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Heimdall's Commentary

    1st Fight: Thor Vs Lu Bu 

Ch 1: Gods vs Mankind's Final Struggle

"This is the moment I've been waiting for ages! The moment to blow this Gjallanhorn!! The time to open the curtain of Ragnarok... IS DRAWING NEAR!!! ARE YOU RRREADY FOR THIS?! The rule is simple! Fight to 'death'. That's it! The winner is decide by the complete annihilation of the other side!"
Heimdall's announcement of Ragnarok
"The first bout! Introducing the vanguard from the Gods' side! This man! Everybody knows of this god. Everybody wants to see his maximum poweeeer!! His Mjollnir can even tear apart the seas and lands! If he's not going to fight, who else will!? Live by fighting, die by fighting! The Nordic's strongest! The berserker of thunder!! GOD THOR!!"
"And then, his challenger!! The vanguard from the Mankind's side... Is this maaaaan!!Is it going to end here!? The 7 million years of footprint! Is it going to be forgotten?! The 7 million years of pride!! (NO! NO!) This man is channeling! The will of Mankind!! Hear them out!! Who else could do this if not him!? Will this man be devoured by the Gods!? (NO!) He is the strongest man since the dawn of history!! Does anyone have any objections!? (NO!) CHINA'S STRONGEST HERO, Ryo Fu Hou Sen
Ragnarok. First Bout. BEGINS!!
Heimdall's announcement of Thor and Lu Bu

Ch 2: The Srongest God Vs The Strongest Human

"And now! We bring you the tournament for the fate of Humanity! RAGNAROK And right from the start, we've got one hell of a match! Representing the Gods is the Nord's strongest contender. The 'Thunder Beserker' Thor!! His opponent representing humanity is... From the Three Kingdoms... The Strongest Hero Luuuuuuu Buuuuuuuu!!! This is truly a battle of the strongest!! The atmosphere in the stadium is also at maximum voltage!!"

"Now! Finally, the battle between the two strongest, begins!"

Ch 3: Rivals

Ch 4: 13 Gods, 13 Mortals

Ch 5: Killing Blow

Ch 6: Joy

    2nd Fight: Zeus Vs Adam 

Ch 7: File No.00000000001

"Well! Despite the awful state of the ring at the end of round 1, thanks to the gods, it's all nice and clean!! ALRIGHT, YOU LOT! WHO'S READY FOR ROUND 2!?

Introducing humanity's second fighter! He's been called the hope of humanity... HERE HE IS!! WHO COULD'VE SEEN IT COMING!? God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; Fill the Earth and subdue it." Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living thing that moves on the ground. But, to think, the day would come... that the man... would eventually come to rebel AGAINST HIS CREATOR!!
Defining the very essence of a "man". Truly... He is a man among men!! The only thing he holds faith in is the weight of his fists!! He's the ultimate survivalist! WITH A KNACK FOR UNARMED COMBAT!! He was given life, but also gave birth to the original sin. In all of history, the man infinitely despised by the gods... If there's anyone that can stick it to the gods... IT'D HAVE TO BE HIM!! The father of humanity, HIS NAME IS... ADAM!!!"

Ch 8: Beyond The Realm Of Possibility

"Facing the origin of humanity himself... and following on from the strongest Norse god in battle one... We've got the strongest god in all of India... MAKING HIS GRAND APPEARANCE!! (Beat) ...Huh? Hm? What? We're changing the order!? Then who's next? Wait... who? ...HUH!? ...NO WAY!
Uh... My apologies, everyone. We seem to have had some technical difficulties... Allow me to introduce our second combatant for the gods!! The man who will be facing the first man is... this god... No... Wait... It's actually the esteemed gentleman standing here!! If we're calling Adam the father of humanity, then it would only be fitting to say the same of him! Father of the gods... NAY!! G.F.O.C. — GOD FATHER OF THE COSMOS!! Using the powers of creation at his own whim, returning anything that doesn't suit his fancy back to the void! Truly, THE KING OF THE GODS!!! Eons ago... he brought about the titanomachy to decide the mightiest gods... Infamous for committing the crime of patricide, this old geezer gets off on battle! A REAL GOD AMONG GODS!! His name is... ZEUS!!!"

Ch 9: A Magnificent Copy

Ch 10: Expelled From The Garden

Ch 11: Pervert

Ch 12: Overwhelming Love

    3rd Fight: Poseidon Vs Kojiro Sasaki 

Ch 13: Golden Age

Ch 14: Ruler Of The Seas

"Continuing on from humanity's second loss, THE THIRD BATTLE OF RAGNAROK BEGINS NOW!

