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  • Most of the attack names, such as "Butt Guillotine" or "Bust to Bust Attack" are pretty hilarious.
  • Just the fact that characters continuously talk about their butts and boobs is bound to get a snicker or two per episode. The delivery of the characters' conversation about T&A range from casual nonchalantness to over-the-top hamminess. Where else something like "Ass loose loose, wobbling wobbling" is considered deep and precious advice?
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  • When Nozomi becomes distracted watching the Elite Class students practicing on the Land during class, Instructor Miku butt bounces her chalk directly into Nozomi's forehead without skipping a beat.
  • Mio gave Rin the nickname "Rin Rin," much to her displeasure. Nozomi starts using it immediately as well, making Rin even more flustered.
  • Mio's Lovable Sex Maniac tendencies towards the other Keijo players are often a source of humor in the series. At one point, the students of Room 309 states that "she is hot as hell, but her personality is not so swell".
    • In Episode 7, when Nozomi was having trouble completing Kyoko's training, Mio was able to figure it out the technique that needs to be down within seconds. Nozomi naturally ask Mio for help. Mio does give her some advice, but states Nozomi should figure out the rest on her own. Nozomi tries push Mio to give her more help on the training, resulting in Mio agree to show her the technique... in bed. Nozomi naturally rejects the offer.
      • In a bit of risqué Fridge Brilliance, Mio offer might have actually helped Nozomi, as the technique Nozomi that needed to know to complete her training require her to move her hips in a certain way.
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    • In Episode 8, Mio flirts with Nanase after hearing her desire to be an idol, telling Nanase that she is going to make her "sing" in bed. Nanase freak out from Mio advances and ask if Mio is some kind of weirdo. Sayaka and the rest of Mio's teammates responsed with a sarcastic "You think so?" in unison.
  • One of the most quoted lines in the first episode is during the race between Hanabi and Nozomi. Hanabi says, "If anyone's impressed, it's me, 'cause I thought I'd won! I didn't expect you to pull your jaw back and slam your face into my butt!" The image of Hanabi with his line was somewhat of a meme, circulated all over the anime community just days after the episode's airing.
  • Just before their match, Nozomi tries to engage in friendly conversation with Kotone. However, Kotone clearly wants Nozomi to leave her alone, but Nozomi does pick up on this. At some point Nozomi is able to take Kotone's headphones, wanting to hear what kind of music that Kotone like to listen to, unaware that Kotone's headphones were playing a homoerotic drama CD. Nozomi is left confused by the dialogue from the CD, before the embarrassed Kotone takes back her headphones and storms off.
    • The anime adds more. The audience is treated to a full animated sequence of the boys' overdramatic romance, complete with an art style change.
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  • In Episode 7, after told by Kyoko that there is something that Nozomi need to correct with her body if she wants to be in the pro league, Nozomi decide to ask Sayaka for help. Comedically, Nozomi fails to properly explain her situation and just suddenly strips naked in front of Sayaka, all the while asking Sayaka questions like what does she think of her body, or if breasts and butt look alright. The confused and embarrassed Sayaka responds by throwing the still naked Nozomi out of the room, in front of Kazane and Non.
  • While Nozomi was training with Kyoko, she had Nozomi pull up turnips with her hips. However, for every turnip that Nozomi destroyed(which ended up being a lot ), she had to buy that turnip. Cue a couple scenes of the Elite Class wondering why they have been eating so many turnips lately, and some of players getting tired of eating them after a couple days.
  • The Buttack On Titan move! Nuff said.
  • Playing cards coming out of Hikari Muromachi's butt after defeat.
  • Chapter 55.5 shows the students of Room 309 moving in to their new room after they were promoted to the Elite Class. However, they found out that many of the students have been using the room to hide their more "prohibited" possession. Some items found included Mio's Porn Stash of dirty magazines (which she happily declare were her's), Yoshida's Buddha figures, Ooshim's plants which she named Jessica and Elly, Hanabi's stuff animals that were all reptiles, Saya's swords, Kotone's homoerotic tapes, and Kazane's "battle underwear" that looks like Barely-There Swimwear (she reveals that are actually her sister's). Naturally, Nozomi's reaction from going through these items is priceless.
  • This little gem from chaper 134.
    Nozomi: "So the smell is a hallucinogen!? No way... Fart techniques!!"
    Kaoru: "No! It's ass incense!!"

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