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This is a recap page for the Monster Rancher anime. In Japan, the first two seasons (Episodes 1-48) were released under the title "The Secret of the Stone Disk" (円盤石の秘密 Enbanseki no Himitsu), while the Post-Script Season (Episodes 49-73) had the title "The Legendary Path" (伝説への道 Densetsu e no Michi)

Season 1

  1. In the Beginning
  2. I'm Mocchi!
  3. Guardian of the Disks
  4. Eternal Worm
  5. Tiger of the Wind
  6. Hare's Trick
  7. The Courageous Seven
  8. After the Rain
  9. The Iron Bird
  10. The Ruin's Secret
  11. Pixie's Defeat
  12. Monol's Story
  13. Moo Revealed
  14. Holly's Rescue
  15. A New Departure
  16. Great Battle at Sea
  17. Underground Adventure
  18. Our Friend Henger Forever
  19. Suezo's Secret Weapon
  20. My Name Is Pixie
  21. The Mocchi Cannon
  22. Run, Tiger, Run!
  23. Don't Give Up, Ducken!
  24. Undine's Lake
  25. Warriors of the Ruins
  26. Melcarba

Season 2

  1. Tiger's Battle with Destiny
  2. Color Pandora, Guardian of the Forest
  3. Farewell, My Friend
  4. Baby Bossy
  5. Amusement Park Ruins
  6. Holly's Million Gold Smile
  7. Battle in the Meadow
  8. The Town That Disappeared
  9. Battle With the Big Bad Four
  10. Eve's Night
  11. Holly's Happy Birthday
  12. Evil General Durahan's Challenge
  13. Goodbye, Baku
  14. The Secret of Holly's Magic Stone
  15. Tiger Meets His Match
  16. The Warriors From Outer Space
  17. Renocraft, Slayer in the Sand
  18. Magic Stone Mayhem
  19. The End of Durahan
  20. Jill's Icy Secret
  21. Tears
  22. Blue Skies


Season 3

  1. Return to Monster Rancher
  2. In Quest of the Legend Cup
  3. Battle For the Rookie Cup
  4. Saved by a Hare
  5. The Powerful Wondar Brothers
  6. Tiger and the Mandy Cup Challenge
  7. Disappearing Hare Line
  8. Lost At Sea: Disappearance of the Mystery Disk
  9. Furred Suezo's M-1 Grand Prix Hero
  10. All's Fare in Love and Taxis
  11. Allan's Advice
  12. Winner's Cup: The Fickle Finger of Fate
  13. Pink Jam to the Rescue
  14. Ghost Encounter of the Pirate Kind
  15. The World Monster Cup: Naga Returns
  16. Legend of the Great White Most
  17. Shogun the Mighty
  18. Brothers, in the Greatest Four
  19. Golem's Cook-Off
  20. Battling Granity
  21. Mum Mew Risks It All
  22. Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Poritoka
  23. Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Most
  24. Reunion
  25. The Final Battle


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