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Nightmare Fuel / Record of Ragnarok

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
Behold, the God Father of Cosmos.
Mythology has always being the source of a lot of scary stuff, and this work is not an exception, having its fair share of terrifying moments:

  • First of all, there's just how helpless humans are against the Gods. All it took for the banishment of humans from the Garden of Eden was a false accusation of a jealous demon, and, have not been for Brunhilde's intervention, the whole history of mankind would have ended in an instant, to be completely forgotten and with the Gods moving on to other stuff without feeling any kind of remorse.
  • Many of Brunhilde's Nightmare Faces or crude demeanor in the manga are as unsettling as they are funny and would give Dark Malik and Vector a run for their money. Thankfully, the faces are toned down in the anime.
  • Incubus's death, though deserved, is pretty gruesome. Just when he was trying to rape Brunhilde, Thor suddenly appears behind him and splatters him against a wall with his hammer, leaving only his lower half and a couple of organs of the demon.
    • Thor himself is an imposing character, not giving a damn about killing someone and leaving Göll and Brunhilde unable to move or speak with only his mere presence.
  • The giants of Jotumheim. They are big, they act feral and have a taste for human flesh, starting to eat both divinities and people alike with scenes that look like as if they were straight out of Attack on Titan, where they sadistically devour and kill the inhabitants of Asgard. The biggest of them is also a nightmarish being that looks like a huge, slimy fetus, and towers over its already huge allies. Good thing Thor was there to save the day.
  • The death of Lü Bu was incredibly brutal. First, he breaks his legs after blocking Thor's Geirrod, but manages to solve that issue by mounting on Red Hare. Then after clashing with Thor for the last time, his Sky Eater fails and costs him his two arms (after which he proceeds to remove his wounded right arm with his teeth) and his Volund. Now unable to keep fighting, Lü Bu decides to make a suicide charge against his enemy, knowing perfectly well that this is the last thing he will do in his existence. Thor, to respond him, finishes Lü Bu with a single strike to the head that decapitates the Chinese warrior and ends his life forever. If that wasn't bad enough, a lot of Lü Bu's flesh still remains in Mjölnir after the fight concludes, that Thor quickly throws away. It gets a tiny bit better if you take in mind that Lü Bu took his defeat well and accepted his death calmly, but it is still a rough way to go.
  • The manga's portrayal of Zeus is absolutely terrifying. While he at a first sight may not look very impressive (looking like a scrawny old man who is always trembling), once he reveals his true colors he becomes much more horrifying, being a perverted Blood Knight that gives Thor and Lü Bu a run out for their money, with the ability to grotesquely grow in size and musculature (while retaining a minuscule head), able to expresses a myriad of disturbing faces (enhanced thanks to his usually sunken eyes) and being able to release a punch able to surpass time itself. He's not the God Father of Cosmos for anything.
    • His introductory scene in the first chapter deserves a special mention. While at first he appears as a harmless elder, once Brunhilde mentions the idea of Ragnarok, due to his excitement at the idea of showing humans the might of the Gods, he casually crushes the skull (to be more precise, he brutally tore off the top front half of its muzzle and even the manga refused to show the aftermath, only showing the torn off part a few panels later in the corner slightly covered by a speech bubble.) of his 4,000 year old pet dragon, then, after asking all of the Gods present what they think of the idea, he, without waiting for their response, proceeds to approve the Ragnarok anyway by slamming his gavel so hard that it breaks, while Zeus's fist continues to move downwards until it craters the floor beneath him.
    • It is also worth mentioning that, before his fight with Adam, he was able to subjugate Shiva (who is one of the strongest Gods) with a single hand, and without bulking up. It doesn't takes much time for Shiva to retreat once he realizes that Zeus is really serious about fighting in this round, preferring to avoid a confrontation with him.
    • Then there's his Adamas mode. You thought the titanic, incredibly muscular Zeus is bad? Try to see Zeus with all his muscles compressed, making him look eerily slim compared to his usual battle form, all while having a perpetual Slasher Smile on his face as a result of having all his muscles compressed into his body. It is bad enough to make everyone in the audience (Gods and humans alike) tremble in fear. If that is bad enough, since the main function of the technique is to condense energy through the compression, a single punch in that state is said to be enough to destroy anything it reaches.
    • Also, the self-destructive strain that the technique causes is so strong that Adam dies from copying it, as his mortal body is simply unable to keep up with the effects of the technique.
