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Nightmare Fuel / Kiznaiver

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  • Maki's hallucination of the dead body of a person from her past during Episode 2. Maki, Maki, Maki...
  • Maki hearing voices from the woods, that sound like a child talking to her.
  • Hisomu Yoshiharu. It's bad enough to be tied to six other people and having to share their pain, but at first everyone including Iron Butt Monkey Katsuhira agree that it is best to avoid pain if this is an option, and would go for the reasonable course of action. Then enter Hisomu Yoshiharu, a self-professed masochist Bishonen, who will go out of his way to feel new kinds of pain. Initially, he even asks Katsuhira to die for him so he could feel the pain, and him getting hit by a car gives him an Immodest Orgasm, which freaks everyone out for very understandable reasons.
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  • Maki's breakdown in episode 6.
  • Ruru's idea for the letter on her manga:
    "Don't forget me.
    I'll curse you so that you love only me.
  • Episode 8's reveal that the Kiznaiver system works best on teens and children. And the worst part? Many of the early test subjects were the researchers' children.
  • The results of the early Kizna project for said children. While some still retain a bit of their senses/emotions (like Katsuhira), others have essentially become human vegetables. Meanwhile, Sonozaki still feels the others' pain (that has been multiplied nineteen times over) and has to be heavily sedated to go through everyday life, resulting in her Emotionless Girl state.
    • And think about her attempted suicides. Imagine how painful they would have been for her.


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