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Toradora! is basically all Crowning Moments separated by resolutions and buildups. The entire series actually sometimes manages to be a tearjerker, funny, and heartwarming AT THE SAME TIME during certain scenes.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Really the entire pool arc was a giant heartwarming moment after another, while it may have been started out by ulterior motives, it was heartwarming in how much they were willing to do for each other beyond what would be considered part of their agreement.
    • "RYUUJI'S MINE!"
  • Ryuji and Taiga's close relationship is so well known that when Taiga goes beserk and attacks Sumire, Ryuji is the first person summoned to restrain Taiga. Even the students outside Class 2C know that Ryuji is the only person capable of calming her down.
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  • Sumire's confession.
  • Taiga sends Sumire a letter which just consists of calling her an idiot. How is this heartwarming? It Makes Sense in Context and is related to the aforementioned confession. It also made Sumire laugh.
  • The race at the end of the school festival shows Ryuji utilizing his Face of a Thug to cheer up Taiga.
  • The entire Christmas arc was heartwarming just seeing Taiga being so happy and content for once. The part where she sings to the school with Ami gives an impression of how far she's come going from being the bane of the student body to... this.
    • Ryuuji surprising Taiga by showing up at her home dressed up as a Santa Claus teddy bear at Christmas Eve in Episode 19.
  • Taiga's delirious confession in Episode 21: "Please take these feelings away from me. Make me stronger. I'm no good right now. No matter what I do, I can't stop... loving Ryuuji."
  • When Taiga comes back from her absence after her injury on the ski trip, Ryuuji uses any excuse he can to make her stick around his place for a little while. Then he gets tears in his eyes when he realizes how important spending time with her really is to him.
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  • Episode 24 has Ryuuji running away with Taiga to his grandparents' house. The Heartwarming comes when he introduces Taiga to them: he grabs her by the head, pushes her to his side and says "Also, this is my wife!". The blush in Taiga's face is priceless.
  • And last but not least, the scene, with Taiga in pajamas and wearing a white sheet like a veil of sorts, tippy-toeing her way to Ryuuji's lips in the Grand Finale.
  • Easily the final scene in the series when after over a year, Taiga and Ryuuji reunite. When Ryuuji confesses to her, she becomes flustered and headbutts Ryuuji. The look on Taiga's face when he confesses is unforgettable.
  • Way back in Episode 2 when Taiga tries confess to Yuusaku, what she actually does is all but shout her love for Ryuuji without using the words.
  • In a similar vein in Episode 2, Ryuuji's speech on Tiger and Dragon's counts as one as well.
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  • Many of Ami's Character Development scenes, particularly between her and Ryuuji or Minori.
  • The class picture for Taiga.
  • At the end of Episode 16, after Taiga and Sumire's emotional brawl, Taiga's student handbook is found by other girls from her class. They open it to find a picture of Taiga and Kitamura dancing at the end of the School Festival, and one of the girls remarks "She really does love him." Another girl notices there is a second picture beneath it, but Ami closes the book before anyone can see.
    • In the last episode, when Ryuuji is going through some things that Taiga left behind in her apartment, he finds that student handbook and sees the picture of her and Kitamura. But beneath it, he finds a picture of himself helping Taiga get ready during the School Festival.
  • The OVA based off an extra short story, "Ben-to no Gokui", is a mix of Heartwarming and Funny: To summarize, Kitamura's grandmother starts making boxed lunches (ben-to) for him as Ryuuji becomes envious and insecure of her talent in lunch-making (Played for Laughs, of course) and becomes overly determined to make a better lunch than her, starting from making grand lunches, to rice balls, to instant noodles until he is driven to COOK the rice INSIDE THE CLASSROOM. When everyone smells the cooked rice, his plan to create the better 'ben-to' is foiled... that is until Taiga meets him on the roof and gives him a lunch consisting of rice balls she made herself. She claims that she was only able to make those rice balls because Ryuuji taught her how to. Despite the rice balls tasting... a little worse than expected, Ryuuji realizes the true essence of making 'ben-to' or boxed lunches. As long as it was made with your sincerest feelings, it would be delicious to the receiver, no matter what sort of food you made; Kitamura's grandmother made those delicious lunches to suit Kitamura's tastes, and Ryuuji made food to suit Taiga's tastes. The OVA ends with some sort of cherry blossom viewing party with Ryuuji, Taiga, Minori, Kitamura, Ami, Haruta, Noto, Kihara, and Kashii. Taiga is revealed by Ami to have made boxed lunch enough for everyone and Ami and Kitamura make Taiga feed Ryuuji (like how lovers usually do it) using her chopsticks, much to Taiga and Ryuuji's embarrassment and to everyone else's amusement. D'AAAAAAAWWWWWWWW~!
  • A Meta example comes at the tail end of this review of the series by Youtuber Riyogaa, "Why Toradora is (Currently) the Best Romantic Comedy Anime [In the Form of An Analysis and Review]." Starts at about 21:08.
    "You know, I could go through every single episode of Toradora! and analyze the crap out of it, but it doesn't change the fact that there's one main reason I love this show so much: Toradora! gets what love is. We're taught growing up, especially in the West, the love is this "Prince & Princess" kind of thing, with "soul mates" and, how you're bound to meet "The One." While that can happen, in actuality, love is this big, weird, confusing, wonderful mess, where anything can happen. Toradora! understands that you're just as likely to find love that's been right next to you the entire time, and while it's no dragon-slaying knight and princess, that doesn't make it any less grand, strong, or beautiful."


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