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Monster Party is a very bizarre game, but some of the bizarreness can be a good source of laughs.

  • The second boss of the game is a red skinless monsternote ...that is already dead by the time you arrive. It apologizes for the inconvenience and then you quickly win the battle.
    Dead monster: SORRY, I'M DEAD.
    • The fact that the monster is able to apologize despite being dead.
  • Another boss in the game is a giant fried shrimp. After you defeat it, it transforms into a giant onion ring. And then it transforms into kebab. It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context, which going by the familiar teleporter in the background, appears to be a pun on The Fly (Get it? Because it's The Fry!).
  • Most of the bosses' one-liners they say before the battle. Along with aforementioned "SORRY, I'M DEAD.", highlights include:
    Minotaur: MOOOVE IT!
    Haunted well: TIME TO DO SOME DAMAGE.
    Samurai: I... AM A SLOWPOKE.
    Pharaoh head: OH BOY! MARK SOUP!
  • In Round 7, the first boss you face is a giant caterpillar named Royce. His method of attacking is rolling across the room. In other words, Rolls-Royce.
  • In Round 5, there are shark fins protruding from water. Later, the sharks jump out...and it turns out they are just little sharks with disproportionately huge back fins. The mere sight of this is absolutely ridiculous-looking.
  • In Round 3, there are bats hanging from the ceiling. Awakening them reveals they are actually umbrellas.