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A page for characters from the Monster Rancher video games. Monster Rancher Anime covers the anime cast, while Monster Rancher Species covers the individual monster breeds featured in the games and anime.

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    The Player 

The Player

The protagonist of most Monster Rancher games, with the exception of Phayne from 4 and Julio from EVO, is you, the player. Your goal is To Be a Master, and with the help of your assistant and monsters you will accomplish this task.
  • Audience Surrogate: The protagonist in most games is intended to be you.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: You get to name yourself, as well as renaming Phayne and Julio. You can also choose your gender in some games, though the PS1 Battle Card game assumes you're male.
  • Player Personality Quiz: 1, 2, and the Battle Card games have a quiz at the start. While it doesn't do anything in the main series, in the card games it determines your starting Monsters and deck.
  • Really Gets Around: The reward for beating all the Zodiac Monsters in DS is for your rancher to have sex with every woman in the cast except Cleo, complete with the going-to-sleep music.
  • To Be a Master: This is your goal in most games.

    Monster Rancher 1 


The assistant in the first game, Holly is cheerful and outgoing. Holly also appears in 2, the Battle Card games, the Advance games, and DS. She is also a major character in the anime.

Master Tesca

Holly's mentor and a veteran monster breeder. He occasionally pops in to help out on the farm. Tesca also appears in Battle Card Episode II.
  • Old Master: He's a retired monster breeder, and has a lot of knowledge.


The errantry clerk. He's a bit of a worrywart.


An explorer in 1. He has a much larger role in 4.
  • Ascended Extra: He was a minor character in 1, but acts as FIMBA's representative in 4.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In 4, he's become so desperate for FIMBA to surpass IMA that he allows illegal activities.

    Monster Rancher 2 


Colt is your assistant in 2 alongside her pet toucan Joy, and dislikes her full name, Coltia. Her personality is slightly more tomboyish than Holly's, though for the most part they're identical. Colt also appears in the Battle Card games and DS. She is also a character in the anime.

Master Pabs

Colt's mentor, and a veteran monster breeder. He occasionally pops in to help out on the ranch. Pabs also appears in Battle Card Episode II.
  • Idiot Ball: When you find the Joker Mask, Pabs wears it without doing any research on it and gets the evil mask stuck to his face.
  • Old Master: Just like Tesca, he's a long-retired monster breeder.


The market lady who gives out free monsters, as well as buying properly-trained ones for cash. She also appears in Battle Card Episode II.


The shrine maiden who regenerates monsters for you to raise. She also appears in Battle Card Episode II, where it's revealed she's April's daughter.


The lab technician who freezes and revives monsters and helps you combine them into new ones. Colt is intimidated by him. He also appears in Battle Card Episode II.


The errantry clerk. Initially a complete jerk who's dismissive of you, he becomes impressed, and then a sycophant, as you rise in rank. He also appears in Battle Card Episode II.
  • Break the Haughty: Errow starts out smug and dismissive... until you start climbing ranks. By the end he's become a complete sycophant.

Auntie Verde

The item store lady and Colt's aunt. She also appears in Battle Card Episode II.

    Monster Rancher Battle Card games 


Colt's best friend and an expert Battle Card player. She dislikes her full name, Curie.

Alice and Toy

Two young Battle Card players who love the game. They are members of the Junior Fire Dragons, a group for those too young to join the regular Fire Dragons.

Miller and Ellie

Two rivals to the player who use your own deck against you.

BCB Band

A group of Battle Card players who also form a rock band.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Juras, the BCB drummer, uses a team of Zilla, Golem, and Monol. He teaches players that dodging is a necessity, as his cards have high GUT requirements but very heavy attacks. His team is also made up of Stone Walls, so Cherry Tapping is less effective than it would be.

