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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

    In General 
  • Albedo's various Berserk Buttons or Imagine Spots being triggered:
    • Pretty much any conversation she has with Shalltear Bloodfallen.
    • Anytime she degenerates into blushing and squirming to praise... whilst in full plate armour.
    • Witnessing Mare receiving a ring from Momonga in Volume 1 (Season 1 Episode 2 of the anime).
    • Learning that Momon and Nabe are sharing the same inn room.
    • Taking over Ainz's bedroom and sewing up baby clothes. She has a body pillow of Ainz. A body pillow of Ainz!
      • In another episode, we see a mountain of Ainz body pillows.
    • Greeting Ainz with a "Submissive Housekeeper's Choices" and apologizing for the lack of Naked Apron.
    • Hearing Ainz say how he loves all the Non Player Characters in the Tomb, and immediately jumps on top of the lich to ravish him. It takes Mare and several Eight-Edge Assassins (basically ninja half-human half-spiders with blades for legs) to pull her off, and she's kicked into solitary confinement for three whole days for it.
    • Albedo gurgling like a baby so she can sit on Ainz's lap opposite Aura. Ainz enjoys the sensation once he gives in and lets her do so.
    • When Ainz calls up Lulu so she can be a mole in Volume 4, Lulu at first thinks he wants her body. He's silent in shock while Albedo AND Shalltear are furiously jealous. He quickly corrects Lulu.
  • Victim's dialogue, as translated in the Light Novel. Some fan favorites include...
  • In the anime, it can be simply hilarious to hear the NPCs say the Supreme Ones' names with complete and utter seriousness and without a hint of irony. In casual conversation, would you be able to say Bukubukuchagama-sama or Touch Me-sama to someone with the same amount of seriousness as the NPCs do?
  • Anytime the denizens of Nazarick, Demiurge in particular, give praise to Ainz for his seemingly unrivaled intellect, noting that anything Ainz does must be a step towards a grander master plan. When we get Ainz's point of view on the matter, it turns out that he has no idea of what he's doing.
    • Special mention to the scene where Demiurge reveals "Ainz's" grand master plan to take over the world. First he gives an internal Big "WHAT?!" and then desperately tries to fish for information about "that one time" that he gave Demiurge that idea.
  • Any time Ainz becomes upset or excited, his passive ability will activate to calm him down. This can become a source of Mood Whiplash as he is significantly pissed, especially off-screen when its sound effect is heard.

    Light Novel Volume 1 - 3/Anime Season 1 
  • Momonga, in the last hour of the YGGDRASIL game getting closed, discovering what his old guildmates managed to sneak into their guild hideout, most of them without permission.
  • Momonga gets so frustrated about all of his guild members leaving YGGDRASIL and never returning that he slams his fists on the table, which the game registers as an attack... one that deals 0 damage to the table.
  • After he realizes something's wrong and he's trapped in YGGDRASIL, Momonga decided to test out the theory he was in a different game by groping Albedo's breasts, reasoning that most games wouldn't allow this kind of physical interaction between characters. He successfully gropes her, and the implications of this were so troubling for him that he didn't notice he was still groping her for quite a while. His reaction to the eventual realization is PRICELESS.
    • And afterwards Albedo starts trying to seduce Momonga.... it goes as well you think.
    • The fact that MC is a freaking skeleton just adds to the fun.
    • The anime's dub gives Momonga some rather hilarious(ly desperate) internal monologue as he's trying to "act casual" with Albedo and fails miserably:
      Momonga: (internally) You blew it, noob!
  • In the beginning of the series, when Albedo and Shalltear are fighting over who gets to be the head wife, Demiurge mentions how great it would be to be able to worship Momonga's heir... Cocytus agrees, and proceeds to fantasize about having the alleged heir calling him Uncle, and hoisting the tyke over his shoulders.
    • It's made even funnier by the fact that, as being an undead and a skeleton, Momonga is incapable of having children.
