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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: It's about a sport where you push other players off a platform using your boobs and butt. The basic plot is so based on fanservice that it put off a lot of potential viewers, especially in the West where the anime's premise led to it getting accused of being sexist.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: The main thing most people know about this series is that it's about girls beating each other up with their boobs and butts.
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  • Ear Worm: The opening theme is quite catchy and cheery.
  • Fandom-Enraging Misconception: Accusing the show of being solely fanservice with no substance, with fans defending it by pointing out that other fanservice-heavy franchises don't get this much hate, and that Keijo!!!!!!!! is actually very well-written and character-driven.
  • Friendly Fandoms: A number of fans of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure have taken a liking to Keijo!!!!!!!!, importing their memes and jokes into the show's fandom. It might have something to do with the Refuge in Audacity of both shows in areas such as explanations behind abilities or over-the-top execution.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: According to Crunchyroll, this show is the most watched Fall 2016 simulcast in nine states in the United States and fifteen countries in Europe.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The sport's name is a reference to the betting pools commonly found in horse races ("Keiba"). Uma Musume, a game all about racehorse girls, is probably the closest thing to a literal version of "Keijo" we can get.
    • All the comparisons with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure become this when it's revealed that the anime's director, Hideya Takahashi is co-directing the anime adaptation of Vento Aureo.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: As mentioned above, there are plenty of people who checked out the series just for the appeal of sexy girls fighting each other in swimsuits using only their boobs and butts.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "KeiJoJo's Bizarre Adventure!!!!!!!!" explanation 
    • Keijo is a Sports Anime explanation 
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  • Narm Charm: While it is ridiculous and way too fanservice-pandering to have a form of girls-only combat that involves intense use of their female attributes, Keijo!!!!!!!! manages to make it work and revels in the sheer eccentricity of it. In its earnestness and seriousness in playing the combat sport absolutely straight, the show develops a charm of its own that wows fans with the seinen-level combat action on par with Jojo, and impresses female fans with how fearless, determined, and resourceful the heroines are in their quest to prevail as champions.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Much of the negative press against the series may have ended up making it more popular, with a Crunchyroll breakdown showing it as being their highest viewed show across nine different states in the US.
  • Periphery Demographic: Most anime critics watching the show are females themselves. It's a show with diverse body types, positive body confidence with various styles that are praised and not looked down upon by their opponents, a group of girls that don't obsess over men, use guilt and slut shaming, or become jealous of each other's attributes. It also helps that, despite being a fanservice-heavy show, the characters themselves treat Keijo as a legitimate sport that isn't just an Excuse Plot to fight in skimpy clothes.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Despite Mio Kusakai being the strongest among the Elite Class and her interesting personality, she doesn't get a Day in the Limelight moment, we don't learn much about her background, and after Chapter 87, which is the end the East-West War Arc, she doesn't make an appearance until Chapter 142 during the Hip Party Arc (excluding the omake). On top of that, we never got an opportunity for her and Nozomi to race against each other.
    • Mari Murata, the eighth ranked examinee of the Elite Class, is Out of Focus through the entire series. Despite getting to know the other Elites, Mari is the only one who doesn't get a lot of attention. Saya Kogatana almost suffered this fate until the Garden Worth Arc. Mari hasn't been seen at all after the East-West War Arc, she wasn't even there when the Elite Class reunite during Hip Party Arc until the final chapter.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The overall animation quality is absolutely stellar, boasting very fluid and dynamic movement, beautiful and vibrant colors, and crisp on-model art.


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