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Headscratchers / Toradora!

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  • How'd Ami get away with wearing a dominatrix outfit to a high school function?
    • Ami just pulled a few strings. She’s the school idol and also has that charming clumsy-yet-cutesy persona, which hints she has some experience in manipulating people into doing what she wants.
  • Why did Ryuuji made an effort to deny that he rescued Taiga after she had the accident during the school trip?
    • Because Taiga, thinking he was Kitamura, admitted she loved Ryuuji while he was rescuing her. And Ryuuji A: Knows she would be mortified to have her feelings outed like that and B: Isn't yet sure how he feels about her. So he pretends he was never there and heard nothing to give himself time figure out what to do with this new information.