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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Taiga tumbling out of a locker in the first episode.
  • Taiga and Ryuji's entire first encounter. Not only does everyone in the hallway treat it like a big face-off between the toughest students in school, but the intimidated Ryuji is immediately laid out on the floor after a swift uppercut to the face.
  • When Ryuji discovers Taiga's kitchen sink, the pile of trash within is so foul, the sink itself had to be censored!
  • Kitamura: "Stand, bow, ...whatever"
  • Taiga slaps Ami, then nonchalantly claims that there was a mosquito on her face... and then, for no real reason, says "Oh wait, it was a fly".
  • In Episode 8: "Whoa. Hair's showing" (In the Dub, "Hey. Pube alert"). And the rest of Taiga's strategy.
  • "I just saw something... black and fluffy..." "I-it was probably just the seaweed ghost!"
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  • In episode 9, Ryuuji and Taiga simultaneously dream of being married and having dogs as children. Both of them state that this is the worst future ever. In light of their later plan to elope, this was prophetic in hindsight.
  • The "shower scene" at Ami's beach villa is a double layered Bait-and-Switch due to Ami being The Tease.
    • "Boing and boing... [shakes] and BOING!"
  • Almost any scene Minori is in during the first half of the series, due to her being an amusing combination of a Genki Girl and Cloudcuckoolander.
  • Taiga's campaign for student president. "I am going to take over this school, turn your high school memories into a sea of blood, and send you all to the m-m-m-morgue!" And her running mate? Ryuuji.
  • Ryuuji is known in school as the 'Most Pitiful Guy Ever'. Why? In the Festival Episode where he runs for Taiga's sake, you know the one, where her Jerkass father didn't show up, he swore to make it up to Taiga and Minori (with whom he argued with) and tried to win. He tied with Minori, but apparently "didn't get the girl" in the eyes of the student body who don't know the reasons why he wanted to win. This doesn't last too long, though... because Kitamura gets the title next after attempting to confess to Student Body President Sumire and apparently "getting rejected" (she was to study abroad in America but she actually returned Kitamura's feelings). This does not dishearten Kitamura, who instead makes up a radio school broadcast program about talking about romance problems. This becomes a plot point in the story's latter half...
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  • The end of Episode 16. Sumire ended far more bruised up from the fight with Taiga than Taiga did, but in a roundabout way she has the last laugh - not only is Taiga suspended for picking the fight with her, but the post-credits scene shows Sumire, in America now, reading Taiga's "apology" letter, which reads in thick marker "FOOL!" (or "IDIOT!"), and the sheer blunt audacity just cracks Sumire up.
  • When Taiga comes back from school after being suspended for fighting with Sumire, she is shocked when Kitamura suddenly lays himself flat on his face in front of her, which he explains to be "The ultimate form of prostration!" Even though he asks her never to use violence again, he is grateful that she cared so much about his feelings.
  • After the school festival, Ryuji finds a picture of him running in the marathon, looking absolutely like a devil. To his embarrassment, Minori doesn't seem to mind the picture at all. The picture gets a Call-Back in the PSP game when Ryuuji gets memory loss; he is actually TERRIFIED of the demon in the picture, who is actually him.
  • Ryuuji's lampshaded reaction to the Starbucks knock-off: "How is this place not getting sued?"
  • Ami mocks Taiga for still believing in Santa Claus, and Taiga responds by very sweetly and childishly saying she shouldn't say such things or Santa won't bring her anything. Ami drops the teasing and says now Taiga is just legitimately creeping her out.
  • Kitamura's costume at the Christmas Party gets him accused of being an exhibitionist. It gets a Call-Back at the last episode where the class takes a picture with him wearing the same outfit.
  • The OVA based off an extra short story, "Ben-to no Gokui", is a mix of funny and heartwarming, hands down. Especially the ending where Ami and Kitamura make Taiga awkwardly "spoon-feed" Ryuuji using her chopsticks like a girlfriend, much to Taiga and Ryuuji's embarrassment and to everyone else's amusement.
  • In the English dub of episode 11, Haruta's hammy shout of "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" to a group of guys in a locker room before announcing his idea for the culture festival is meet with a chorus of jeers, which includes this nicely delivered line:
    Ya slurrin' your "g"s, gggenius.
    • In the original Japanese he shouts "LADIES AND ZENTLEMEN!" in Gratuitous English, prompting the question:
    What's a "Zentle?"
  • The anime even drops a nice bit of funny into the last-episode Tear Jerker: As the teacher is somberly informing the class that Taiga is transferring out of their school, the students simultaneously whip out their cell phones to text and email her, and the teacher loses it. It evolves into yet another heartwarming moment when Taiga responds to all of them with the picture of a single star in the sky.
  • This line:
    Ami: (to Midori) Whatever. Talking to you feels like having a period.
  • "Eternal Circle of Transmigration!" A foodcart owner is really enthused about his work.
  • Yasuko being scolded and having her hand smacked by her mom when she inappropriately and impulsive reaches for the cookie jar on a table and yelping like a cowed child, just because she had the nerve to do so after a very tense incident where her own parentage was seriously lacking.
  • The very last scene where Taiga headbutts Ryuuji when he confesses his love to her. It's nice to go out on a funny note after all the melodrama in the second half of the series.


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