  • In the second episode of the anime, Shalltear is so completely aroused by Momonga's power and authority that she mentions that her "underwear has gone through a bit of a crisis." Albedo's extremely ticked-off reaction immediately afterward sells it.
  • In the dub of episode 2, Momonga resigns to the fact that his libido is another sword that he won't be wielding.
  • Not as stand out ha-ha moment and it did occur during a moment of serious drama, but a remark Momonga made while rescuing Enri and Nemu is a bit funny considering what Momonga learns later about the New World.
    Momonga: I was thinking of running if my favorite undead spell (Grasp Heart; a tier 9 spell) didn't work.note 
  • Now picture the situation had Grasp Heart actually failed, this giant and scary skeleton running for his life from two armored but otherwise normal human knights. It's made even funnier to think what Albedo's reaction would be if she arrived just in time to see that, she would likely get mad and attack them, but her reaction to see what she considers a supreme being running away from what in her opinion are lowly and insignificant creatures would be that of absolute confusion. That's not even getting of how confused Enri and Nemu would be, heck probably the knights themselves would be even more confused for Ainz's actions.
  • Momon giving Nabe a bonk to the head when she gets into a combat stance just because someone asked for him directly, a bonk that sounds like he just squeezed a plush toy.
  • Some of Nabe's lines towards the lovestruck Lukrut, such as "Is lust the only thing left in your head? If I castrated you, would you still be able to move?".
  • The feared and revered Wise King of the Forest is a giant hamster. If that alone wasn't enough to crack your guts, everything regarding how others see it and Momon's thoughts on the whole thing are absolute comedy gold.
    • In the anime, try to look at Nabe's expression when Momon decides to use Aura of Despair I.
    • Topped when Momon rides it. Everyone else is awestruck, but Momon feels absolutely ridiculous, directly comparing himself to "an old man on a merry-go-round".
  • When Solution eats Zach in the LN (volume 3), Shalltear gets curious and asks to have a peek at the man being dissolved inside Solution's body. When she tries to offer a peek, Zach isn't quite dead and manages to force his arm outside of where Solution's face is. Cue Solution apologizing to Shalltear while Zach's arm is dangling out of her face and she's stuffing it back inside.
  • Shalltear's assault on the bandit's hideout is a series of funny moments.
    • The Vampire Brides, Shalltear (who is being princess-carried by one), and a bandit they turned into a lesser vampire to interrogate, are dashing through the forest when the Bride in the lead suddenly stops. Shalltear, visibly angry, demands to know why the Bride suddenly stopped. The Brides are terrified, as this is basically Shalltear's tools not working as intended and could very well be their deaths. The lead Bride, terrified, manages to squeak out: "My apologies, Shalltear-sama, but it appears I've stepped in a bear trap." Shalltear shrugs, tells her to get her foot out, and they continue as if nothing had happened. Later, that same bride falls into a pit trap. Vampires have no trap-detection abilities.
    • Once they reach the entrance of the hideout, Shalltear mulls on how best to assault the base, before deciding with a frontal assault. Shalltear grabs the Lesser Vampire bandit and hurls him like a baseball straight at a guard, obliterating the guard in a shower of gore.
      Shalltear: Strike~!
  • Pandora's Actor, Ainz's personal creation, is so embarrassingly hammish that Ainz's emotion suppression is doing overtime to keep his shame in check.
    Ainz: Woah, he's so lame! Aagh!
  • Shalltear's resurrection is a very tender moment between Ainz and the recently revived Guardian, but one particular moment stands out: as soon as Shalltear is revived, Ainz picks her up and apologizes for his mistakes, before Shalltear declares he can't make mistakes, and proceeds to TRY AND HAVE SEX with Ainz right then and there, asking if that's how her first time is gonna be! Albedo quickly enters and declares Shalltear is very exhausted, and Ainz wastes no time in agreeing with her to avoid the whole thing.
    • And a bit later, when Ainz asks if she feels alright, she screams in alarm... because her chest is missing. The look on the other Guardians' faces (particularly Demiurge) just scream "give me back my concern" and they justifiably chastise her for her Skewed Priorities.

