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  • Episode 1. How does Tenga make his introduction to the series? By ramming his ass straight into a bully's face. In slow motion.
    • The way each Kiznaiver Project participants are abducted is quite shocking had it happened in real life. But for Niyama, they don't have to do anything other than luring her with a costumed mascot...
    • Niyama ends up landing a punch on Tenga which immediately transfers pain to all other Kiznaivers. Then Chidori pinched herself some more times, just to be sure.
    • "That's just you bad mouthing them."
  • Episode 2. Some of the self-introductions end up being hilarious but Yuta takes the cake.
  • Episode 3. The manner Hisomu reacted to pain from car crash.
    • Tenga looks absolutely petrified when the Neighborhood Patrol accuse him of being a DVer.
  • Episode 4. The gang play a word game, but Sonozaki loses every time it's her turn. Either because she's just that bad at the game, or she just wants to troll the others.
    • The bus that's taking them to summer vacations is a prisoner bus.
    • Notice how Hisomu settles into the classroom; he choose to sit by the biggest window available...
    • Earlier than that, there is Tenga's sudden change of mind when it's revealed that there's a massive fine involved if the Kiznaivers do not eat all of the fried rice. Also, the face Yuta makes...
    • How extremely laid back the school committee is.
    • Now that the gang now has two errentic characters, Nico is pretty upset about it...
    Don't fight over that title.
  • Episode 5. Tenga's attempts to be The Matchmaker, mostly due to how unsubtle he is about it.
    • In the middle of the action and Chidori confronting her would-be attacker, there's a cut to Katsuhira in the darkened woods, dully remarking that he thinks he's lost.
  • Episode 6. "Have a bun to calm your buns." Who says this? Noriko.
    • And then near the end of the episode she asks Katsuhira, "Did my actions burn your buns?"
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  • When it starts raining in the city, a Gomorin can be seen on a smoking break. The smoke exits the costume through the eyes.
  • While certainly heartwarming in context, Yuta's Girly Run toward the ocean in episode 7 makes for a pretty amusing sight. It works.
  • The purikura scene in episode 8.
  • Noriko's self-introduction in episode 11 includes: "My talent is sleeping while standing up."
  • Episode 12. the black and white Gomorin facing off sumo-style, only for about 30 black to jump in right after the shiko.
    • Nico's "Friendship is Soy Sauce!"

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