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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The Games

  • Sometimes Monsters can ask for or give you things. Kato likes booze, which was censored to olive oil, and cigarettes, which weren't censored. Phoenixes also like matches.
  • Duckens and Hoppers have a habit of giving you seaweed, popsicle sticks, and fish bones.
  • Punishing your monster, while guilt-inducing, can lead to funny animations at times.
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  • Some of the attacks, such as Hare's Gas attack. It even makes the crowd snicker if it hits.
  • After you obtain the Joker Mask, Master Pabs tries to wear it without doing any research and gets it stuck on his face. They're only able to get it off with a conveniently-provided Gali Mask from FIMBA.
  • Metalners don't have a very high opinion of humanity, saying their IQ is lower than expected.
  • Depressing as it can be, the death animations of some monsters are just a bit over the top, particularly in the first game. Doodle crumples into a floating, squiggly dish, Kato jumps into the air and melts into a puddle of oil, Ghost pops like a balloon, and Gaboo strikes a pose in its last breath. Metalner, although it doesn't exactly die, does a silly dance before zipping off at the speed of light into the horizon.
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  • In 3, Fleria brags about finding each area you train in. At some point later on, you get a new rival who claims they found the area first, and challenges you for it.

The Anime

  • The list of names considered for Mocchi: Genki II, Pinky, Citizen, Montezuma, Pinky Peach, and Trevor.
  • Any time Golem flings Suezo in the air and forgets to catch him, or when the gang fights over the same food.
  • When the gang is getting mugged by Tiger's pack, a Daton suspects Suezo has the Magic Stone hidden in the latter's mouth. He tells Suezo to repeatedly open his mouth, with his tongue either out or lifted. Eventually he pulls a Duck Season, Rabbit Season.
    Suezo: Hey, that's not fair!
  • "The Iron Bird" has Genki and Mocchi charging ahead of the others, then screaming. This exchange occurs.
    Holly: Are you okay?
    Genki: Well, I'm not exactly hurt!
    Suezo: Not exactly hurt. What does that mean?
    Mocchi: It's a cliff!
    Hare: Ah, I get it! Not exactly hurt is a cliff.
    Everyone: A cliff!?
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  • In Episode 9, Genki tests out a flat world theory by heaving a large rock over the edge... right in the path of Suezo, who thinks Genki's out to get him.
    Suezo: Genki! Pal! We can work this out! Think about this!
  • Golem's "peace talk" with Big Blue in episode 11.
    Golem: (just after unleashing an attack involving a tornado of detached body parts) I do not like fighting. It tears me apart. Big Blue, why don't we discuss this like civilized Golems?
  • Tiger's laugh when trying to get Golem to get on a ship in episode 15, and the look on Golem's face as he gets thrown off the ship in episode 16.
    • Heck, any time you see Golem in those two episodes.
  • Just before Suezo and Horn's card game in episode 15, Horn threatens to skewer the Searchers if he catches them cheating, declaring "This is what we do to cheaters!" and impales a beam in the inn. He then awkwardly asks, "Can ya get me down?" And the Searchers facefault.
  • Pixie's attitude towards Genki trying to help her in "My Name Is Pixie".
  • When the gang prepares to down the river in "Suezo's Secret Weapon", Golem falls off the raft and into the water. Everyone panics because Golem can't swim, and Genki heroically dives in while Golem flails about only for it to be revealed that the water comes up to Mocchi's mouth.
  • The group's attempts at fishing in "Undine's Lake".
    • The kicker is that the only one to catch anything is Mocchi. In frustration, Mocchi starts shaking his rod. Just as the others are pointing out that doing so will scare the fish away it's revealed that one fish ended up tangled up in the line! Cut to the others shaking their lines.
    • During the battle with Undine, Hare asks if Suezo drank the whole lake.
  • In "Battle With the Big Bad Four," Suezo is startled when the others appear behind him.
    Suezo: Thanks for the heart attack!
  • Season 3's "Saved by a Hare" has Tiger's various Prideful reactions to being Brought Down to Normal, particularly when Suezo starts ignoring that the wolf's latched like a lamprey onto the back of his head.
  • When Golem had to step in to stop Tiger and Hare from fighting in "Legend of the Great White Most".
  • One episode where the gang eats a pizza that an old woman gives them to eat. Tiger tries a slice and the following happens.
    Tiger: (face goes O.O, then runs out of building, out of town, and to the top of a cliff) DELICIOUS!
  • In one episode, Golem and Suezo are doing their Fastball Special. The wind snatches poor Suezo and sends him flailing, screaming in terror all over the place as Golem races after him in a frantic rescue effort. Just as Suezo is nearing the ground, Golem trips and stumbles forward, causing Suezo to smash headfirst into Golem's head. The expressions on both their faces afterwards are what really sells this scene.
    Suezo: This isn't funny...
  • Horn and Suezo's singing in episode 62 (season 3, episode 14) - seriously, who would've thought that singing was all you had to do to make the Ghosts, who were working for the Baddies, go away? And yet, here was the gang exhausting themselves trying to make physical hits, which were virtually impossible. Also, the gang's reactions to hearing the singing were priceless!
  • Hare's Gas is ridiculously over-the-top in nearly each appearance. The first time it's used, he farts in Tiger's face, knocking out not only him, but also many of the fight's spectators. Only a few episodes later, he manages to make a hot air balloon rise with his own hot air.
  • During Holly's birthday in one special episode Mocchi gives Holly a kiss on the cheek. Suezo and Hare get jealous and go in for a kiss only to end up kissing each other! Their expressions when they realize who they're kissing is priceless!


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