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  • The trailer's stinger shows the player character unscrewing the pommel of his sword and lethally throwing it at his fleeing opponent. Given the Memetic Mutation surrounding the technique, it's hilarious.
  • The Tutorial is a barrel of Black Comedy. It starts with this...
    Instructor: This is a real battlefield, but don't be alarmed, we're perfectly safe at the moment. (The other recruit gets killed by a stray arrow) Well, I suppose that moment has passed.
    • In the archery section of the tutorial, the Instructor tells the player "what separates a true marksman from a talented amateur is the Hans Test". What is the Hans Test? Literally just a dude named Hans running out into the archery field as a mobile target, with nothing but pants, boots and a helmet, screaming in terror. He even does the Wilhelm Scream when he gets hit! And he survives, with the Instructor assuring the player that he's had worse; he confirms with a salute before leaving.
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    • When the player learns how to break down a door with an axe, the engineer who built the door shows up, pissed off, and angrily tells the player to fix it, literally throwing his hammer at the player. Which causes damage.
    • The tutorial ends not with you being dismissed, but with you accidentally knocking down the enemy's siege tower at the end of catapult practice, ruining an apparent ceasefire they had just set up without telling you. The instructor just commands you to get the hell back inside before they come knocking.
  • Kicking a door open will knock down anyone on the other side. It can lead to hilarious moments like a lone player killing an entire gang of pursuers by knocking them down with a door and killing them one by one.
  • There is a large variety of enemies and bosses you face in Horde mode, with many different ways to kill you. But one attack that every single foe in Horde mode has at their disposal is reaching into their pants and chucking one of their own turds at you. Best of all, this isn't just an ineffective Joke Weapon, this CAN and HAS killed many players.
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  • Patch #7 added two mute options: One normal, and one that replaces everything the muted individual says with motivational quotes. Removing Internet Jerk-afflicted garbage from your sight is one thing, making them spout praise and telling you you can do it is on another, actively hilarious level.
  • A later patch added the 1411 handgun. Handgun. It's a admin-exclusive item, and the code for it is "ParryThis".
  • In the end, one of the main sources of humor in the game is the characters' voice lines. The laughs are contagious, and some of the taunts and insults are always good for a chuckle.
    Foppish: Look, don't feel bad, maybe you're just not cut out to be... much of anything.
    Foppish: Well men, we've trained hard! But, looking upon the face of our enemy, I feel we... needn't have... trained quite so hard.
    Knight: Your efforts are as feeble as thy manhood!

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