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  • Episode 4
    • Being told that she is a fictional character must not have been easy for Meteora, even more so when it's revealed that she was created with less character depth than the other creations. but it goes From Bad to Worse after learning her Creator died. After playing her game of origin in an all-nighter, she comes to terms with it and renews her sense of purpose. She even remembers fondly of the times she helped the protagonist of her game save the world and says that, even if she is fictional, she will live forever helping her game's players save her world. She even thanks her Creator for putting so much love and devotion into her world. Kudos to Inori Minase for delivering that speech without changing her tone.
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    • After that, the gang decides to enjoy dinner. We are treated to a nice montage of the characters enjoying the simple pleasures of his life. It's nice to see that after three episods of non-stop action the characters have the chance of catch their breaths and have fun.
    • Alisteria feels lost and has no idea in saving her world, so Mamika comes in and offers to have dinner with her. What follows is a nice, if awkward moment of bonding between the two girls. Mamika, ever the Wide-Eyed Idealist, hopes to enjoy dinner with everyone she knows after their fight is over. Alisteria, albeit coming from a world similar to Selesia's, respects her wishes.
  • Episode 5
    • It's small, but when the goverment official calls Selesia "a Creation", Matsubara immediately calls her out and said that Selesia is a human being and don't call her an it
  • Episode 7
    • Sota finds himself coming across Mamika, the girl that previously attacked Selesia over a misunderstanding, while on the train. At first, Sota attempts to flee but Mamika insists she is not an enemy and just came to talk. Next thing you know, they go to a café and Mamika asks him what hes thinks of her story. Sota can only respond that even if her story is meant for children, it's still a good one.
  • Episode 8
    • After her talk with Sota, Mamika returns to Alisteria and they have a chat on a rooftop about their differing views of the real world. Aliseteria hates the so-called "world of gods" for lacking the means to save her own world. Mamika, on the other hand, thanks the new world for giving birth to her and allowing her to experience new things she couldn't have imagined in her home. She even tells Alisteria that even though her world is horrible and bleak, her Creator must have created a noble and brave heroine as her because he must have believed she had the power to improve things. For once, Alisteria breaks out of her shell of cynicism and is able to understand what Mamika is telling her. The two girls thank each other for the friendship before Mamika departs to her final battle.
  • Episode 9
    • Mamika survives long enough to see Alisteria again and dies in her arms. Tragic as it was, at the very least she died in the arms of someone who truly cared for her.
    • Having enough of Magane's lies, Sota finally breaks down in Meteora's arms and admits his own guilt about Setsuna and Mamika's deaths. Meteora, in her own way, motivates Sota to stop dwelling in the past and instead accept what's happened and prevent something like that from happening again. After what happened to Sota in episode 8, it's good to see him regain his spirits, even for a moment.
  • Episode 11
    • Selesia is recovering in the hospital after her nasty fight with Aliceteria and Matsubara gets to talk to her again. He is glad she is safe and she says she is only alive because of what she did for him. By this point in the story, they have become as close as any father and daughter should be.
      • Subtle, but upon waking up in the hospital, Selesia's first words are to ask if Meteora is okay. They have become really close throughout the series.
    • Sota gets to do some bonding with Kanoya onboard the Gigas Machina. Kanoya is optimistic they can beat Altair, but Sota has his doubts, given his personal history with her and her Creator, Shimazaki. To comfort him, Kanoya tells Sota he is lucky to be a Creator because he has the opportunity to choose who he wants to be and what he wants to be. Heroes like Kanoya exist to save worlds but it's Creators like Sota who make these worlds exist in the first place. It's these words of encouragement what give Sota the motivation to come clean to the rest of the group.
    • Sota's first meeting with Yuna Shimazaki, aka Setsuna. She is just as adorkable as him and is glad to meet someone who likes the same things as her.
  • Episode 12
    • Sota finishes telling his story with Shimazaki and it's clear he still beats himself up over what happened. Everyone tells him that he can't changed what happened; the only thing he can do is move on and become a better person. Everyone smiles for Sota, who wipes his tears and renews his resolve to stop Altair.