  • While not as physically imposing as his younger brother Zeus, Poseidon is also terrifying in his own way. A complete misanthrope even by the standards of the other Gods (which says a lot) who holds nothing but disdain towards everyone who is not perfect in his eyes, he has a creepy habit of whistling before attacking, and his Death Glare is enough to make all of the Gods who were cheering for him fall silent in fear. He's also a fratricide who cruelly killed his older brother Adamas without thinking twice, only because, to his standards, he brought nothing but shame to the image of the Gods.
  • From the human side of the spectrum, we have Jack the Ripper. At first, Jack presents himself as a polite individual with a gentlemanly behaviour, but under that facade lies a merciless and unapologetic Serial Killer with little regard for the lives of other people, who loves to see the feelings of fear of his victims before murdering them. He also has an habit of singing nursery rhymes, which makes him look even more disturbed. To make things worse, he's also very cunning, which makes him devise many twisted strategies to beat his opponent Heracles.
    • Jack's Start of Darkness is both terrifying and sad. As a child, he was a cheerful, innocent boy (if a bit twisted in certain aspects) who, despite having to live through many hardships in a poor neighborhood, still lived happily at the side of his loving mother. However, once the young Jack discovers that his mother only had him to marry his succesful father and realized that she never truly loved him, he calmly tries to strangle her with a psychotic yet calm smile to "free her from her pain" and then to stabs her in the neck after realizing how beautiful the color of fear is. Later during the night, he visits his father in his house and kills him right off the bat in the same way. At the young age of 12, Jack took his first two victims, starting his spree of murders through London...
    • The expressions of unrestrained rage from Jack's mother Mary after she finds out that Jack Smith married another woman (thus breaking the promise he made to her) are worth mentioning. Unlike the more silly faces the manga usually features, those are expressions of pure, unadulterated anger, not unlike those of a wild beast. From the point of view of young Jack, it must have been both shocking and terrifying (though he quickly gets over it... in his own way).
    • Jack's impressive Slasher Smile at the end of chapter 28, when he states that he desires to "dye Heracles in his favorite color" after Heracles shows him the color of love. This is Jack completely leaving aside his polite facade and showing his true psychotic and twisted self. Truly a smile that would make The Joker proud.
  • While its appearance is brief, this manga's depiction of Cerberus is truly worthy of guarding the Underworld. We only see its three heads and the only thing it does is fusing with Heracles, but its heads with three pairs of eyes and its humongous teeth are enough to make you wish to not to see it in action.
  • Raiden would have had a rather pleasant and loving childhood if not for the fact that his muscles were so powerful and swollen that they kept breaking his bones whenever he tried to use them without bindings.
  • In the climax of the 5th fight, Raiden, realizing he's running out of time, decides to bet everything on his Yatagarasu move. Shiva, responding to Raiden's determination, uses his move Deva Loka to counter Raiden's last attack. The result ends with Shiva's foot perforating Raiden's arm. This sounds bad enough, but then Shiva kicks Raiden's arm from inside so hard he manages to bisect it from hand to shoulder. Afterwards, since Shiva was also burning, the outer half of Raiden's now divided arm burns away inmediatly and falls to the ground, leaving Raiden with a cauterized half-arm.
  • Zerofuku's weapon, the Misery Cleaver, match its owner in terms of creepyness. Apart of being extracted from Zerofuku's own body, is shown to have eyes in the shaft of the axe (that apparently seem to be moving too) and is covered in a mass of black tentacles. The impacts from the axe are so destructive that they even manage to reach the seats of the spectators, a first for the manga. That is bad enough, but its ability of absorbing the misfortune from Zerofuku allows him to transform the axe into stronger and bigger forms the more miserable he feels. By the end of the chapter, the axe grows to titanic proportions and develops six blades, being as big as the entire arena. Buddha is lucky to have a shield able to protect him from the impact, otherwise things would have ended there.
  • Just when it seems Buddha has won his match against Zerofuku and successfully redeemed the god, Zerofuku’s horns come alive and drill into the god’s mouth and chest. From there, two dragons push their way out of Zerofuku and wrap themselves around him, while Zerofuku is pleading for them to stop. Zerofuku is then transformed into the tall and imposing Hajun, who is basically the Devil of Buddhism.
  • Beelzebub transforming into Satan is creepy because of how simple it is. No long transformation sequence, no skyward scream from Beelzebub, no black mist swirling around him. To his friends, it looked like he was just relaxing with them, before snapping and killing them in an incredibly brutal fashion.
  • Another point for the humans in the creepiness factor, Leonidas' Spartan supporters are unhinged. Lü Bu's men were simply cheering for their commander and then chose to join him in death, but the Spartans look like they are five seconds away from climbing in into the arena and tearing Apollo apart with their bare hands.

Alternative Title(s): Shuumatsu No Walkure Record Of Ragnarok