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Funny / Bomberman Jetters

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The Anime

    • Episode 14 entirely, full stop.
    • Mermaid Bomber in love with Birdy. In one scene, she describes him as 'My honey~!'. The scene then cuts to Birdy shivering suddenly.
    • Episode 27 as well.
  • EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. That Birdy stops being stoic and shows emotion (provided the current moment isn't serious mind you). One of the most notable ones in particular being in episode 27. Where he manages to be goaded into a (foot)race by Shirobon of all people.

The Game

  • The voice acting, full stop. Superhero Birdy, depressed/bored Max, Japanese stereotype Gangu, Large Ham Thunder Bomber, the genuinely enthusiastic Dr. Ein… The acting is so ridiculous that it's awesome.
  • This line:
  • The Let's Play by The Strawhat No makes the game about a million times funnier.

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