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Funny / Corrector Yui

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Every episode from the anime has at least one epic moment of funny, even if it is a serious episode such as the finale of both seasons.

  • On every single episode there is the Eye-Catch, called "Funny Section" or also the "Yui-chan's 4-Koma section" and it is very difficult not to smile at the mini story line.
  • During Episode 40, (or episode 14 of the second season) EVERY time Synchro wants to show Yui and Rescue that he has changed from War Wolf to his original form due the thermal waters "powers" cofcofviruscofcof... he ends up again in his War Wolf form (and half naked). When, finally, there IS the opportunity to show the girls that he is changed, a metal bucket covers his head, and the virus starts attacking the site (and the people) and when it is destroyed, he returns again to be War Wolf... and half naked...

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