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Nightmare Fuel / Re:CREATORS

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Given the track record of the writer and the director, there's bounds to be Nightmare Fuel in some capacity.

  • Just imagine if your creations became real and interacted with real life...
  • More subtle, but Mamika's panic attack in Episode 2 upon realizing that she's wounded Selesia and caused collateral damage. "Usually there's no blood."
  • Episode 6 gives us a proper look on Magane Chikujouin, pure high-octane Nightmare Fuel incarnate and the first display of her powers involves summoning a Hound of Tindalos...from H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos! Just for fun and that she didn't wanted to pay for a book she wanted, which incidentally, was an encyclopedia of this very mythos in full detail.
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  • Episode 6, and her break down later in episode 10 also give us a hint at Aliceteria's world, and why she's so single mindedly fixated on her Creator changing her world: her world is drowning in death, with corpses piling "as high as mountains", and she fails to save people, even the ones closest to her, too often.
  • Also in Episode 6, Meteora being nearly killed(and later, in Episode 10) crosses into this and Fridge Horror when you realize that, out of all the Creations brought by Altair to the "real world", Meteora can never be created again. With her Creator dead, this existence is all Meteora has.
  • Not to mention episode 7, where we get an insight in what Magane wants to do with the power of the Creators, and what she did to her Creator after she found him.
  • The Military Uniform Princess wishes to get revenge for the suicide of her Creator... and has pretty much gone Omnicidal Maniac about it. Either the real world will get destroyed by reality going increasingly bonkers because of her bringing creations, or she will do it the old-fashioned way. She will destroy everything and there is absolutely no way she will be talked out of it... just look what she did to the one that tried (Mamika).
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  • The Dull Eyes of Unhappiness that Mamika gets upon dying.
  • From Sota's perspective, as a powerless (and not particularly strong, brave or athletic) human dealing with a psychopath that he knows as a character and that is ALWAYS one slip of the tongue away from becoming a reality warper regarding the latest exchange of sentences. For perspective, imagine dealing with The Joker and knowing you have to keep cracking wise so he doesn't kill you or worse...
    • The scariest part is that at one point, he did call her out on a lie: Meteora being evil. Likewise when he contradicted Magane, saying he hadn't killed anyone. Imagine if she had acted on either of those...
      • Considering that Magane didn't specify the murder and might or not need any somatic components to use her power - and considering that she did snap her fingers later - Sota may well now be guilty of a murder... The worst part of it is that, in a way, he is. He lead Mamika to her death.
  • Selesia's worry about Meteora's condition despite being impaled by Aliceteria might be well justified. With what has been said about character descriptions, and how durable some Creations might be compared to others based on their story, Meteora might have been just as near death as Selesia: Meteora is an NPC from a Role Playing Game who lacks a deep character description(part of why she's emotionally aloof, and lacks offensive magic), unlike the other Creations. Selesia was even able to recover enough to talk before Meteora was, despite Meteora being injured before Selesia, and Selesia seemingly more gravely injured. The difference in a character's durability based on their description seems justified, as Yuya later survives the same attack from Altair that killed Mamika earlier in the series.
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  • A subtle one, but when Aliceteria calls out Blitz on the emptiness of him wanting to go back to his world, followed by his later conversation with Altair, it's implied that Blitz may know Altair's real goal: destroying the real world, and thus all worlds. He still allies himself with her, given his own horrible story of having to kill his daughter and hating his Creator because of it. Until his daughter is later brought back to life, it's implied he'll defend Altair even though he knows what her ultimate goal is.
  • From Hikayu's perspective, consider what sort of information about her is public knowledge in the real world due to what her source material is. Now imagine if such information about you was known to the masses. Meteora even compares it to a person's Secret Diary being made public.
    • Then of course, there's her attempted molestation at the hands of who is basically her father.
  • Selesia's death. In order to defeat Charon, she latches onto him and orders Rui to use his deflection shield on them both. Even though she puts on a brave face, its clear that she's in agonizing pain as the shield slowly and painfully disintegrates her. If you look closely, you can see parts of her face start to skeletonize right before she vanishes completely.
    • Charon, talking about his and Selesia's situation in their world is horrible, with a bit of sad irony: they're losing ground to the Avalon Brigade, he's tired of fighting, and changing his world through his Creator is the only possibility for him. The sad irony? Selesia has already fought someone with the same situation and broken worldview on two occasions(Aliceteria), and this time it's coming from someone she cares VERY MUCH for.
  • Depending on your point of view, the 21st episode ended either very romantically and sentimentally, or rather alarmingly, if you think about the fact that Altair's new world is in fact a huge eternal sandbox for Setsuna.

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