In the gods' corner!! He bears no love for the pitiful humans... One can even say that perhaps he enjoys testing them? But that is what defines a god! The harshest trials! And that indifference to life! Is the realm of the gods!! He follows the almighty Zeus... and represents the gods in round 3! If Zeus is the god of the cosmos, then this man rules all the oceans with an iron fist. THE RULER OF THE SEAS! Even the gods tremble at the thought of invoking his wrath... The most fearsome god! Second of the three brothers of Olympus... Known to man as Zeus Enalios! His name is. POSEIDON!

AND NOW!! In all of history, who is humanity's strongest swordsman? Was is the demon of Mount Kurama, who cut apart the Taika clan with his blade, Minamoto Yoshitsune? NAY! Was it the founder of the
Shinkage-Ryu school and sword saint of the Sengoku period, who struck fear even into the mighty Takeda Shingen, Kamiizumi Nobutsuna? NAY! Was it the silent samurai of the Edo period, said to be unmatched in all of Chiba, Takayanagi Matashiro! NAY! I would posit... that this man is the strongest!!
You ask why this famous loser in history stands at the peak? Is it because of his ultimate move,
Tsubame Gaeshi? Or perhaps is it due to his intense drive for revenge against Musashi? No! NO!! NO!!! NEITHER OF THOSE IS CORRECT!! Even in defeat, he advances! Even in death, he takes one step further!! Even now, his blade continues to pursue true mastery!! HUMANITY'S GREATEST LOSER, SASAKI KOJIRO!!"
Heimdall's announcement of Poseidon and Sasaki Kojiro

Ch 15: The Violent God That History Forgot

Ch 16: History's Greatest Loser

Ch 17: Secret Tecnnique - Tsubame Gaeshi

Ch 18: The Truth Behind Ganryujima

Ch 19: The Shallow Gazes Into The Abyss

    4th Fight: Hercules Vs Jack The Ripper 

Ch 20: Justice vs Evil

"The final battle between the gods and humans... ROUND 4! Gods have won two, the humans have one win. And now, please welcome THE STRATEGIC POINT OF THIS STAGE!! The one that has been reproduced here is 19th Century London... Humanity's representative wanted to fight in this place, and the gods' representative... was kind enough to accept. This is the first time "Humans VS. Gods Final Battle: On the Road Edition" has been implemented! Now, what kind of battle awaits us at this stage...

Humanity's representative for the 4th round. There he is! August 31st, 1888 A.D.... The monster suddenly appeared in the scary darkness. With his sharp fangs, he cut to pieces and took the lives of five prostitutes. In the meantime, 3 million people in the city... WERE TREMBLING IN FEAR! AN EVIL AMONG EVILS!! Feeding the pitch black darkness in his heart. His name is... humanity's most famous...

AND NOW! After the gods' insulting defeat by the humans... A perfect victory without a scratch. To make such a challenge, that's... The Nemean Lion, the three-headed watchdog of Hell, Cerberus... The brave hero who defeated it with his bare hands... Completed the 12 labors he was given... A DEMIGOD WHO ASCENDED TO GODHOOD!! The one who brings light to the Heaven and Earth! The messenger of justice... His bravery... is unparalleled! HERACLES!!!"
—Heimdall's announcement of Jack the Ripper and Heracles

Ch 21: The Essence Of A Gentleman

Ch 22: The Choice Of Heracles

Ch 23: God Of Fortitude

Ch 24: Twelve Calamities

Ch 25: Birth of a Monster

Ch 26: Truth

Ch 27: Endless Love

Ch 28: The Final Labor

Ch 29: I'm the Winner

Ch 30: Repose of the Soul

    5th Fight: Shiva Vs Raiden Tameemon 

Ch 31: Peerless Virility

"With a score at 2-2... Ragnarok round five could easily go to either side! Neither humanity... nor the gods... can afford to lose here! And it begins... NOW!!

Now... the wait is over! On humanity's side, the "East Fighter" is this man! Born in the land of the rising sun... and trained in the strongest combat sport! SUMO! Exulted over the last 2000 years... and acknowleged... by all in human history! THIS IS WHERE HISTORY'S STRONGEST MAN IS FOUND!
"Harite"... "Teppou"... "Kannuki"... "Sabaoiri"... He even had to be restricted... simply because he was too powerful... Yet this man... still remained the strongest! He won some and won some more! No matter what, he still came out on top! The people call that man... who was the king of the ring for over twenty years... PEERLESS RIKISHI!! And his name is... RAIDEN TAMEEMON!!!