    • Inspired by Sota's faith in her even if they started with the wrong foot, Aliceteria chooses where her loyalties lie: she releases her Creator from his cell and leaves him in a safe place where he can return home. Before that, however, she asks him if the world he has created is worth saving. He awkwardly, but honestly, confirms that. It might not be on the same level as Selesia and Matsubara, but it's good to see Aliceteria find some common ground with her Creator.
      • Before they part ways, her Creator expresses worry that his work might get cancelled, therefore denying him the opportunity of finishing her story and preventing Aliceteria from completing her task. Aliceteria responds that he should make his story interesting then.
    • The fact that he's embarrassed about talking about his story touched Alice in a way because it means he DID make her with passion.
  • Episode 13:
    • As Meteora speaks about what they've been through thus far, she comforts Sota by holding his hand with both of hers. The scene where she does this is the one where Sota just came clean about his tragic past with Setsuna, and steels his resolve to help defeat Altair. Everybody but Meteora may have been frozen in place, but the viewers can see that gesture. Awwww.
  • Episode 15:
    • A small one, but Selesia harshly gets on Onishi's case about his perverted fixation on his creation, Hikayu. She says that Onishi is basically like a father to her(Hikayu), so he should be more considerate. This coming from Selesia, who was early on offended at the very thought that Creators are like parents to their Creations.
    • How the Military Uniform Princess, despite being established earlier as a Straw Nihilist hell-bent on destroying the world, shows her sympathy for Blitz Talker's late daughter (whom he was forced to kill in his story). She doesn't feel insulted when Blitz selfishly sees his daughter in her, and even shows concern for his safety by asking him to refrain from participating in the Final Battle. When Blitz refuses, the Princess gives him a loving embrace while offering a prayer for his late daughter. Even after it's shown that he later chooses to betray her to save his resurrected daughter, she isn't enraged at all. She simply wishes he left the fight to be with his daughter instead.
      • Blitz deduces that Altair was created to be weak from the start, so she can walk with and give strength to the weak. Becomes further heartwarming as her own creator, Setsuna resurrected, later confirms and repeats this.
  • Episode 16:
    • When her Vogelchevalier returns to her, Selesia smiles like a little girl that got her favorite doll back. Her favorite doll that is gigantic and can kick some MAJOR ass...
  • Episode 17:
    • Suruga faces her creation, a man twice her size with a gun, with courage and dignity, explains to him why she did what she did and tops it all off by giving him his daughter back. Overlaps with a Moment of Awesome by Suruga, this goddess...
  • Episode 21:
    • Say what you will of the conclusion, but Altair and Setsuna's reunion is sweet by itself.
    • Altair believed the Gods were playing a trick on her but the Setsuna that shes staring at is as real as she was. Upon listening to Setsuna praising her Creation and the legacy that she has made, Altair was in the brink to tearing up as she finally got a chance to interact with her mother. When Setsuna prepared to end her life as happened in Episode 1, Altair screamed her Creator's name before jumping in to use all of her powers to save her life. Altair threw away her vengeance at the Gods to save Setsuna. While she may have been the villain to Re:Creators but she was the hero that Setsuna needed during that dark time.
      • Even further heartwarming, given the nature of Altair's powers: the people watching, despite not knowing Setsuna, accepted Altair wanting to save her creator. The very world Altair cursed and wanted to destroy for how Setsuna was treated gave her infinite powers, even increasing her powers further at that climactic moment, allowing her to save Setsuna.
  • Episode 22:
    • All the Creations' goodbyes before they take the Gate of Return. Even Blitz had to crack a smile after his banter with Suruga, his Creator.
    • Suruga saying her goodbyes to Erina by petting her head. Its heartwarming as Erina is her granddaughter.
    • Meteora, upon revealing that she can't go back to her world, is okay with staying in the real world. She's grown to love the world, and wants to create a story herself.
    • Also, Meteora's text conversation with Sota in the epilogue.
    • For many viewers, the brief glimpse of a poster announcing an upcoming crossover production between Magical Slayer Mamika and Aliceteria of the Scarlet is this, as it reunites the title characters in the fictional world.
    • After the final battle Meteora and Aki shakes hand as a professional celebration. But then their hug shows how much they are relieved and happy to have stopped human world's destruction in their own stoic way.

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