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Funny / Katanagatari

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  • In the first episode, right after she meets Shichika, Togame trips over a stone and knocks herself out.
  • Komouri disguises himself as Togame to sneak up on Shichika... and gets kicked in the gut because Shichika has no facial recognition yet.
  • When Togame finds out that Shirasagi was killed, she sees an upside in that now she won't need to write his backwards talking. Hilariously meta, too, as a reflection of the author's thoughts.
  • Shichika's win in episode 2, using Togame as a stepping stone.
  • Shichika discovering Togame's ticklish collarbones.
    • Any time Shichika trolls Togame.
  • At the end of episode 4, Shichika and Togame talk about the amazing duel they had with Sabi Hakuhei.
  • Togame's Delayed Reaction to Kanara's proposal.
    • Likewise, her complete Freak Out once Houou tells her what "Cheerio" really means.
  • While the whole Pocky & Rocky shout out in episode 7 counts, the part where Nanami goes behind the fixed-direction boss to avoid getting hit is especially funny!
  • The Imagine Spots wherein Togame pictures a bishounen Shichika together with Zanki, Love Bubbles abound.
  • Shichika instantly forgetting everything he's ever learned about swordplay once Togame kisses him.
  • Shichika's method of defeating the 10th Shogun warrior (which was rather merciful given his emotional state at the time and that she didn't actually want to fight him ). To elaborate, she was given a bladeless hilt and comments that as a weapon it seemed rather useless, and so Shichika half-heartedly suggests she just try chucking the thing at him. Doing just that, Shichika kicks it with his knee square into the girl's forehead, knocking her out instantly.