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Tear Jerker / Toradora!

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  • Quite a few, but especially when Taiga finally realizes her feelings for Ryuuji at the end of Episode 19 and tries to run after him, only to find him gone and she starts crying her eyes out. To make matters even worse was the fact that this scene almost immediately followed a heartwarming moment, making for a serious case of Mood Whiplash.
    • Even more painful to watch, she chases after him barefoot in the freezing winter night, too distraught to stop to put her shoes on. Her feet had already developed sores from uncomfortable dress heels and she removed her stockings to alleviate the swelling and was sitting with her sore feet propped up in discontent. By the time she stops running, her feet are now horribly blistered and reddened from the cold.
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    • It’s not just a tearjerker for Taiga, either. Minori saw Taiga’s entire meltdown, and realized on the spot that she could never be with Ryuji without causing Taiga immense emotional suffering. Since she can't bear to hurt her best friend like that, it leaves Minori with only one option: reject Ryuji. During the rejection scene, she pulls her hat down low and takes off immediately after finishing, making it clear that she was barely holding together.
  • Though it's largely Played for Laughs, Taiga's insecurity with her body in Episode 7 is sad to watch. Especially when she shows Ryuuji a picture of her in a swimsuit that someone took and wrote demeaning comments on, which drives the usually-confident Taiga to tears.
  • "RYUUJI IS MINE!" Is it possible to have a Crowning Moment of Awkward?
  • "If it's possible, may Aisaka's father please come up and say something?"
    • It's even worse when you consider that right before the beauty show started, Taiga had decided to keep that introduction even though it looked like her father might not be coming, putting all of her trust in him. She wasn't doing it for herself, she was doing it for Ryuuji.
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  • "Lost My Pieces" from the OST. After watching through the whole series, it will make you tear up at the drop of a hat.
  • "I also want to be an idiot who only knows how to dash forward!"
  • Basically any scene with Minori during or after Episode 24. Especially when she breaks down crying after putting on her happy face until Ryuuji and Taiga leave Ami's house.
    • Minori's breakdown is a double-whammy, as she finally loses both the boy she loves and her best friend in one fell swoop (to one another, no less). She notes that she's not sure which loss is worse.
  • Ami's scenes with Ryuuji in Episode 23, with her feeling it would be best for her to leave and Ryuuji insisting that everyone cares about her.
  • Who didn't tear up a little when "one more". If only because it was THE Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming.
  • The scene where Taiga realizes she loves Ryuuji and tries to run after him for the third time.
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  • Yasuko having a very tearful breakdown upon arriving at her parents' house.
  • The last minute. The freaking last minute. Some people get angry because they didn't watch through all the credits so it's a downer ending until the last freaking 60 seconds which is the most heartwarming thing ever made in ever.
  • When Ryuuji and Yasuko got in a fight was pretty damn sad.
  • All the scenes with Yasuko in the last couple of episodes after she confronts Ryuuji.
  • Minori accidentally destroys the star the class was working on in episode 18. Her breaking down into tears becomes worse as she reaches self-depreciation levels and rejects Ryuuji's attempts to invite her to the party.
  • Really every episode after Episode 19, it gets sad at the end.
  • The clapping scene.
  • When Minori roots for Ryuuji to chase after Taiga.
  • Taiga and Sumire's fight, and the way they both break down over the course of it. One of the most emotional and impactful fight scenes you'll ever see, and it's in a romantic comedy of all things.