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Heartwarming / Kiznaiver

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  • Chidori and Katsuhira's friendship. Even though Katsuhira is an Emotionless Boy and Chidori is often exasperated at the danger lets himself get into, her anger is born of worry and has never stopped caring about him even after he stopped emoting like a normal person. And Katsuhira does show he appreciates her concern more than once.
  • Katsuhira decides to finally grow a backbone and demand his money back from his bully, because he now understands that this was hurting Chidori.
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  • In episode 6, even after Maki treats her badly, Nico still considers her a friend, and is willing and happy to help a noticeably disturbed Maki.
  • In episode 6, after Maki breaks down Nico says she feels glad about the fact that they now share their emotional pain, because this means Maki only felt a seventh of all that pain, instead of feeling all that alone.
  • Nico never gives up on becoming Maki's friend and defending her.
  • Ruru's true last chapter: it wasn't a letter to curse Maki on never getting over her grief, it was actually a request to forget her, if her memory brings too much pain, because she loves her smile.
    "If remembering me becomes too much for you to bear, you can forget me whenever you want… because I love your smile.”
  • Yuta running into the ocean to swim with all his clothes on and the rest of the Kiznaivers following as Maki's request.
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  • Maki ultimately letting go of Ruru, no longer feeling responsible and deciding to move on, even deciding that as Kiznaivers, she and the others be more than friends and lovers.
  • Katsuhira hugging Sonozaki in the gymnasium as he regains his memories.
  • Nico reconciling with Katsuhira and Hisomu in episode 10. She's so happy that she does a Happy Dance with them, prancing along in a circle.
    • It's also nice to see Tenga watching them from afar, as it leaves the impression that, were the situation not so awkward between them, he would have liked to join them.
  • Tenga confronting Chidori about his crush on her in Episode 10. Because the reason why he's there isn't for himself, but her. It... doesn't really end well for him, but props to him for trying to ease her pain by trying to get it over with.
  • The end:
    • All Kiznaivers get together to tell Sonozaki that pain is not the thing that kept them together, even if it was that brought them together. They kept together because they liked and trusted each other.
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    • Nico decides to not give up neither on Tenga nor on her friends: She will keep fighting with Chidori for Tenga, but whatever result comes out, she will not let it affect the fact that they are friends.
    • The original Kiznaivers start slowly come back to their senses, as Sonozaki has broken the original Kizna Link. Urushii and Yamada point out that the whole point of the experiment was that they would smile in the end.
    • Sonozaki being slowly accepted in the group, as a friend, and she even smiles in the end.

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