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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

Just because the fate of humanity is literally banking on a tournament against the gods doesn't mean there aren't any laughs to be found in Record of Ragnarok.

  • Pretty much every single moment Ares is on-panel. Here we have the Greek god of war, who towers over pretty much every other god and is built like a brick shithouse... but he's also a hapless loser who spends most of his presence getting no respect, tossed around, and completely missing the mark on whatís going on in the arena and having to get corrected by Hermes. Heís not even safe from Göll of all people.
  • At some point during the first round, the kickback of wind from Thor and Lü Buís fight causes Aphrodite to get slapped in the face by her own knockers.
  • The page picture has Brunhilde stress-eating after the loss of Adam: any poise and grace the Valkyrie has is utterly gone as she stuffs her face with salmiak pies, much to Göll's disgust.
  • Zeus tries to get Buddha to share his candy with him. Cue a rather impressive scene of Buddha keeping the bowl of snacks out of Zeus's reach... and then cramming it all in his mouth like he's a chipmunk as Zeus impotently curses.
  • So how precisely does Buddha announce one of the most flooring Wham Lines in the entirety of the manga?
    Buddha: "Iím fighting for humanity, so uhÖ thanks."
  • In chapter 58, Zeus shows up by placing his hands on Hermes's shoulder and Ares's head. There is something hilarious about the reminder that this shriveled old man is in fact the father of the hulking Ares.
    Ares: "D-Dad! Where have you been this whole...?"

Alternative Title(s): Shuumatsu No Walkure Record Of Ragnarok