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Headscratchers / Record of Ragnarok

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  • I'm confused. Was Adam created by the gods or by THE God? Since Zeus exist then Prometheus should be the creator of mankind.
    • Capital G God seems to exist in this universe. This world seems to operate on an "all myths are true unless stated otherwise" rule. Such as Adam not being a dick who tried to throw Eve under the bus and instead vouched for her innocence and was kicked out of Eden with her. Plus, Jesus exists in this universe as well, as one of the wise men cheering Adam on along with Confucius and Socrates.
    • So does God sit above the other gods or is he just one of them? And your answer still doesn't really answer if the gods created Adam or if God did. And if all myth are true, then there should be hundreds of creation stories, so why is Adam the first human? Greek Mythology is older then Christianity, and Summerian myth is the oldest, so shouldn't the first person in that myth be the first human?
    • As the first responder stated, this world is a mash up of every religion and mythology known to man. Adam is the first human in this version for no other reason than because of how well known that particular human origin story is to the common reader and because the writer decided that's what they're going with.

  • How does Qin manage to break all the walls to the heaven's VIP room? He had no valkyrie at that point, and his own technique only works if he has the energy to redirect..which wasn't the case, as he walked alone to said room.

Alternative Title(s): Shuumatsu No Walkure Record Of Ragnarok