The Blue Wolves

A cutthroat band of Battle Card players willing to go to any lengths to win.
  • Exact Words: Isabella uses this when you first duel her. After playing a game with her Monster Card Mew, she says that she didn't say she'd be betting the card on the duel. She tries to pull this again in your second duel with her, but the other members tell her to give it up.

The Fire Dragons

A well-respected group of Battle Card players and the Blue Wolves' main rivals.


A Battle Card player who works at the church. The shrine maiden Chaille from the second game is his daughter. He has an unhealthy obsession with Pixies.


A top-ranking Battle Card player who won't give you the time of day at first.


The top-ranked Battle Card player in IMA. He runs a stall deck.

     Monster Rancher 3 


Your assistant in 3, and one of the last Tochikans. She was aged into a teenager for the overseas releases, but keeps her childish attitude and personality.


Your main rival. Gadamon is feisty, but never seems to win when it counts.

Grandpa Bragma

The Tochikan Shrine Master. He was the first to win four out of the Great 5 tournaments, but retired early to run the Shrine after the previous Shrine Master died.
  • Honorary Uncle: The Tochikans call him 'Grandpa' even if they're unrelated.

Grandma Mosha

A skilled monster breeder in her own right, and a contemporary of Bragma. She wears a cat on her head. Mosha was the first to battle Ragnarox/Ragnaroks in battle, but could not defeat it.
  • Honorary Uncle: Like Bragma, the Tochikans call her 'Grandma' even if they're unrelated.

Master Lus

An elderly breeder mistakenly accused of attacking people with his Golem.


Nahze is a scientist known for his experiments with the Zan species. He was the first person to find and unlock a Zan and raised it after the Tochikans banned them.

    Monster Rancher 4 


The main hero of 4. Phayne was expelled from school, and makes a new living as a monster breeder.
  • Bedmate Reveal: Phayne snuck into Teetee's bed on the ship while acting as a stowaway. She was not pleased when she found out.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: No less then three girls (Rio, Philia, Yuri) develop obvious crushes on Phayne, with no indication he reciprocates or even notices.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Phayne had no family to return to after being expelled, letting him get strong-armed into running a ranch.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His expulsion from Elives Academy is a major plot point.


Your first assistant in 4, though only for the first rank. Afterward Yuri runs the item shop.
  • Blush Sticker: Yuri blushes in a way that is almost entirely circular and smooth, similar to this trope.
  • Crush Blush: Talk to her enough times and late in the game Yuri will be brightly blushing when you visit her shop.
  • Genki Girl: She's quite hyperactive and eager.
  • Mr. Exposition: As the first ranch helper, she spends a lot of her screen time tutoring you.


One of Phayne's classmates from Elives Academy. She has an obvious crush on him.


Your second assistant in 4, Rio becomes your helper full-time. She has the unique ability to communicate with monsters and understand their hearts, but her past is a mystery.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She starts out aloof, but gradually warms up to Phayne throughout the game.
  • Expy: Of Holly from the anime. Both are young, mysterious girls with a connection to the Phoenix and Gaia Stones, and rally everyone around them to fight off evil.


A well-endowed Ms. Fanservice, and your first main rival. Later she works under Wit.
  • Bedmate Reveal: Phayne snuck into Teetee's bed on the ship while acting as a stowaway. She was not pleased when she found out.
  • Hot Librarian: She invokes this in an attempt to impress Wit.
  • Meganekko: Teetee puts on glasses she probably doesn't need to complete the Hot Librarian look for Wit.


A rival who uses ancient gadgets to beef up his Golem to catch up with you.


A rival who's efficient to the point of cruelty, making monsters train non-stop and axing those that can't handle the regime.
  • Hate Sink: Nothing is likable about this guy at first.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After he learns Wit was just using him, Diehl visits you to figure out where he went wrong and decides to start over, with a proper ranch.
  • Sore Loser: After you beat him in B Rank, he claims you cheated to win and refuses to accept it.


A scientist who uses ancient materials to modify monsters out of misguided love.


