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Drinking Game / Re:CREATORS

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Be ready with speed-dial for 911 and have at least one watcher as the "designated driver" before starting the series, You'll need it.

  • Whenever you feel for punching Sota for his stupidity, have a drink. (Beware, this might kill you more likely than you think...)
    • Drink again if it reaches the point where you just want to punch him the moment he shows up on the screen, if you get this far that is. (Keep that speed-dial ready now.)
  • Drink two glasses at once, if a long dialog is replaced by another, and three if you recall Fate/Zero because of this.
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  • Every time Meteora conducts a long exposition monologue with an emotionless face, drink slowly until it ends.
  • Drink a glass more, when she makes an out-of-context compliment for Celestia.
  • Do not forget to drink also when the plot depicts them together.
  • Sweep the glass whenever Meteora tries to make a joke. You'll need it.
  • If the character tries to use the logic of his work in our world, drink.
  • Also drink if this does not work due to the deconstruction of the trope.
  • If a Creation compliments reality, have a sip.
  • If Yuuya appears suddenly to save the characters in battle, drink.
    • For that matter, sip whenever a third party butts in and blocks an attack for someone else, if you're lucky, you might survive it.
  • Whenever the color purple shows up on the screen every episode, sip a bottle-cap's worth each time. Pink or magenta don't count here, pure purple only.
  • Be sure to drink if you see a Les Yay scene between Alisteria and Mamika. Especially if in reality it is only a manifestation of friendship between two girls.
  • If Magane pulls Gratuitous English from her mouth, sip at each word. (She'll kill you when she's in a good mood this way.)
    • Sip whenever she's exceptionally creepy too. (you'll know those moments when you see them.)
    • Or down a whole glass and grin like a shark the moment she appears in a fanservice-moment. (These moments are all about taste though, but rest assured, it happens.)
    • If she uses her catchphrase, drink half a glass.
    • If she stops smiling, put away the bottle until that moment passes by.
  • Be sure to sing every time Magane trolls a positive character.
    • Add to the glass if it is Yuuya, Alisteria or Sota.
      • Drink again, especially if it's Sota (see rule number one above).
  • Sniff the glass every time Celestia gets the short end of the stick.
  • Have a drink whenever Meteora is pushed against the wall.
  • When Meteora starts to give one of her theories on inter-dimensional physics, sip your drink until it makes sense (you can take breaks to breath, if you need to).
  • If you are still alive at the end of Part 1, celebrate by downing the remaining booze on the table and strike an epic Jojo-pose in front of the TV. (Now, press speed-dial.)
    • Down a bottle every time Altair is able to perform a Curb-Stomp Battle.
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    • Drink every time that Altair uses a power that she had not showcased before. Do yourself a favor during the Elimination Chamber Festival arc and don't drink alcohol, otherwise you won't get to live long enough to even reach for the speed-dial.
    • Drink whatever remains of your stash once she manages to become the one member of the entire cast that has an unambiguously happy ending. You may as well share the cast's misery.
  • Have a drink every time someone is badly injured and no one attempts first aid.
    • Have another drink if someone does attempt to staunch the wound but gets distracted and goes to do something else before the medics have arrived.

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