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Gunpuku / Uniform Girl is a character Mizushino creates in the future, who has come back in the past to kill him.
  • An embittered older version of him creates a Darker and Edgier spiritual successor to Vogelchevalier, and she was the main character of it. There isn't anything so far that indicates the characters have all already been created at the point in time they arrived to Earth.
    • On the other hand, Gunpuku could well be the creation of the creation of the girl who commits suicide in the opening of the first episode. This does not explain Gunpuku's reaction to Souta Mizushino, however.
      • Confirmed, with the reason for her reaction being that Souta was said creator's friend
    • On the subject of the aforementioned suicide girl, Gunpuku may ACTUALLY be suicide girl who got reincarnated as a result of the suicide.
    • Alternately, the suicide is a Foregone Conclusion of the series as a result of Gunpuku's defeat. Glasses Girl is Gunpuku's true appearance, as she is both a writer and a character: presumably, a Mary Sue. It would explain why is she so interested in treating fictional worlds as deserving an end to their fictional conflicts, rather than expendable for the sake of Rule of Drama.
    • The suicide might be a Faux Shadow, too, and is not what it appears to be.

Mizushino is a character too.
  • Himegimi seems to be surprised to see him, and may have actually been talking about him when she was referring to "you coming to this world." His cuts on both his hand and neck don't bleed,either. Judging by the opening lines, he may have been a generic main character from a harem or romance series.
    • Episode 9 proves that fictional characters DO bleed. No matter how small they are
    • The blood evidence may not be enough, as other characters have yet to be shown to bleed either. However this doesn't discredit the possibility.
  • Alternatively, the reason those wounds don't bleed might be due to not being actual cuts but burn wounds. Which makes one question "How fast did those swords move to leave burns by just flying past him?"

Himegimi was created by Souta in the past and was forgotten
  • It would also explain her interest in Souta and hatred of creators. She was a character from Souta's drawings and she wants revenge for being abandoned in an incomplete story and wants Souta to complete her story. Bonus points if Himegimi is the character drawing that Souta hid in Episode 2.
    • Doubtful that a catgirl would be Himegimi.
    • Maybe she's hiding her ears. That hat is HUGE. She's just your typical Omnicidal Maniac.
  • Confirmed by the end of episode 5—partially, anyway. Souta contributed the visual design to a friend's concept.

Murasaki and Easy are responsible for the series events.
  • Tired of dealing with the Ends, Easy decides to switch tactics and send anime and manga characters to destroy humanity. Murasaki in response sent Celejia and Meteora to counter Easy's plan.

Yuya will be on the same side as the protagonists.

Along the way, a Creator will be killed and the character will live on on account of fandom, gaining great power at the expense of instability due to inconsistency.
  • Seems to be Himegumi's origin story according to episode 5

Meteora is lying about whats going on
  • Rather conveniently, in her own words, by the time proof showed up it would be too late. If she isn't straight up The Mole or Treacherous Advisor, then she has some agenda of her own she is manipulating everyone into working with.

Magane is going to summon Cthulhu at some point.
She already have summoned one creation from the Cthulhu Mythos, in possession of a Lovecraft Encyclopedia and Reality Warper powers akin of a Djinn but with fewer restraints to them. What's stopping her from summoning the most popular and iconic eldritch abomination from that franchise as well?
Meteora is intended to be a couple with Souta
It may well be feasible because at the moment she is the only heroine whose experiences show us the most, besides, she is the only girl from the Souta's "harem" who does not have own Love Interest in her world and she is the only one who is not in its world the main or important character. In this case, she does not even have to return to her world ... Well, unless all this Les Yay with Celesiya turns out to be true.

Mamika will become the strongest of the Creations
Magane will end up on Souta's side, if only temporarily
Why? Because it might amuse her. Alternatively, in keeping with Magane's paranormal theme, there's a way to bind her to your will.

In order to gain an edge against the hostile Created, Souta, Meteora and the rest will start watching/playing their respective source media
It certainly pays to know your enemy, after all.

