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Slayers is often described as a Dungeons & Dragons campaign on how it usually goes, with all that implies.


  • This one's a novel exclusive — in the first novel, during the scene when Lina wakes up captured and is now forced to sit through whatever petty revenge Zolf has lined up for getting the better of him with that light spell/Fireball shenanigan, Zolf decides to really gross her out and tells Noonsa to kiss her. Noonsa comments what a lucky girl she is — he's considered one of the choicest mates in his school. Then he sits and waits patiently. Finally, someone asks Noonsa what he's waiting for. "The eggs," he replies; all he really knows about kissing is that mating comes into it somewhere.


  • Slayers (first season)
    • From the first episode, an old man explaining why Lina is nicknamed Dragon Spooker: it means that dragons step past out of clear revulsion. And later in the episode, a dragon does just that. Said dragon is disintegrated (along with the town) soon after.
    • The "torture" scene in episode 5 of the original series.
    • "Koala" Explanation for the unintiated: Early in the first season, Lina and Zelgadis, the latter just undertaking his Heel–Face Turn, are on the run from Rezo when Lina gets blasted and sent flying face-first into a tree. She latches onto it and then turns her head to face the audience, mimicing the common depiction in Japanese media of a koala, and dopily declares "Koala", before Zelgadis grabs her and yanks her to safety.
    • The aftermath of Noonsa the giant fish-man's death (via getting fried by Zelgadis in the first season). After Dilgear and some equally non-human henchmen mourn his death, Rezo appears to Dilgear to tell him who the culprit is...and the other henchmen eat Noonsa while he isn't looking.
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    • While Lina and Gourry were put on a wanted list, basically any time Lina easily beats any self-proclaimed "champions of justice" groups. They would usually come in making grand entrances and speeches about how great they think they are until Lina takes them out with a single spell, clearly not giving a damn.
    • Sylphiel, being a white magic specialist, absolutely sucks at combat magic. When she attempts a Flare Arrow spell, she winds up firing a slow-moving carrot-shaped flare arrow that pops harmlessly.
    • Episode 25 of the first season. The group is in a serious battle against Copy Rezo. Lina had been seriously injured, and Sylphiel had taken her somewhere safe to be healed. The mood shifts radically when Prince Philionel comes charging in on a white horse to attack the villain. Cue UNBELIEVABLE looks from Gourry and Zelgadis.
    Zelgadis: Well, they can't let these episodes be serious for too long.

  • Slayers NEXT
    • A bit of Black Comedy with Zelgadis when he gets attacked by a bandit leader. Zelgadis easily beats him, but...
    Bandit Leader: (struck down by Zelgadis) GYAAAAAAAH! (collapses)
    Zelgadis: Don't worry. I only struck you with the back side. (looks at his sword and realizes) Huh? ... oops... sorry... this is a double-edged sword...
    • In episode 4, the four are arguing in the middle of the road, and every citizen is around them as if a dramatic fight is going to happen. And when it turns out they are arguing about restaurants, the crowd disperses.
    • Gourry asking if a fiance is a type of pickle.
    • A lot of things in episode 7 with the dragon cuisine. Ashford the chef takes the group to catch a lake dragon to use for cooking ingredients. He neglected to bring an anchor to the ship, so what do they do? Lina uses Zelgadis as the anchor.
      • Zelgadis gets waterlogged and Amelia suggests mouth to mouth to resuscitate him. Heartbeats are heard as Zelgadis blushed at the thought, but when he opens his eyes, he sees Ashford giving him the mouth to mouth, much to his horror. He lets out a muffled scream through it all.
      • Ashford's reason for going to such great lengths to serve the Slayers group the exotic dragon cuisine is heartwarming since he says the group looks like his dead family. Amelia looks like his dead granddaughter, Lina looks like his dead daughter, Gourry looks like his dead son-in-law, and Zelgadis looks like his dead... delicate young beautiful wife. The end of the episode shows a picture of his family... and he wasn't lying.
    • In the very beginning of episode 18, Xellos is looking at a tablet stating that it's a wishing spring, and if he throws a coin in and rings the bells, good things will happen. The instant he rings the bells, they fall on his head. It comes out of nowhere, and it's hilarious.
      • Gets Hilarious in Hindsight the following episode, when Xellos' nature as a demon is revealed and you realize that yes, a good thing did happen.
    • The moment where Lina, Amelia, Zelgadis and Xellos recoil in surprised shock after hearing that Gourry knew Xellos's identity the entire time.
    • About halfway through, at the end of the Ragna Blade mini-arc, a Floating Island is falling on Seyrune and Lina Inverse steps up to hopefully blow it to bits with a Dragon Slave. Amelia, as Princess of Seyrune, promptly addresses a prayer to Shabranigdo begging him to save the city. Cue Zelgadis angrily telling her not to pray to Dark Lords, while Gourry confusedly asks if Amelia isn't a Shrine Maiden, while Amelia sheepishly defends her actions.
      • For those confused; Amelia is a self-professed Love Freak for Justice and a professional White Mage. Shabranigdo is the Ultimate Big Bad of the setting, in that he is the God of Evil itself (the Dragon Slave draws upon Shabranigdo's power, hence why it's the strongest Black Magic spell in the setting).
    • Episode 14, the girls learning "Otome no Inori". This is mainly one for the dub (You can't blame Lina when she yells "IN JAPANESE!" before the actual song — Zelgadis was singing better than both girls!), but Zel's delivery during My heart's beating so fast inside my little breast~ in particular.

  • Slayers Revolution
    • When Wizer Freion shows up to arrest Lina, he's asked on what charge. The charge? Being Lina Inverse. And the best part is that Lina's friends admit it's a terrible crime!

  • Slayers Evolution-R
    • From the first episode:
    Lina: Even beautiful roses have thorns... just like me!
    *Cue retching from everyone else*
    • Episode four, which begins with a fish-woman who claims Gourry's her husband and the father of her spawn and gets progressively wackier from there, parodying a long list of soap opera cliches: Pokota's Easy Amnesia? Check. Unknown relatives, such as Gourry's children he didn't know? Check. Zelgadis as their brother (what would made him Gourry's son, too)? Check. A Love Triangle between Gourry, Lina and the fish-woman? Check. To Be Continued...
    Zelgadis: [After being glomped by the fish-woman's daughter] ...Don't touch me there.
    • Zelgadis sets a trap for Pokota by putting a banana in a cage, which Amelia questions. He realizes Pokota must require a lot of food, and creates an entire spread as a trap to get him. Amelia tells him that no one would ever fall this, except for maybe Gourry and Lina. The first trap works while she is arguing with him. Zelgadis is proud of himself, and Pokota tries to attack him, only to pass out.
    Pokota: What's wrong with me?
    Zelgadis: *Slasher Smile* That's because I dosed it with a sleeping power.
    Amelia: No Mr. Zelgadis, that's something a villain would do!


  • The Reveal at the middle of Slayers Great, when Naga gets a giant golem that looks like a statue of her, while Lin gets giant golem that is a Super-Deformed version with sqeaky shoes.
  • In Slayers Gorgeous, Lina was about to be attacked by an horde of dragons, and their handler asked her to present herself. Lina says her name, and, as the handler declares she knows about her but she'll squish her anyway, the dragons realize in horror who they're facing and fly away.

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