    Light Novel Volume 4 - 6/Anime Season 2 
  • The interactions between Crush and Zaryusu are consistently hilarious. Upon their first meeting, upon seeing Crusch for the first time, Zaryusu's first reaction is stunned silence, followed by a courtship growl while Crusch was going on about how dreadful an albino must appear. Shortly afterwards, when Crusch tries to get the meeting on track, Zaryusu derails it completely by bluntly asking her to marry him.
  • In volume 4, the short interlude of Aura's construction project in Great Forest of Tob.
    • An Elder Lich is serving as the foreman, holding a set of blueprints and doling out instructions to golems and imps.
    • Pestonya S. Wanko, a dog-headed maid who adds -wan to the end of every sentence, pauses for a bit after speaking before adding -wan. Aura suspects that she forgot to stay in character.
    • Aura getting excited over a big juicy hamburger.
    • Aura's gift that she receives from Ainz is a watch with Bukubukucha-gama’s voice as the alarm. However, she was instructed to not set the alarm to certain times (07:21, 19:19, etc.), much to Aura's confusion. Keep in mind that the voice behind the watch also starred in eroge games.
  • Ainz's entire Unishment of Shalltear. Since Ainz does not want to sit on the chair, which was made by bones from different species including a human skull, Ainz uses this excuse to punish Shalltear by using her as a makeshift throne. Unfortunately, Shalltear is very pleased and takes this as a reward instead. As for Albedo, she was so jealous that she leaves the room and bashes her head onto the wall with a Cathartic Scream. Ainz's reaction in the manga says it all.
    • Ainz's shocked reaction that Shalltear is very much enjoying being used as a chair is just amazing. He continues to sit on her as he wonders why Peroroncino made her this kinky.
  • Crusch Lulu, denied the opportunity to participate in what is probably the lizardmen's final battle against the undead army of Nazarick, settles for one demand from Zaryusu, who knows he is marching to his doom:
    Crusch: Get me pregnant.
    Zaryusu: --Hah?
    • Moments later, Ainz and the Floor Guardians use a vision spell to spy on the lizardman base, and unwittingly end up with VIP seats to their copulating. Their reaction was priceless, even after Ainz quickly canceled the spell as shown in the picture above. This causes some of the guardians on their reactions including Albedo enviously muttering about wanting to do it too with Ainz. What's even better that Ainz realizes that Aura and Mare are in the room and dreads to explain "where babies come from" to them.
    • Twice as funny when he mentally reviews which of the other Floor Guardians he should delegate The Talk to: he dismisses Shalltear out of hand and settles on Demiurge, since he would explain it from a technical aspect.
  • When Ainz offers to revive Zaryusu in exchange for a favor, Crusch Lulu nervously wonders aloud if the favor is sex. Cue the hilariously over-the-top Death Glare from both Albedo and Shalltear, and the uncomfortable Jaw Drop from Ainz.
  • The entire clip of Lakyus' Chuunibyou moment in the anime. See here.
  • As Evileye is saved from being killed by Jaldabaoth by Ainz in his Momon persona, she quickly develops a huge crush on him. This comes complete with gushing about how strong and handsome he is (even though he wears a helmet and heavy plate armor that completely covers his entire body), and compares herself to a princess in the songs that bards would sing when he picks her up to carry her (even though the actual result has her more tucked under his arm like a football than anything).
    • That chapter's cover depicts Evileye blushing through her mask and showing her imagining being carried around by Momon and spraying hearts everywhere. See here.
  • Demiurge as Jaldabaoth apparently makes the same mistake as Nabe, and almost adds -sama to Momon before quickly correcting himself to -san. The result is the same awkward stretch that Nabe does (Momon-sa—-n). That, or maybe Demiurge was mimicking Nabe's cover excuse as a foreign Southern accent that Momon tells other people.
