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Funny / Pokémon: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

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  • Near the beginning of the film, at the resort Ash and company are staying. Hoopa snags Chespin's donut Serena had made for him. He then replaced it with a Tamato Berry. Chespin naturally didn't notice the switch, and eats it. The spiciness causing the poor guy to overheat. Normally this would be seen as jerkass behavior on Hoopa's part, but since his victim has a nasty habit of stealing other peoples food. It comes across as Laser-Guided Karma instead.
  • While all the Pikachu's Hoopa summoned are sent back where they came from, the Cosplay Pikachu's each taking a second to say goodbye to Ash's Pikachu.
  • In a flashback, when Hoopa (who in it's true form is as tall as a house) gets scolded for stealing a merchants food. Poor Hoopa doesn't know what to make of his shouting, giving a facial expression along the lines of "Huh?" In the end, he decides to pay for the food he took with an exaggeratedly large amount of gold and treasure.
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  • The look on the face of the Hippopotas Hoopa summoned to help recreate the Prison Bottle.


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