Vogelchevalier will appear once more, giving Celesia a much-needed boost in power
Altaïr deconstructed Vogelchevalier with the same effect that later materialized Celesia in the real world. It follows that Vogelchevalier itself is lying abandoned somewhere in Japan. Let's just hope it only activates for Celesia herself.
  • Confirmed. Vogelchevalier was summoned back to the real world with the aid of Meteora's spells.

There will be a second wave of Created entering our world
More cast members from the current Created's respective worlds seems the likely possibility. Some will be allies and friends of the current cast, such as Rui's Love Interest Yuina. Others might be opponents, like the heroes from Magane's Record of the Night Window Demon.

Future fights will include:
  • Blitz vs Yuuya. Expect a whole lot of "old man" jabs from the latter.
    • Confirmed as of Episode 7
  • Aliceteria vs Rui. Between Aliceteria's supremely destructive combat magic and the raw power of Gigas Machina, some rearrangement of local topography will be involved.
  • Mamika vs Magane. The key for Mamika would be to keep her mouth shut and just blast her.

The degradation of reality will make the barrier between worlds thinner and thinner
More Created will start crossing over, but other people might end up Trapped in TV Land. At its worst, the Created Worlds will start manifesting in reality, turning Japan - and perhaps the whole world - into a patchwork Eldritch Location.

Magane's repetetive talking syntax is a clue on whether she's lying or not
Because her powers revolve around double negative lies, you can count the number of times she says something to tell if she's saying the truth, if you compare her "I believe you"(x3) on episode 6 and then her "that nonsense" on episode 7.

Souta and Setsuna were bullied
Souta's artist block and Setsuna's suicide were the result of a massive bullying campaign when they submitted their works online. Episode 7 shows signs of artistic PTSD on Souta's part and the Episode 5 plot twist hints on Setsuna's supporters talking back on her haters. This is evidenced on how Souta seems ashamed of even mentioning his relation to Altair.

Magane will become the Climax Boss that'll end the first half of the show
  • Confirmed, She becomes a dual boss with Aliceteria.

Magane will at some point figure out how to summon Creations of her own...
Which she will use to bring in the characters and archetypes she could approve of the most, such like...

Just to mention a few.Each character cracking reality a little, piece by piece, forcing both sides to Teeth Clenched Team Work in order to stop the insanity she has unleashed through her Reality Warper ability.
Several main cast members will die before the series' first half concludes.
  • Unless, by some miracle, she can be talked down, it's unlikely that Aliceteria would leave Celesia and Meteora any choice but to kill her.
  • Blitz will go down Taking the Bullet for one of the heroines in a Redemption Equals Death moment, musing with his last words that she reminds him of his daughter.
  • Kikuchihara, as the person in charge of mitigating the impact of the Created, will be assassinated by Altair's faction, possibly by the princess herself.

Souta will be kidnapped and delivered to Altair

Mamika will convert to Sota's side and will date Rui
Finding out the truth about Altair will make Mamika switch sides, wanting to protect the world from destruction. Since Rui already stated he likes younger girls, while not being very old himself, they would make a perfect combo. They might make a good tag-team, Gigas Makina is powerful and destructive but would have problems fighting small, agile opponents while Mamika is small, fast and very powerful.
  • Jossed: She chose her own path and ended up with a dead end for it.

The Dark Presence is the Big Bad behind the scenes and Magane is its avatar this time around.
After its failure with classical authors, it decided to expand its genres into all categories in order to increase its chances. Once it found a writer, it ensured that there would be no written-in loopholes to exploit like the last author did and become written into a corner. Once reality breaks, it will come in and devour all of it, leaving nothing but itself to fill the void, like last time. To cover its bases and ensure the plot goes where it wants, it assumes the form of a fictional character fitting and sharing its goals instead for the body of a real one, putting restraints on its own powers in order to keep them in the logic of the story. Now it seeks out the one author that can alter reality in its favor while the rest are distracted with other threats at the horizon.

Joke theory, sure...but the similarities between the two scenarios are too big to be ignored.