  • During Volume 6, The Men In The Kingdom, Part 2, an absolutely epic battle for survival erupts between the Adventurers of the Kingdom and Jaldabaoth's demonic army, clinched by a showdown between both sides' aces: Momon, Nabe and Evileye against Jaldabaoth and his demon maids. Momon and Jaldabaoth duke it out in an insane earth-shaking clash while Nabe and Evileye confront the maids. Everything about this is absolutely goddamn funny if you know what's really going on, but then they go on to top that:
    • As soon as they get away from Evileye, Ainz and Demiurge immediately get up like nothing happened, brush themselves of dirt, go into a house, meet up with Mare, sit down to congenially converse about the situation, then agree to go back and resume the show. Ainz even takes time to request Demiurge "beat him up" a bit in order to make it stick. Oh, and those "earthquakes"? Those were Mare's spells sent out at set intervals. All they were missing were a spot of tea and scones. It really feels like they just took a break from filming a movie.
    • Meanwhile, Evileye and Nabe agree to take on two and three of the maids, respectively, in order to make it easier on themselves, and move to separate battlefields. While Evileye struggles to survive "Alpha" and "Delta"'s relentless assault, Nabe, Lupusregina, Entoma and Solution are Going Through the Motions of the most fake battle ever, complete with half-hearted moves and deadpan "screams" of pain, before tiring of the farce and proceeding to chat to pass the time. The novel even lampshades this by comparing it to a group of schoolgirls exchanging gossip. Also before the battle, Entoma tries intimidating Evileye by waving her arms and making scary bug noises. Yuri responds by quietly taking Entoma's hand and gently pushing her arms back down.
    • And then everything comes together and Evileye can only express admiration for both for enduring such harsh struggles. Poor Evileye.
    • Nabe also treats Evileye like any other human being she meets, aka with complete disdain, even calling her a mosquito. Evileye's actually a vampire (which is hinted at earlier by her age and her Cute Little Fangs), making the 'mosquito' comment amusing, and she'd be someone who would fit right in at Nazarick. Whoops.
    • At the side, Brain's reaction and behavior after he gets a coincidental rematch with his recent worst nightmare Shalltear, resulting in a single cut fingernail on the latter. Everyone seeing him thought he had gone nuts over how he treated it as a feat of legends. Everyone, Shalltear included.
  • One scanlation translates the effect Sebas has on the womenfolk seeing him walking around as "panties moistening", "panty status: Niagara Falls", and "Genesis 7:17".
  • Climb taking Succulent down with an epic nut shot.
  • Also from Volume 6: after Sebas literally curbstomps Zero (as in, endured his absolute strongest blow, complete with ridiculous power-up, without flinching, then smashed his skull in with a single overhead heel kick), he then remarks that he was "a tiny bit stronger". Everyone present: Brain, Climb, their rogue companion, and even Tuare immediately thought "tiny bit my ass".
  • When Pestonya mentions to Sebas that Tuare will be trained as a temporary maid, since Tuare would likely move on after she finds a husband; Sebas' reaction (open-mouthed and mortified expression) at the prospect tells us exactly what he's thinking.

    Light Novel Volume 7 - 9/Anime Season 3 
  • Season 3 Episode 1 note :
    • Ainz enjoys a slime bath. The light novel describes the scene in gratuitous detail before revealing who the bather is.
    • The Reveal that Albedo is still a virgin comes in the most roundabout way possible when she's trying out her mount, a huge two-horned warhorse called a War-Bicorn Lord. It keeps shaking as she tries to ride it, until Shalltear looks it up and discovers that just as only virgins can ride unicorns, bicorns require more "experienced" riders. It takes a second for Shalltear and Aura to put two and two together.
    • Ainz has been practicing his "majestic ruler" schtick, and has filled at least two notebooks on how to act the part. When he accidentally gets too into the role in front of Mare, Albedo and the maid Cixous, it's too much for Albedo and she tries to have her way with Ainz right then and there with a Lie Back and Think of England (or rather lie back and count the ninja guards on the ceiling). The Eight-Edge Assassins (try to) intervene, only to be tossed back. It is revealed in the Light Novel that once they manages to restrain her, Ainz orders them that Albedo's grounded for three days.
