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  • At the beginning of the game, when Asha is leaving her village, every person gives her a heartfelt goodbye, telling her to stay safe and that they will miss her. Except the last one, who just says "Bring me something good!" Talk to her again and she'll admit that was a joke.
  • The Obviously Evil Wizards. They are hilariously bad at hiding their identity, and don't seem to mind it at all when Asha takes the Medallions from their house.
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  • One mixed with Heartwarming: The guards at the palace always repeat the stock line, "Welcome to the palace." When Asha manages to save the queen and save Rapadagna, and talks with one of the guards, he says the same line again, but then adds "Aren't you tired of hearing the same thing? Ha ha ha, just kidding. You're truly welcome here, Lady Asha."
  • Right after Asha arrives at the city, one of the villagers tries to tell Asha something but fails to recall what it was. This becomes Brick Joke by the time there's only one final dungeon to finish the game, as he finally remembers his line: "Welcome to Monster World!" As he admits it, it's way, way too late to say that.
  • The Palace Chef pretends to be brainwashed even after Asha managed to drive away the dark Pepelogos: "Today's menu includes Roasted Asha. Ha ha ha! Relax! It's just a joke!"

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