Altair will go back to Mamika's world and pluck out a new version of latter to replace the one that she killed in episode 8
It has been shown that removing a character from a fictional world does not cause that character to disappear from the fiction published in the real world, as versions of Celejia and Meteora still exist in their light novel/anime and game respectively, despite the fact that Altair brought versions of them from those media into the real world. That said, if Altair still needs Mamika to fulfill her goals, what exactly is stopping her from going back into the latter's world and bringing another version of her back to the real world, possibly from another point in the story compared to where she transported the "original Mamika" to the real world. A different version of Mamika might have different memories and personality traits compared to the previous one who was killed and might be easier from Altair to manipulate into following her mission the second time around. Altair might bring another version of Mamika to the real world out of necessity, if she wants to conceal the fact that she killed the first one. Having another version of Mamika as a Replacement Goldfish for the first one could still result in characters like Aliceteria starting to question Altair's goals, especially if Aliceteria discovers that this new Mamika does not "remember" anything the "original Mamika" experienced in the real world.

Megane and Altair will have an Evil v Evil showdown down the line.
Since Megane wants the world to remain for her own sadistic pleasure and Altair wants to end it, a fight down the line will occur.

At some point, a Creation from an In-Universe live action TV series will appear
It would make sense, since they've had video game, manga, light novel, and anime characters so far - obviously, it won't appear any different to us the viewers, but the characters will react differently to this Creation than the other ones because of this (maybe perhaps wondering if the actor who plays said character is the creator instead of the scriptwriter). Said character will be a hero who is obviously based on a Kamen Rider or Sentai Ranger (or a hybrid of both).

Magane will spend the series as The Corrupter

Magane interrupts Sota from giving her superpowers because...
It would either maker her life boring OR there's a limit to how much truth she can twist. Otherwise, she would've been one "uso!" away from Godhood.

She's a mystery thriller character in the vein of Death Note, not a Junji Ito cosmic monster.

The source of the Military Uniform Princess' powers isn't the popularity of a fandom...

...but the hatred of the entire doujinshi fandom all across the Internet, aimed directly at her, instead.

Considering that she is basically a rip-off alternate version of another very established character, even if it was on accident and she was the first time creation of her creator, a fandom can get pretty defensive about their genre's characters if challenged by fan-created ones that tries to pass off as original ones. If one include the chance of her powers being included into a bio upon her publishing, then she would be genuinely qualified as a legitimate "Copy Cat Sue" combined with the traits of a God-Mode Sue, considering how massively overpowered her Reality Warper abilities really are, in the context. If there is one thing a fandom utterly loathes, then it is a Sue of this scale to enter their fandom. Harassment from the introduction of a Sue can become absolutely vicious in some circles. Considering what the Military Uniform Princess' creator went through to the point of suicide, it might be that the hatred, loathing and spite from the Internet's anonymous fandoms reaches such degrees that it ironically ended in a case of Clap Your Hands If You Believe, allowing her to enter the real world from the pure Power Of Hate from the fandoms. this however also tainted her personality as she become a hateful, spiteful and hurt individual to fill the gaps, turning her into a Omnicidal Maniac in the process. She is basically a Villain Sue = "Ultimate Sue" empowered by the Power Of Hate, in contrast for the other Creations who are empowered by the Power of Love by their fandoms.

  • if you follow episode 11's flashback to its logical conclusion this is looking more and more likely.

  • Jossed by episode 12. She draws her powers from the fandom who makes her popular BECAUSE she's more appealing than the original.

Hangaku will be the death of Megane.
Hangaku is a cursed being tied to Yuya. While we don't know what that curse entails, it's possible that it can backfire on Megane and cause her downfall. What's more, Hangaku isn't very talkative. So any attempt by Megane to alter reality by talking to her won't work.
  • It makes sense. Especially if Hangaku being a woman once was his Love Interest or somehow connected with this.

