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Minori is bisexual
Let's look at the facts.
  • She has "radar for finding cute girls" (Episode 5)
  • She cares about Taiga. A lot. Enough to dump Ryuuji before he has the chance to confess to her to let Taiga have a shot at him and slap him when she thinks he's broken up with Taiga in episode 25.
  • By her own admission, she likes Ryuuji.
  • In episode 24 she cries when Ryuuji and Taiga leave together. The following conversation ensues:
    Ami: And why are you crying? Is it because Taiga took Ryuuji away from you? Or —
    Minori: I'm not even sure myself...
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  • In episode 14 one of the culture festival photographs she's buying portrays a girl in a maid outfit (proof can be seen here).
...I rest my case.
  • You forgot in episode thirteen, where she's the only girl to run the race for a chance to crown Taiga and ask her to dance.
  • Didn't she think out loud that she might be a lesbian during the summer villa episode?
  • At the very least, it's a case of If It's You, It's Okay regarding Taiga.
  • That's not a very "wild" guess really is it?
    • It's been a slow day.
  • I had Minori pegged as a lesbian from the beginning; when she wasn't too busy devouring the scenery and acting Hot-Blooded, it was pretty easy to pick up on how much she loved Taiga. I never once felt that she had any sort of feelings for Ryuuji at all, and was somewhat exasperated when she admits to this in episode 24.
    • This is how I think of it: Minori was still struggling with her feelings. She knew for sure she was jealous of the idea of Taiga and Ryuuji pairing up, but (as she admitted to Ami) she wasn't exactly sure why. When you're a teenager and you think you might be gay, unless you come from an extremely open-minded background, it's going to be something that's hard to come to terms with. I almost thought her "admission" bordered on Sure, Let's Go with That: it was easier for her to explain away her behavior as being the result of unresolved feelings for Ryuuji rather than Taiga. The end result remains "you're both my friends, and maybe I do like one of you 'in that way,' but it doesn't matter, because I want you to be happy with each other." The closet may be transparent, but it still exists.
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    • My interpretation is Minori is lesbian with a case If Its You Okay regarding Ryuuji. Which still leaves her a semi closeted lesbian.
    • This all suggests that a neater solution may have been possible... Ah well.
Minori ends up with Ami
The last three episodes in my opinion dance around this. Besides, now that Ryuuji and Taiga are out of the picture who does she turn to, why the person she has tension with. Things do seem to settle down rather quickly between the two of them after Ryuuji and Taiga hook up (finally!). Also Minori wouldn't even cry in front of Taiga but she'll cry in front of Ami. In the final episode they seem really at ease with each other too, there is a moment between the two of them right before they force Ryuuji to smile.

When Ryuuji crashed into Taiga at the beginning, Taiga was also not paying attention
Taiga has a long pause before she reacts to the crash, so she was probably thinking about something. After all, Kitamura just went into the room, so she was probably in her absentminded phase. I can even imagine what went on with Taiga. She was probably talking to Minori in the hall, and then when she saw Kitamura she stopped in her tracks, being to nervous to walk passed him. After he went into the room, she started walking again, and since Ryuuji and Taiga were both thinking about their crushes, they crashed into each other.

Minori is either a well known lesbian or Hollywood Homely.
I'm not quite sure which it is, but I've noticed that while most every other named female character has one or more people lusting after them, male or female, Minori seems to only have Ryuuji thinking about her in that way. In the books, while Ami and Taiga usually get blurbs about how beautiful or cute they are, Minori's only ever described in terms that indicate energy/Genki Girl-ness than physical attractiveness. Incidentally, her personality seems to be what Ryuuji found attractive about her (he never thought too much about her beauty per se, but rather her personality and how her energy made him happy). Considering that less...virtuous thoughts come up in his thoughts about both Taiga and Ami, at least in the books, it's a bit conspicuous.Also, note how the guys react when Ryuuji finally comes out with his crush in the ski resort episode. It could be that they were really expecting it to be Taiga, but when I first saw it I got a vibe of "really? you like Minori of all people?" Of course, Minori looks quite cute to us, but that's through the filter of Hollywood Homely, so who knows what she "really" looks like compared to the others. Alternatively, it could be more of a "wow, Ryuuji is really barking up the wrong tree" kind of thought.Considering how violent fans of this show are (getting mad because Minori liked Ryuuji back seems a bit too much into the Die for Our Ship category) I may regret posting this, but it's been on my brain since I first watched the show.
  • Meh, If you compare Minori to the other girls of the series, she's actually the most average (Average build, average bust size, average height). Her face is also a bit less defined than Taiga's and Ami's, who have more delicate faces. Minori is homely by comparison and is pretty much average in every way. She's a Plain Jane compared to the Supermodel's daughter Ami or long-haired, doll-faced Taiga.
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  • Attractiveness is not determined by appearance alone, aside from the fact that it's very subjective. Bubbly, cheerful girls like Minori tend to be rather popular in real life, even if they're not that pretty. That said, Minori may not be model material, but at least she's depicted as having the same bodily proportions as Ami, which isn't bad at all.
  • The manga, being told from Ryuuji's POV with thought bubbles, calls more attention to how cute he finds her. It's not just her personality. In Ryuuji's eyes, she's the whole package: pretty, shapely, and fun to be around. As with any measure of attractiveness, YMMV.
  • The conversation in which Ryuuji admits his crush on Minori to his friends spells it out: Minori is the weird girl. Capital S-T-R-A-N-G-E. She's plenty attractive, but her personality fluctuates so much that she makes guys look at other girls.

