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Episode 1

  • We have many brilliant moments of visual comedy where Selesia keeps inadvertently getting herself into similar poses to her illustrations, reinforced with smash cuts.
  • Souta reading Charon's hilariously cheesy lines with flat voice, making Selesia flustered.
  • Selesia opens a window by stabbing it through the glass then pushing it to the side.
  • Casual car hijacking, followed by mistaking wiper pedal for weapon.
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  • In the after credits scene, Meteora's first attempt at a joke. While the joke is a little bit convoluted(as befitting Meteora), Meteora basically tells Sota that even if he doesn't believe what happened, he probably should go to a doctor for mental issues anyway.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4
  • The cast decides to have dinner together, and Selesia and Meteora is playing Pocky Game. What's funny is that Marine is probably the one who coax them into it. Yuri Fan much?
  • Mamika arranges her supper with Aliceteria from that pile of food that was released as accompanying goods to her anime. She seems to be very happy to see that so many products have her face on the packaging.
  • Eventually Mamika stopped bothering with constant misnaming of Aliceteria's and just call her Alice-chan.

Episode 5

  • Poor Nakanogane expresses regret that he made Rui so defensive while he's under pressure, since now he has to deal with the guy.
  • When Rui storms off, complaining he hasn't even gotten to date his Love Interest Yuina yet, Selesia tries to ply him by flirtatiously offering a date with herself. Rui, completely unimpressed, gives her a once-over and replies that he likes girls younger than him. Selesia is not happy.
    Selesia: "He's so mean! He's not cute at all."
  • Meteora makes another poor attempt at making a joke. Made all the more better with Selesia's deadpan reaction to it and Meteora's thumbs up right after.
  • Turns out, Meteora didn't conjure up those missiles she used in episode 1 - she stole them. From the military. Along with a machine gun, ammunition and grenades. Her excuse? She's inexperienced in offensive magic, so she needed to "borrow a few things". At the least, she does have the decency to look sheepish when Kikuchihara informs her of the costs to the Japanese taxpayer.
  • While taking the train home, Selesia and Meteora still want to stay with Marine even after becoming legal citizens, treating the whole thing as a pajama party. The guys, listening to all the things the girls want to do, consider the possibility of having a guys' night out.
    Nakanogane: (Deadpan) My house was destroyed. Let's do it at Matsubara's place.

Episode 6

  • Rui Kanoya is trying to hit on some younger girls. How? By mentioning that he's a mecha-pilot.
  • Aliceteria apparently broke apart park benches to make campfires. Then Mamika basically gave up trying to say Aliceteria's name and just calls her Alice.
  • This exchange:
    Aliceteria: You smell of blood
    Magane: The smell of blood? From me? (sniffing herself) Could it be... could it be... you mean my period!?
  • Magane casually strolling out of the bookstore, leaving the unfortunate shopkeeper behind to be brutally murdered - and then turns on a dime in the door, heading back in, just to get a bag for the book too.

Episode 7

  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Of all the phone wallpapers one would expect a straight-laced government agent like Kikuchihara to have, it sure ain't this one.
  • Yuuya and Rui bonding over their passion for giant robots are also worth a couple of chuckles.
  • Dark Humour in its finest as Magane after killing her creator complains about all the things she wants to have if her first plan had worked. The first thing on that list was "make her fly". Apparently someone is a little jealous after witnessing what everyone else could do in that all-out fight on the bridge.
Episode 8
  • "Miracle Maid" Magane (in a maid outfit), hooking Sota up for a date and then exchanges numbers with him in the span of a minute. Equally terrifying as it is hilarious, especially since the poor man is scared out of his mind while it happens.
  • Takashi's feud with Yuuya's extremely rude creator. When Yuuya goes to kick his ass, instead of stopping him, he encourages him to not damage his drawing hand or head, but hitting everything else is fair game. Made even funnier by Rui's reaction as Yuya gets riled up.

Episode 11

  • Matsubara was glad Selesia survived her fatal injury, after rushing in to fight Aliceteria. She bites him back saying it's him who made her with that personality.
  • Sota is feeling depressed after what happened in previous episodes, so what does Kanoya do to cheer him up? Getting him inside the Gigas Machina and flying deep into the stratosphere. Cue Sota screaming like a baby and begging to be put back on the ground.
  • Kanoya eating in the cockpit forgetting his controls while he wipes his mouth
  • "Father" admonishes Kanoya:
    Nakanogane: If you do not talk about the destruction of all of humanity, then deadline is probably the most terrible thing in this world.

Episode 12

  • There is something hilarious about the fact that Blitz wants to go home... so he can pay rent.
  • The comically cutesy fanvid that is the source of Altair's cloning power.

