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  • Near the end of episode 2, Katsuhira makes his introduction and speaks about how apathetic he is. At this time, he is suspended by a crane and is in danger of falling several feet. How does Chidori respond? By jumping from the roof of the building and running across a steel beam to get to him.
  • Nico's One-Hit Kill on Yoshizawa in Episode 4.
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  • The gang saving Maki from the paparazzi in Episode 6. Tenga scares the bulk of them off, Yuta verbally tears apart the others, and Hisomu uploads the whole thing on the internet, ensuring their careers' peril.
  • Katsuhira saving Noriko from a falling statue in episode 8.
  • The final confrontation between Noriko and the Kiznaivers at the bridge.

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