And now... up next... taking on the strongest "Peerless Rikishi"... On the gods' side, the "West" fighter is... THIS MAN! He creates for fun... and can destroy the world on a whim! Make and break, break and fix... The whole world's this man's playground! "What on Earth... do you want to do?" TRY ASKING GOD THAT!! No compromise! No consideration! And he couldn't care less! All he wants to do... is destroy, destroy, DESTROY! God of destruction, Bhairava of the cosmos... SHIIIIIIIVAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
— Heimdall's announcement of Raiden Tameemon and Shiva

Ch 32

Ch 33: 100 Seals

Ch 34: Conflict of Interest

Ch 35: Full Throttle Vs. Full Throttle

    6th Fight: Buddha Vs Zerofuku 

Ch 43: Round 6

"With the gods at three wins... and humanity at two... After seven million years... mankind has taken one step closer... to its end. Now, get ready... for Ragnarok, round 6...

Could there be any greater irony? Giving humanity its final requiem... The next fighter for the gods... long ago... He helped those foolish humans... with their worldly desires... and showed them the path... through the darkness... HERE... IS THAT MAN!! This man... abandoning royalty... abandoning family... abandoning worldly desires... abandoning the six emotions... Trodding an undrodden...
(interrupted by bubblegum snap) Like the horn of the rhinoceros... he walked all alone... And so, in just six years.,.. this man attained enlightenment. Born alone... living alone... and... FIGHTING ALONE!! "Throughout heaven and earth... I alone am the honored one. Throughout heaven and earth... I alone am the mighty one!! Only I... am strong!!" Entering this world as the prince of the Shakya, and departing from it as the Enlightened One... out of respect for the strongest profligate son in history... the humans call him... THEEEEEEE BUDDHAAAAAAAAAA!!!"
— Heimdall introducing Buddha, before the twist
    7th Fight: Qin Shi Huang Vs Hades 

Ch 56: King vs King

"With the end of Round Six, this competition is now neck-and-neck... Both the gods and mankind are at three wins... Even more mayhem awaits us, as we enter the second half of this feast of berserkers... And in Round Seven, we have another absolutely wild matchup!

First up, fighting for humanity... is him!! ... H-huh? Is he a no-show...? (The Emperors of China set up Qin's Grand Staircase Entrance) Huh? H— He's gonna come all the way down from there? This didn't go by me!! W-wait... Rolling with the punches is what makes a presenter a pro! That's showbiz, baby! It all began... with this man. He annexed and overthrew the Six Kingdoms of the Warring States in the blink of an eye! He delivered a swift end to China's greatest periods of turmoil, lasting more than 550 years—the Spring and Autumn and the warring states. Where there was no road, he paved it! Where there was no castle, he made it! He accomplished a feat which none had before—uniting all of China's lands into one! He, who was the first in all human history... to reach the supreme ruler of Heaven, Huangtian Shangdi called himself thus: The King Where It All Began... The First Emperor... QIN SHI HUANG!!

A-and now, here to fulfill the spot left by Buddha's betrayal... (Nervous Gulp) Coming all the way from Helheim in a time of need... is this god!! When this god walks, the whole world trembles... When he scowls, all before him bow down!! Cerberus, the watchdog of Hell, droops his head to him... Typhon, the most fearsome monster, purrs like a feline! The eldest of the three strongest brothers of Greece, and King of the Netherworld... HADES!!"
— Heimdall's announcement of Qin Shi Huang and Hades
    8th Fight: Nikola Tesla Vs Beelzebub 

Ch 68: Dark vs Light

"At long last! The arena's makeover is complete! Ragnarok Round Eight... The gods stand at three wins and mankind at four. For the first time in history, the gods have given up the lead to mankind... In order to do away with this disgrace, one god has arrived from Hell!!

The one who will bring despair to the defiant human race... the Cursed God!! The Dark God, spawned from utter darkness... What will his hands bring forth? Prosperity? Ruin? What will his mouth devour? God? Man? The priest of the deadly sin of gluttony and the ruler of evil spirits! Even the gods fear and revile his cursed power... And now, that power will finally be unleashed! Mankind trembles in fear of him and has called him thus: "The Lord of the Flies!" BEELZEBUB!!