Episode 13

  • The whole Recap Episode is an exercise in hilarity, with Meteora exploring the characters' powers and backstories with her dry sense of humor. She ends up belittling Yuuya for his glasses, Aliceteria for her bull-headedness and Altair for her overly complex design. She also tries to justify Selesia's underwhelming combat score with an increasingly uncertain voice as the replayed battle against Mamika rapidly goes downhill for her friend.
  • Her comments end up breaking the fourth wall throughout the whole episode as well, with hilarious results. Whether it's being snarky about other character's designs, other creation's personalities, or even inflating her own appearance/involvement in the story!
    • Basically smashing the fourth wall in the final scene, she tells the audience not to worry as the recap was planned from the start, and that they shouldn't worry that the series is in jeopardy, as this was just a break.
  • In her first appearance in the recap, Meteora reimagines herself into a beautiful woman in a Stripperiffic outfit, voiced by Sayaka Ohara note  who utterly curbstomps Altair and ends the story.
  • Meteora attempts to sing the song featured in Altair's original music video but then stops herself after only singing a few notes. Don't worry, the song gets properly played in the credits.
  • Really, the fact that the people behind Black Lagoon, Fate/Zero and Aldnoah.Zero'', some of the darkest and most cynical anime in recent memory, created something comedic for once is hilarious by itself.

Episode 15

  • Onishi's introduction to Hikayu. After being pulled off from her, he gets a chop/punch combo from Selesia. Almost without pause, he glances at Selesia and Meteora, then to Hikayu, then back to Selesia(who now looks disgusted) and Meteora, and declares:
    Onishi: What is this place? I feel like I'm in a dream. An endless Gandhara, filled with my wives!
  • Kikuchihara interrupting Onishi and Selesia's scuffle to chew him out, without stopping them, and his monosyllabic responses like a scolded child, all the while with Selesia's foot in his face (with them both standing upright).

Episode 16

  • Onishi enters the bath with an extremely cheesy pose, wearing nothing but a towel. Cue Rui Kanoya leaning on the fourth wall:
    Kanoya: If this was an anime, that would have been the worst fan service moment ever.
  • Kikuchihara, after accidentally drinking oolong tea cocktails, keeps her business-like composure as she scolds the men, only raising her voice TWICE throughout the rant.
    Matsubara: I'm already 38, but I'm still getting scolded.
  • And another Kikuchihara one at the end, as the group gets together to stack hands, Yuya picks up the now passed out Kikuchihara so her hand can be added.

Episode 18

  • How does Yuuya manage to convince Sho he didn't kill his sister and friend? By spoiling what their Creator told him. Everyone who watched it pretty much laughed at how he blatantly said it and as one person pointed out, it was a twist that was something Yatoji would write. Sho's reaction to this is hilarious too.
  • Blitz and Syo both reacting to Hikayu's new outfit.
  • One of the female viewers in the admiration for the truce between Sho and Yuuya, which she comments with the phrase "so now they...", that perhaps hinted that she was Yaoi Fan and was rooting for their pairing. Marine herself says that Yuya and Sho's dialogues are so "moe".

Episode 22

  • Marine going full Covert Pervert at the thought of Rui in a swimsuit.
  • Hikayu getting a new spin-off anime... based on her Magical Girl-esque kempo girl phase, with the same Stripperiffic costume. Cue panicked Hikayu running away from her Creator to stop it from happening.
  • Yuuya and Sho pressure Yatoji to write their confrontation with the final boss, with Yatoji sighing that he doesn't have any idea what to write next after Yuuya spoiled the huge twist beforehand.
  • Blitz's banter with Suruga, his and Erina's Creator. While most of the other Creations have a parent/child relationship(except Yuya and Sho: they come off as "bros" with Yatoji), Blitz and Suruga come off as a divorced couple that hate each other's guts, but Suruga still cares about Blitz and Erina.


  • The Re:CREATORS Recap 4Koma, which provides humorous, chibi-fied recaps of each episode, with liberal use of memes.
    • The comic's odd fixation on the well-being of the glass windows in Souta's room.
    • Big Eater Meteora is always depicted with a bag of chips on her head.
    • Black Comedy: Selesia getting Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Aliceteria is depicted as the latter ceremonially opening a railway tunnel. This joke becomes a Running Gag later, as Alice stabbing Altair and Altair returning the favor is shown as their respective ceremonies running back-to-back.
  • Even the official merch gets in on the Black Comedy. One t-shirt portrays Mamika's thorough skewering by Altair as the pair playing a friendly game of Pop-up Pirate. (Mirror here in case the first link goes down).
  • One rather popular fanart for the series has Selesia coming across Doujinshi of her Light Novel. The Rule 34 kind. She takes it about as well as you can imagine. (Also doubles as a Shout-Out to Kazuma's infamous post-job tearing rage.)
  • Another has Sho and Yuuya have their long-awaited battle during Elimination Chamber Festival — but due the sheer number of Yaoi Fangirls tweeting about their reunion, it turns into an impromptu wedding much to their confusion.

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