An old classmate of Phayne's. As his name implies, Wit is quite smart.
  • Can't Catch Up: All of his schemes are to get revenge on Phanye for always winning.
  • The Smart Guy: Wit is one of the top students at Elives Academy.


A monster veterinarian who decided to help monsters after losing his monster, Mochina.


An ancient evil force created by the Dark Arts, Xevion has the power to control stray monsters with an evil aura. It once destroyed the world, fighting human and monster alike. Xevion was eventually defeated by the efforts of a young Tochikan princess.
  • Expy: Of Moo from the anime. Both are ancient experiments gone wrong, have a way to control other monsters, and have two different forms, with Xevion's Battle Mode sharing Moo's color scheme.


The Phoenix, an ancient force of good that once saved the world from Xevion. After its victory, it slumbered alongside the soul of the princess that helped save the world.

  • Expy: Of the Phoenix from the anime. Both are a primal force of good with a connection to one of the protagonists who defeated an ancient evil long ago, but were destroyed during the fight and must be reawakened.

    Monster Rancher EVO 


The protagonist of EVO, he works at the Orcoro Circus. At the beginning of the game his Mocchi runs away, forcing him to use a Piroro as a new monster.


Your assistant in EVO. She can regenerate monsters with a special dance, and detect darkened Anima.


A fellow circus performer and a Cool Big Sis. Her past is explored throughout the game.


A fellow circus performer and a Big Brother Mentor. His past is explored throughout the game.


A fellow circus performer who never takes his mask off. His past is explored throughout the game.


A wild boy who was raised by Maya in a forest. He joins your group later.

Dotty and Petty

Members of the Violet Cats, by-the-book villains who are always out to annoy or impede you.


A member of La Résistance and underground monster battle promoter who works to overthrow the tyrannical Geonyte factory in the town of Grabad.

King Dilong

The king of the World of Warp. He plans to destroy both worlds by using Moo.

Queen Jhuchu

The queen of the world of Warp. She sponsors a monster battling contest at the Grabad arms factory, and defeats Julio in a Hopeless Boss Fight.


A mysterious old man with connections to Moo. He hails from the World of Warp.


A giant dragon and a supreme force of evil. It has enough power to destroy worlds.
  • Breakout Character: Moo was a ??? species of Dragon in 2. After being used as the Big Bad of the anime, he appeared in several other games, including Battle Card Episode II as a secret card and EVO and Lagoon as the final boss.
  • You Don't Look Like You: In EVO Moo looks very little like its 2 and anime self, resembling the Pokemon Mewtwo more than a dragon.

    Monster Rancher Advance games 


Your assistant in Advance 1. She is impulsive and a bit inexperienced.


Aroma's older brother, who she's always trying to set up on dates.

    Monster Rancher DS Games 


Your perky assistant in DS. She dislikes her full name, Cleopatra.


The president of BOMBA, she promises the wish-granting Star Rock to whoever becomes the very best.


A woman-chasing rival in DS. He has a tendency to get rather tongue-tied.

The Four Heavenly Kings

Four of the strongest monsters in the universe, including Centaur, Gali, Monol, and Naga. They invade the land after a wish on the Star Rock goes wrong.

     Monster Rancher Online/Lagoon 


Your assistant in Monster Farm Online and your first assistant in Monster Farm Lagoon. She started out working on her family's farm, but was later apprenticed as a breeder.


Your second assistant in Monster Farm Lagoon. He's asked by the Elders' Guild to help you navigate across the land safely.


An ancient force of evil and the final boss of Lagoon. Compared to EVO he looks much closer to his form in 2 and the anime.

     Monster Rancher mobile games 

Sonia Chan

Sonia Chan is your assistant in Monster Farm Travel. She acts as a tour guide to the countries that you visit.


Mel is your assistant for My Monster Rancher. She is younger than most other assistants, but lacks much dialogue.


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