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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • It might have been uncivilized, but Taiga slapping Ami, who was saying some really petty and mean stuff to her at the point, in the face with a bored, nearly stoic expression (something Taiga is not known for) and then calmly saying it was a mosquito was pretty awesome... although it crosses the line into just being funny when Taiga, for no reason whatsoever, adds "Oh wait, it was a fly!"
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  • Ami confronting her stalker is decisive moment for her. After seeing Taiga not taking the guy's crap, she declares "No more cutesy crap!" and runs. She runs so fast that she overtakes Taiga. Then she stomps her stalker's camera, kicks him in the gut when he protests and continues stomping the camera into little bity pieces. The creep accuses her of being a demon or an imposter and she replies with a haughty look and a Hair Flip. "I'm still adorable, so who cares about my personality?" The whole scene is a perfect example of Not Afraid of You Anymore.
  • Taiga sabotages Ami's chances of winning the pool race by using all of almost her swim gear as a weapon after distracting her by insulting her pubes. Afterwards, she beats Ami in the first half of the race thanks to her speed.
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  • The Batman Gambit that Minori pulls on Taiga and Ryuji at the beach. The Reveal of it in Episode 10 needs to be seen to be believed.
  • The race around the school, when Takasu finally puts his angry face to good use by knocking down several other racers, not to mention Minorin helping him in the end, with a Double Knockout by a baseball ball and tackling several members of the track team. Together, they win the race and inspire Taiga to get back on her feet.
    • Taiga won the beauty pageant, performed a magic trick, and stood firm in spite of her dad not showing up.
  • Episode 16 ends on a particular high note. After Kitamura is rejected by Sumire, Taiga becomes furious and pulls a bokken out from her shirt, goes to Sumire's classroom, charges at Sumire atop the desks and then proceeds to have a wooden-sword battle against Sumire as they beat the crap out of each other. Both girls' faces are visibly swollen and bruised and they have to be restrained by other classmates.
  • Yasuko is basically what happens when you take a Heartwarming Moment to such an extreme it crosses over into the awesome:
    • The fact that she managed to read Taiga's dad so easily is pretty impressive in and of itself... but consider that she's almost eternally sleep deprived and she's still that sharp is impressive.
    • Then there's the fact that she works a late night job for her kid and still manages to be a positive influence on him...especially considering she's a single mother who also had a Teen Pregnancy and has been doing this all without her family to support her.
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    • Then there's the fact that she was able to kick out her son and his friends (one of whom is a fearsome fighter) simply because she was pissed about being woken up.
  • Kitamura and Ami blocking the doors so that Taiga can't run away when Minori confronts her about her feelings for Ryuuji.