Minorin, Yusaku, and Ami are reincarnations of several characters from Angel Beats!
  • Most obvious would be Yusaku, who'd, in his occasionally-inappropriately-shirtless glory, be a reincarnation of Takamatsu, who decided to study harder.
  • Aside from the similarity (kinda) in hair color, Minorin, being such a Genki Girl, could be a reincarnation of Yui. Bonus points for her also being on the softball team.
  • What with all the Les Yay Ami shares with Minorin, she could be a reincarnation of Hinata, who was a source of Ho Yay on Angel Beats!. Additionally:
    • Following the logic of what I just said, one might ask why Ami isn't part of the softball team, while her previous incarnation, Hinata, lived as a baseball player. ...I wouldn't know why either.
    • Note one of the aforementioned theories saying Minorin and Ami ending up together. With Angel Beats!, there's a theory that says the montage of Fond Memories That Could Have Been between Hinata and Yui wasn't a Distant Finale, but a depressing and desparate Imagine Spot on Hinata's part. I'm bringing up that part as possibly canon, at least in this theory, so this next bit wouldn't be contradictory: While Toradora is about how Taiga and Ryuuji got together, Ami and Minorin could be Heroes of Another Story, detailing particularly how Hinata and Yui meet after being reincarnated.

Taiga is Haruhi Suzumiya.
Haruhi has a fondness for a high school setting, but her interest in the supernatural is in decline, and she wants to get closer to Kyon. However, Kyon's too shy to make a move, and Haruhi is afraid he might turn her down, though she tells herself that he would of course, say yes. Also, she has become more cynical in regards to family life, and feels shunned and neglected by her parents. Lying in bed one night, she makes a wish that love was something that she could figure out, somehow. Wibbly wobbly, universe altering and BAM! Toradora! Other characters:
  • Ryuji is Kyon.
  • Kitamura is Koizumi.
  • Kushieda is Asahina, completely inverted.
  • Ami is Nagato, with more wisdom, bitterness, and free will.

What was in the pouch Ami gave Taiga in episode 20?
As far as I can tell the contents of the pouch Ami gave Taiga in episode 20 are never revealed. Here's what we do know.
  • It was purchased in Hawaii, and presumably not readily available in Japan or at least not in the small town where they live.
  • Taiga intended to take it on the trip to Okinawa.
  • It is rather small, fitting in a pouch about the size of a pencil bag.
  • It costs a moderate amount of money, enough to warrant paying back Ami, but not so much that Ami would ask for the money in advance.
So what could it be? Post you guesses below.
  • A bikini. Taiga expresses dissatisfaction with the local bathing suit selection and refuses to wear a children's suit. She may have asked Ami to look for a stylish and mature suit (possibly with built in padding) for her in Hawaii that she could wear on the Okinawa trip. And there is semi-official artwork showing Taiga in a bikini.

By the end Yuusaku and Sumire are in a long distance relationship.

We know he's going to America and it seems highly unlikely that he's going for any reason other than chasing after Sumire, just like she said he would if he knew she loves him (which he does after her and Taiga's fight). But he didn't throw away everything like she feared, waiting until he graduated to go after her. Sounds like just the sort of deal she might have insisted on: "You can come join me but not until you graduate."

Taiga has Kallmann Syndrome

Taiga’s small size, childlike appearance and flat chest at age 17 are probably from a medical condition known as hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, most likely Kallmann Syndrome. Patients with this condition have delayed or absent puberty and as a result don’t get their growth spurts. Women with the condition often don’t develop breasts or get their period.

  • Highly unlikely. Kallmann Syndrome comes with a host of other developmental issues. Almost all sufferers have little to no sense of smell, and many others have little to no sense of hearing, a cleft lip, one kidney not developing, abnormalities with the teeth and eyes, scoliosis (twisted spine), poor balance and synkesis of the hands (one hand mirroring the movement of the other). All of these are issues with bodily development. Taiga, by contrast, has an exceptional sense of smell and perfectly normal hearing, with none of the associated abnormalities. Taiga is simply short with little breast development.