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  • Actor Allusion: One of the first things Selesia says after coming to terms with being a Creation is "I am who I am." This is basically Mikako Komatsu's real life Catchphrase, and Selesia is not the first character she's played who pays homage to it (Rose is another one).
  • All-Star Cast: We've got rising stars and established veterans like Daiki Yamashita, Mikako Komatsu, Aki Toyosaki, Inori Minase, Katsuyuki Konishi, Rie Murakawa, Kenichi Suzumura, Yoko Hikasa, Hisako Kanemoto, Sora Amamiya and Maaya Sakamoto, among others.
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  • Anime First: Re:CREATORS is first and foremost an original anime, the manga is just an adaptation.
  • Approval of God: Some of the images of Altair seen in Episode 20 when she is explaining her lack of a story are actual fanarts of her that were posted on Pixiv.
  • Casting Gag: The last time Inori Minase and Yoko Hikasa met had the former trying to kill the latter. Episode 10 switches the roles.
  • Crossdressing Voices: Male character Rui Kanoya is voiced by female VA Sora Amamiya. Lampshaded In-Universe.
  • Fan Nickname: The official names are a bit of a mouthful, so it was inevitable the fandom would come up with some shorter names.
    • Mamika: Meguca, given her design similarities to Madoka.
    • Celesia: Red, derived from her hair color.
    • Meteora: Linkin Park, thanks to sharing a name with one of their albums, and Missile Mage thanks to her fight with Mamika.
      • The recap 4koma manga bestowed her the nickname "Holy Mother Meteora".
      • And after the recap episode, "Maryora" and "Sexy Meteora" started popping up for the non-canon Self-Fanservice alter ego of her which she considers herself to be, much to much amusement of the fandom.
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    • Blitz Talker: Big Boss, thanks to his grizzled and worn look.
    • Military Uniform Princess: Chuuni Hime, from her design being compared to Chuunibyou tendencies. Discount Suigintou also counts in some circles thanks to their similar looks. After her origins are explained, Donut Steel started becoming prominent.
    • Rui Kanoya: Kamille, based on his ambiguous gender ("Kamille's a girls name!") and similar hair color.
    • Alicetelia February: Lancer, given her choice of weapon and the grim outlook of her original work. She also gets "Female Guts" thanks to the latter reasoning.
    • Magane Chikujouin: Sharkteeth.
    • Yuuya Mirokuji: Travis in the early series, due to some passing similarity with NMH's protagonist. Persona jokes also come about.
    • Sota: Narrator-kun, thanks to his opening spiel in the first episode. "Soda" also comes up from time to time.
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    • Hikayu Hoshikawa: "Hentayu", based on her source material, which both got the fandom to cringe and laugh the moment it was revealed, despite the fact that she's from the censored version of it.
    • From the detractors, two derogatory nicknames for the show itself: Re:Tweets (for the narm-y scene where Twitter is used to give an 11th-Hour Superpower to one character) and Re:Tards (for the supposed high amount of Idiot Ball among the "good" characters).
  • I Knew It!:
    • When Hikayu was first seen in the second opening kissing a boy, some fans joked that she was the heroine of an H-Game or Romantic Comedy because she looked like an ordinary schoolgirl from a Harem Genre work... and the first (to some extent) turned out to be true in the next episode.
    • Setsuna coming back in some way or form during the climax was also heavily theorized, and eventually happening in Episode 20. Another thing about this point that came true for the viewers was the popular theory that Sota's mystery Creation would turn out to be some incarnation of Setsuna.
  • Jossed:
    • Some people over the Internet believed the Military Uniform Princess was Sota's Creation and she had come to real world to get revenge on him for forgetting about her. She was actually created by Sota's friend and wants to get back at him for indirectly causing her creator's suicide.
      • This makes for some funny comparisons with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, which is set in motion by Bugsters manifesting into reality to take revenge on their creators for making them Designated Villains. One particular Bugster has the exact intention to take revenge on their creator for forgetting about them. And the kicker? Ex-Aid's run overlaps with Re:Creators.
    • The running theory that Sota himself was a creation (being the representative for Ordinary High-School Student protagonists and all their variations) and was created alongside Military Uniform Princess by Setsuna was swiftly put to rest when it turned out Sota was very much real, was Setsuna's friend throughout her worsening depression and the breaking point that caused the suicide. They were right on Setsuna creating the Princess, though.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Varies depending on which translation you've chosen, but if you've picked one that names her "Celestia" and discuss it with non-viewers of the show, be prepared for a lot of comparisons to a certain pony princess with the same name.
    • The Elimination Chamber Festival shares the same first words of WWE's Elimination Chamber match.
  • Production Posse: For director Ei Aoki, Studio TROYCA, and composer Hiroyuki Sawano. This is their second collaboration after Aldnoah.Zero.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • What Could Have Been: Rei Hiroe often comments on social media about this after an episode has aired.
    • Originally, this anime was conceived as a Massive Multiplayer Crossover of some sort, featuring multiple (real life) creators' original characters. The problem came when nobody could agree on which character would win against whom.
    • Vogelchevalier was supposed to be as big as Gigas Machina.
    • This already full of Talking Heads anime's scripts apparently feature even more dialogues than what we got in the end product.
    • Hikayu was initially conceived as an Idol Singer character rather than a H-Game heroine.
    • Mikako Komatsu tried out for voicing Aliceteria, Magane and Altair. She would have tried to voice Sota, but didn't have enough time to prepare.

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