And Haruna gets offended at the older woman wearing a bathing suite.
    • The following day Haruna is meditating in a temple when, once again, she notices Lady is there too. And gets smacked by a monk when she interrupts her meditation in shock.


Assassin from the Past

Grand Melee

  • Nagata's injury acting out every time he gets too excited.
  • Ryu's excitement when he thinks he'll be the last man on the NJPW team, only to be shot down when Nagata announces that he has called Naito back from Mexico for the match.
  • The girl talk scene.
  • Nagata's increasingly desperate attempts at convincing people that Naito's whereabouts being unknown is not a problem. It comes to the point that, on the match's day, he claims the final member of the team is "the Mysteryous Wrestler X"-and Fukuwara Mask promptly translates in "Naito is still not here".
    • Nagata's spot-on impression of Naito. The fact that him showing up at the last moment and telling everyone "Tranquilo, assenayo" as in Nagata's impression would be perfectly in-character for him only makes it funnier.
  • Ms. X' Face Palm at Tiger the Black getting a draw from ring-out while facing Makabe because he was too busy fighting him there to notice the referee counting.

Tiger Fangs Strike

  • While everybody is in shock at Tiger the Dark entering the six-men tag match with NJPW, Ruriko finally buys Nagata's "Mysteryous Wrestler X" bluff and compliments him for surprising everyone like that.

Four Tigers

  • Tiger Mask's new Finishing Move is still unnamed, and Ken tells Haruna to announce it as Tiger Clench... So, because Ken can't give moves a good name, she tells Fukuwara Mask and the other commentators it's called Tiger Fang. Cue Ken's outrage.
    • Tiger Mask's previous move is not unnamed as most people believe: Ken called Tiger Bomber. For obvious reasons, Haruna did not reveal it.

Farewell Tiger

  • As the NJPW team is discussing who to send in the extra match, Naito finally arrives, acting completely as usual.
  • The first match we see after Final Wars: Okada versus Kota Ibushi, the wrestler that fights as the real life Tiger Mask W-and they proceed to Lampshade it immediately.
    Okada: "Long time no see."
    Ibushi: "Not really."
  • The airport scene. Just that. With Miss X' sudden arrival making it only more surreal.

Masked Tiger Springer

  • Haruna's face when Miss X introduces her at the Girls' Wrestling Movement press conference.
    • The fact Miss X' new promotion still uses Global Wrestling Monopoly's old logo-and wants it to be called GirMov.
  • Haruna's reunion with the Candy Pair at GirMov's gym.
  • Miss X' over-the-top (more than usual) attitude as she explains her fighters that GirlMov is broke and what they need to do to turn their inaugural fight in a success, and their faces at her explanation.
    • The Four S of women's pro-wrestling are "Smile", "Shake hands", "SNS", and "Song". The first three are accompained by images of smiling Takuma and Kevin wearing swimsuits. As for the fourth... Miss X wants Haruna to sing on the ring, and points her horsewhip at Haruna when she says it.
  • For the inaugural match of GirMov, Haruna will have to face the gigantic and far more experienced Mother Devil, who dares her to bet her mask on their fight. An unfortunate reply later, and Haruna has bet to reveal her bum if she loses.
  • The phone call with Naoto. Who finally finds out Haruna's the mysterious Spring Tiger.
  • Miss X' shock when she discovers Haruna's uncle is a former Tiger's Den wrestler-and her reaction when Haruna tells her he trained the new Tiger Mask.
  • Mint and Milk's commentary to Miss X' painful defeat, and how she looks later.
    • Takuma and Odin are watching the show in streaming, and see Ruriko come to Miss X' help when her leg acts out again. Cue an awesome face from Odin when he deduces their actual relationship.
  • Haruna's mic performance.
  • Right at the end, Naoto faces the most unexpected Legacy Character: the phallic-headed Mister No.

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