    • Ainz and the male Floor Guardians having to go help the female Floor Guardians after the latter accidentally awakens a golem that proceeds to fight them.
  • Season 3 Episode 2:
    • Ainz tells Demiurge to recap for the benefit of the Guardians (well, for himself) at the start of the episode. Demiurge explains that with the forced recruitment of Eight Fingers, they are one step closer to taking over the world. Everyone nods and grins, proud to be working for such a brilliant and wise leader while the penny finally drops for Ainz. It only gets worse as Demiurge continues outlining the plan... then says Ainz had planned everything since the beginning. Ainz's every attempt to clarify the situation only makes it more confusing.
    • The golden moment has to clarified: during Demiurge's explanation, he notes that he hopes there are no 'fools' among the guardians who didn't know of the objective. All the guardians and maids nod in acknowledgment, and then we cut to Ainz, sporting a massive Jaw Drop.
    • A goblin gives Nfirea romantic advice... and Nfirea actually follows it.
  • Season 3 Episode 3:
    • One that you see coming from miles away: Nfirea tells Enri that he can't go into town with her the next day, as he has to heal the injured goblins, so she'll have to go alone.
      Enri: I'm probably the only one in the world in a situation like this! Suddenly I'm being worshipped and have to pretend like I'm above everyone else. I have to go to places I've never been and do things I've never done before!
      (cut to Ainz at his desk}
      Ainz: Hm?
    • When Enri visits E-Rantel, poor Enri was mistaken of being a high-class magician by carrying the Horn of the General Goblin and was pestered by the Adventurer Guild receptionist to tell her the quest after hours of waiting. The sheer awkwardness in this episode doesn't seems to get any better on Enri.
  • Season 3 Episode 4:
  • Season 3 Episode 5:
    • Enri, her little sister, and Nfirea are invited into Nazarick to be Ainz's dinner guests. Enri is internally having a nervous breakdown over being in such a powerful mage's abode. It's also when Nfirea learns that Enri has a Sweet Tooth as she rapidly adds sugar cubes to her cup of tea, then at least half a pitcher of cream while trying not to break down. Her village doesn't have much in the way of sweets, it seems. When Nfirea offers to study a means to replicate sugar, Enri's insistence on that research unnerves him a bit more.
  • Season 3 Episode 7:
    • This episode is mostly Nightmare Fuel, but the bit with the Pleiades and team Dragon Hunt is darkly amusing due to Dramatic Irony. The workers delude themselves into thinking they actually have a chance of winning against the Nazarick Old Guarders (they didn't) and that said Old Guarders are the best Nazarick has to offer (they're slightly above cannon fodder compared to most of Nazarick's forces). Their leader interprets the Pleiades looks of shock and disappointment to mean that his conclusions were right. In reality, they're just surprised by the workers' stupidity and disappointed that they won't be able to properly test the Old Guarders' ability to chase down fleeing intruders. They were hoping that Dragon Hunt would try to run so they could test the Old Guarders. The icing on the cake is the Pleiades becoming so bored with the one-sided slaughter that they try cheering on Dragon Hunt to make the fight more interesting, only to be disappointed when the workers fail to come up with a trump card.
    • After barely surviving a zombie pitfall trap, Heavy Masher encounter an Elder Lich who they presume is the master of the Tomb. Preparing themselves to attack, they're instead confused when the Elder Lich simply stands still and stares at them without doing anything. The dwarf, hopeful that the Lich is up for negotiation, tries to speak to the Lich, but is met with a "shhhh" motion from the Lich. The team is too afraid to say anything further, until 6 more Elder Liches show up behind the first one. Finally, the first Lich says "Okay, let's start", and chases the terrified team — without using Fly — throughout the dungeon. The Liches seem to be having fun.
    • In a much-needed moment of levity, Hamusuke curbstomps Erya (a sick bastard who keeps elves as sex slaves and meat shields) by cutting off his arms with her claws and then smashing his face in with her tail... and then instantly goes back to her usual round-eyed cutesy self, wondering if kicking the corpse is how elves pay their respects to the dead.