Sota will gain powers like Altair's, allowing him to pull more Creations forth into the real world to help stop her.
In his introduction, Sota describes himself as the narrator, rather than main character, of this story. What is it that narrators do? They tell the story. They describe the setting. They introduce characters.
Altair wanting Selesia dead is because...
  • It may be that all creation in play right now are deeply rooted in Sota's creative process seeing as he knows all of them in sight.
  • Selesia was the common thread in all of the anti-Setsuna hate mail
  • Or she is the first Creation that Sota interacted with, since it was her anime that he stumbled into after all and how he got on the Military Uniform Princess' radar to begin with.
    • OR, judging from how Gigas Machina's creator was sucked into HIS creation, it's possible that Sota was sucked into Selesia's world because that's where Altair is. This MIGHT be foreshadowed by when she said "He is Me" back in episode 1... which might hint into Setsuna's reasons for making her up in the first place. My bet is on Altair being a representation of Sota's mistreatment of Setsuna.
At some point all of the Creations will be defeated by their Creators, or the people who own the Anime, Manga, and Games they come from!
They will use the power of Copyright Claims against these people who claim to be and excessively mimic their creations! There will be no survivors,only #WTFU.
Altair is Setsuna.
After dying Setsuna somehow landed in the world of anime like Sota did where she gained Altair's powers. The reason she acts so differently are either from amnesia, a case of Dissociative identity disorder similar to Darth Vader, a Split Personality Take Over, or that she simply went mad and the Altair persona was born from the madness. The reason she treats Setsuna as she is dead is either because she is lying to everyone even the audience or she genuinely believes that Setsuna died and she is another person.

The new creations sole purpose is to replace the characters that have left Altair's faction
Charon is literally Alice 2.0. And it is likely that Altair will also look for someone like pre-Character Development Mamika. All nukes, no brains. If there is a third one it will likely be one meant to counter Magane when she becomes too much of a nuisance.
Meteora will stay - and become Sota's girlfriend, or character, or both.
Unlike everyone else in the setting save for Magane, Meteora's author is dead and, thus, can't write her into more powers or into a means to get into the massive crossover. The net result will be either Sota writing said crossover due to no one else agreeing on who does it or Sota writing more powers into Meteora himself or, more likely, Meteora simply not joining the final battle due to an inability to go to the "custom dimension". And, since the characters will only be able to get home by going to said dimension and defeating Altair, that means Meteora and Magane stay. Magane needs dealing with and will be dealt with; Meteora doesn't, doesn't seem at all uncomfortable in the new world and seemed very willing to take care of Sota indeed...
  • Confirmed. She used up all her powers to send the other creations back to their world that she cannot return to her world at all.
Insert your possible Chekhovs here
  • Every character mentioned before episode 12 will be second half additions
    • So far, Charon has already popped up. It won't be long before Blitz's main character, Yuuya's rival, and Mamika's more serious foil is going to join in.
  • Alice is gonna die because that curse Magane put on her still works
    • Close.
Predictions for Chekhov character arcs
  • Charon will change from the standard heroic male lead to either the standard Wrong Genre Savvy Chew Toy ala Prince Edward or the equally as standard Nominal Hero that believes everything he says is right.
    • Charon will become a rival and Evil Counterpart to Rui bringing the Volgevaicher with him and dying before the finale giving Selesia the robot before his death.
  • Mamika's brown-haired friend comes to the Creators' world along with her rival, bitter that she's gone her entire life without a name and upset at her perceived worthlessness.
  • Blitz is either the Man Behind the Man of Altair, the writers forgot about his existence, or they ran out of ideas and someone had to take one for the team.
The government's crossover anime plan will backfire.
Rather than power up the Creations, they will create alternate universe clones similar to Altair herself. While they share names and faces, they will ultimately be used as decoys rather than true power ups due to the fans treating it as a simple noncanon Massively Multiplayer Crossover rather than the Crisis Crossover it really is.
Sota and Marine will end up together.
In a subversion of what usually happens, Sota and Marine, who are both otakus and normal, imperfect people - unlike the idealized Selesia and Meteora - will end up dating. Marine isn't an idealized beauty by any measure, but is still cute and sweet, and Sota is a geeky guy; how better to enforce an anime where Surprisingly Realistic Outcome occurs than a realistic pairing where two very human characters end up together? Also of note, Marine seems to care quite a bit for Sota.
Hikayu has no purpose
Altair merely dumped her into the real world at the last minute to top up the headcount since Mamika died.
The creations cannot return to their old worlds at the series finale
According to the series rules the creations have changed far too much to return due to their experiences in the real world becoming original characters separate from their original counterparts and their original stories would be incapable of correcting the changes that came about. Which means that the creations would instead be sent to the Elimination chamber festival crossover universe instead. Bonus points if Mamika drifted into the story as well by accident.
The meaning of Charon's existence
While Blitz has gained a purpose in the second half and Syo hijacked the position of Yuya's rival at the eleventh hour. Charon has had no screen time or development outside of his introduction. Which begs the question... Why is he there?
  • To die and give Mamika someone to talk to, of course.
Altair knows she's in Re:Creators
She understands that she's in a story about creations escaping their stories and sees this as a step up through the stack of realities towards ours. This is all part of her journey to the "True Land of the True Gods."
  • So, any very good Altair cosplayer should be treated with INSANE amounts of respect from now on? ;)
Altair will lose by slipping into Invincible Villain territory or becoming the kind of villain that tortures opponents they should kill already and ends up defeated for it.
The side that captivates the readers will win. The problem is Altair, right now, is setting herself up as the precise kind of villain that everyone that watches animes believes HAS TO lose at the end, namely the kind of sadist villain that has already all but won the fight and then beats up the hero until the hero gets a Heroic Second Wind and kicks their ass - or as an Invincible Villain. As a result, she might well be painting herself into a corner by beating her opponents so handily, calmly and humiliatingly.
Souta's contribution to the Elimination event... the unfinished sketch from the very beginning of the series, the one he didn't wanted Celesia to see, which he hid in his sketchbook. Only now, it is completed with proper artwork, colorization and a plot behind it, secured by Magane's Reality Warper powers. Most likely given psychopomp-abilities, in charge of transporting spirits between reality and the afterlife, coming in with Setsuna's soul, to catch Altair off guard.
  • Jossed.