And now... the representative for mankind facing Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies... facing the Dark God from Hell... is him!! (Lightning shoots from Tesla's entrance) Hnngh! Come on! Every single one of these humans has to be a total ham about this!! Challenge accepted!! 'The Child of Light...' Born in the midst of a stormy, thunderous night... as his name suggests, illuminated the whole of the Earth!! His intellect, far beyond the limits of man... brought forth a new sort of magic called science!! From imagination, he created... From illusions, he brought forth the truth... He was the man who tried to bring humanity closer to the gods!! The people viewed him, with awe and reverence and called him thus: Human History's One and Only Sorcerer, NIKOLA TESLA!"
— Heimdall's announcement of Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla

Fighter Commentary

    1st Fight: Thor Vs Lu Bu 

    2nd Fight: Zeus Vs Adam 
Adam: ...Oh, pops. Don't go pushing yourself.
Zeus: You don't gotta tell me twice... Now I see that your casual speech wasn't just for show. But you've piqued my interest now... This old man has got one thing he'd like to ask you. I can't feel the flames of hatred towards us gods within those two eyes of yours. So tell me, what's the real reason you're here to fight?
Adam: (sigh) You thought the same too, huh? They all say the same thing. "Hatred"? "Revenge"? I don't need any of that. There is no reason why. Is there any man that needs a reason to protect his own children?
Adam's motivation revealed

    3rd Fight: Poseidon Vs Kojiro Sasaki 
"Heh... It's been 400 years since I've ascended. And yet I continue to endlessly pursue the way of the blade. Ganryu's evolution is far from over. In other words... this... is my golden age.
Sasaki Kojiro steps forward to fight

"Hey, 'mighty god of the seas'... Do you mind... if I ask you something? Have you ever lost yourself, and found you trained until the sun rose? Have you ever cried tears of gratitude for those that made you stronger? Have you ever felt love towards your opponent in a fight to the death? ...Never mind. My bad. You've never felt any of that, have you? ...See, this guy here... The sword... is our history. The hearts of idiots from all across time. There's just no fucking way that I'm losing to a guy that's never even considered the hopes and dream of others!!"
Sasaki to Poseidon

    4th Fight: Hercules Vs Jack The Ripper 

Loki: I saw that~! You sure get along with the Valkyries, don'tcha? Heracles-chan~!
Heracles: ...
Loki: Oh, I get it. Though our pantheons may be far apart in geography... they're both full of you half-assed demigods, huh? Isn't this going to be hard for you~?
Heracles: (smiles) Humanity is a fearsome foe... As representative for the gods... and as a military man, I intend to have a fair fight.
Loki: Hmm... Hope that works out for you.
Heracles: Loki... let me just say one thing to you... I'm opposed to ending humanity. However, ever since Ragnarok started, I've had no intention of losing. AS A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE GODS, I WILL WIN, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT! ...On top of that, I will move to save humanity...!!
Loki: Heh. You haven't changed a bit... You don't know whose side you're on.
Heracles: I'm always... always... on the side of justice.
Loki antagonizes Heracles before the match

Heracles: I shall warn you now... Bow down and accept defeat. If you do that, then I swear that I will make Zeus accept it. And you can be saved from Niflhel. I do not relish senseless killing... BUT YOU'RE A SPECIAL CASE!!
Jack: Sir... Allow me to express my gratitude. Both for accepting this arena, and for your consideration... However... unfortunately, I cannot accept.
Heracles: What...?
Jack: No matter the odds, I shall always accept a duel. For that... is the true essence of a gentleman. Allow me to introduce you. This... is my Volund. How exquisite. So this is a divine weapon... It could tear anything in existence to pieces...
Heracles: ...Very well. If that is what you've decided... then I'll answer your resolve with all of my might!
Jack: [Beat, high-tails it in the opposite direction]
Heracles: ...huh?
The match between Heracles and Jack begins

    6th Fight: Buddha VS Zerofuku 
Heimdall: (as Buddha walks to the other side of the arena) Hm...? Huh...? W-wait... Uh, that's the wrong way! That's going too far! Too far!!!
Buddha: Mm... sorry, I gotta toss this.
Heimdall: WAH!! CHEWED-UP GUM!!
Buddha: And... I'll be borrowing this. (grabs Heimdall's horn) Uh... testing, testing... Hmm... uh... I'm fighting for humanity, so, uh... thx.
Heimdall: (Beat) What?
— The aftermath of Buddha's intro from Heimdall
    7th Fight: Qin Shi Huang Vs Hades 
    8th Fight: Nikola Tesla Vs Beelzebub 

Alternative Title(s): Shuumatsu No Walkure Record Of Ragnarok