  • Season 3 Episode 8:
    • Ainz, wearing a bathrobe and pants, advances towards the four warriors he allowed to reach him. He flings the bathrobe off, eliciting a squeal from Shalltear... then Cocytus' arm appears and drags her off.
      • Just, Ainz's outfit. He looks like Foresight interrupted his shower time and he's so pissed about it he didn't bother to change out of his bathrobe!
  • Season 3 Episode 9:
  • The talks between Emperor Jircniv and Ainz in the Light Novel. Seen from the former's point of view, Ainz looks like the ultimate force of evil in the world, with an intellect to match. Switch to Ainz the following scene, and, well...
    Ainz: (thinking) Hooh… Ainz-sama’s plan, huh. I see. A special plan concocted by someone with the same name as me. Making the Baharuth Empire ally with and struggle against Nazarick was part of that plan too, huh… I have no idea what that’s all about. If only I could ask this Ainz fellow about it!
  • Season 3 Episode 10:
    • From the light novel, we know Marquis Raeven is devoted to his young son, gladly forgetting about his court intrigues every time they meet. The anime adds baby-talk into the mix, and it's hilariously painful to hear.
  • Season 3 Episode 11:
    • Enri blows the second Horn of the Goblin General out of desperation, hoping to summon another twenty goblins to help everyone flee into the forest as a group of Kingdom knights are charging. While she, Nfirea and Lupusregina (who uses an invisibility spell) look surprise on the results, Ainz (who is following on his Magic Mirror) gives a huge "EEEEEEEEEHH?!" that rattles the camera outside his tent in the anime.
    • When Mare learns that Ainz given Enri the said horns, his expression says it all quoting "As expected from Lord Ainz!"
    • Ainz initially gave Enri the horn under the assumption that it would just summon a couple of low-level goblins. He didn't anticipate that it would summon an entire army with multiple trained and specialized battalions.
    • The kingdom's spearmen charge the first goblin wave, and just... bounce off without the goblins doing anything but walking forwards.
    • The goblin army's strategist is obviously modeled after Zhuge Liang.
  • Season 3 Episode 12:
    • The CG guards are ordered to applaud Ainz's spell, and do so by robotically ringing their hands together. And as the Dark Young approaches, do so faster and faster like they're on fast-forward.
    • Nimble asks if Ainz is some sort of demon (having murdered 70,000 people in one spell, and the results of that spell now running around the battlefield stepping on on the enemy). Ainz retorts that no, he's an undead.

    Light Novel Volume 10-11, 14 /Anime Season 4 
  • Season 4 Episode 1: After Ainz takes a moment to reflect on top of the mansion that was made for "Momon", Fith follows her lord by climbing up the side of the building, with Ainz seemingly not noticing it at all.
  • Season 4 Episode 2:
    • Fith attempts to open the curtain of Ainz's window when he starts doing so but fails, resulting in her very visible and over the top dismay.
      • This gets worse after Ainz lets out a sigh while thinking of what he should do as the ruler of the Sorcerer Kingdom. She kneels face down and says that she deserves death.
    • After hearing Philip's idiotic plans, his father and butler can only lament and facepalm over how much of an idiot he is.
    • Lord Philip, a third son of a noble family who's become arrogant because he advanced in the succession lineup, seems completely oblivious to the danger that Albedo presents when she visits a royal dinner as part of her emissary duties, and walks right up to her to invite her to a royal ball later. Even if he is a complete idiot, it still takes huge cajones to walk right up to an envoy of the Sorcerer Kingdom and ask her out on a date.
    • During her diplomatic envoy mission, Albedo secretly meets up with Princess Renner. Thanks to Demiurge's information gathering, Albedo knows exactly what Renner is, while Renner has no reason to think Albedo isn't an evil monster. And what do these two inhuman, fundamentally amoral people do? Renner asks about Ainz and Albedo asks about Climb like they're both love-struck teenage girls.