Re:Creators would have a prequel
  • If the current series was a shoutout to Last Action Hero, the prequel would be akin to The Leagueof Extraordinary Gentlemen.
    • The prequel would take place in the late 1800s where its nearly about to enter the next Century. However, all over the globe there is a secret war going on and its related to individuals with incredible powers. The Characters would be:
      • A small boy who was left in the orphanage by her mother and wrote a story about a fictional version of her where she and him lived in a large castle and she was a warrior who protected him from dangers.
      • A philosopher in training dream of one day building a mechanical steampunk golem
      • A Chinese Girl who was sold into slavery summoned a demonic force that tore her slavers to pieces.
      • A young man desired to become a hero created a drawing what he would like as a cunning but brave masked hero.
      • A princess who desired to see what the outside world was like created an imaginary friend who would take her to place she couldn't imagine.
      • A man who desired to make a game that could revolutionize the world and the main character he created was a wizard named the Game Master.

The Elimination Chamber Festival will be publicly seen as a message against online bullying
The entire plot of the series and, by some extension, the Elimination Chamber Festival event, was a popular meme character exacting revenge on the world whose cruelty killed her beloved creator. A character who was stopped only by resurrecting said creator to talk her down. Making it all stick hinges on getting the audience to accept what they're seeing as part of the story. Meaning the audience would likely take away from it the importance of treating people right.

Altair's Holopsicon abilities had the power of the public domain on its side.
Japan's copyright law for works by the deceased is "life of the author + 70 years" unless specified otherwise, after which "Altair" as a character could be used by anyone (which in turn allowed the Holopsicon's abilities to be expanded without limit).
  • However, since Altair obviously appeared in reality much sooner than that copyright's expiration, it's possible that said stipulation was either added by her Creator OR inherent to the source material from which Altair was derived.