  • Season 4 Episode 4:
    • There's just something funny about Emperor Jircniv enthusiastically cheering for the Martial Lord to kill Ainz. It gets to the point when Ainz himself started to get annoyed by it. Considering that Ainz unexpectedly ruined Jircniv's plans of secretly allying with the Slane Theocracy minutes before, it's understandable that the once mighty "Bloody Emperor" wants him dead. The funniest part is that Ainz had no idea he just messed up Jircniv's plans. He was simply there in the arena to make a spectacle and promote his Reformed Adventurers Guild.
      Ainz: Shouldn't you worry about me, an allied king, more?
    • After Ainz trounces the Warrior King and revives him in a great show of power, Jircniv's confidence is shattered and he willingly pledges his entire kingdom to Ainz as a vassal state. Ainz requests that he detail his intended role as a vassal state in writing. Jircniv is outright befuddled at this response and thinks he may have somewhat offended Ainz or infringed on a greater plan. Ainz simply doesn't know what a vassal state is and was indirectly asking Jircniv to explain himself. One of his guards jokingly suggests that Ainz "wasn't really thinking of anything" but Jircniv shoots him down immediately.
  • Season 4 Episode 5: Ainz's entire reason for forging a friendly alliance with the Dwarven Kingdom — which includes genociding a race of hostile mole people and subjugating the survivors, as well as subjugating a few Frost Dragons in the following episodes - is because he wants to mass-produce cheap magic armor and weapons, as opposed to magically-enchanted items which are expensive because of the materials needed to enchant them. He basically wants to undercut the competition and monopolize the production of magic items, while the rediscovery of lost knowledge is an added bonus.
  • Season 4 Episode 7: When Hejinmal pisses himself in front of Ainz's entourage, Ainz attempts to diffuse the situation by comparing Hejinmal to Ankoro Mocchi Mochi's dog, who would likewise urinate when it got excited. In response, Shalltear asks if the Floor Guardians should do the same in Ainz's presence, but Ainz immediately shoots down the idea.
  • Season 4 Episode 10: Our introduction to Azuth Aindra, the former leader of the renowned adventurer group Red Drop, is with him fondling two scantily clad escorts while meeting Blue Roses, the leader of whom is his own niece.
    • Before that, Lakyus does everything she can to try and prevent her teammates from meeting him.
  • Season 4 Episode 13: Mare psyches himself up for killing everyone in the capital of Re-Estize by shouting "I've got this!" while fist pumping. Then it shows that the Hanzos guarding Mare are also fist pumping.
  • During a discussion of the invasion of the Kingdom in the light novel, Shalltear mentions the experimental tactics she's been employing. Namely, using Soul Eaters as paratroopers deployed from (kicked off of) Frost Dragons. Naturally, they don't have parachutes. Since Soul Eaters are giant glowing skeleton horses of death who can recover HP by killing, they come out mostly unscathed, but there were a couple funny instances of failed deployments like one crashing through the roof of a house and being unable to get out, and another one bouncing like a pinball off a statue and crashing through the streets.

Light Novel (Volume 12 ++)

  • At the end of Volume 12, we finally get Ainz's point of view, and discover that everything that he had done was completely off script and that he is now panicking over the fact that he has no idea what to do next.
    • Throughout the whole novel he was actually reading off a piece of paper what he should say and do next and no one realized this at all.
  • Ainz's fight against the Doppelganger Pleiades in the Holy Kingdom takes a turn for the amusing when he decides to use what amounts to a Super Invisibility spell for hit and run tactics, much to the Doppelgangers' annoyance.
    Doppel-Pleiades: Cheeeeeap! Ainz-sama is cheeeeeap!
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  • After being "defeated" by the Doppel-Jaldabaoth, Ainz presumably ordered him to sneak in one more sales pitch for the "powerful runecraft bow" Neia was holding, and puts on an overly-dramatic cautious air towards the weapon before disappearing.
  • Shizu giving Neia a jumpscare when Neia goes to her house to talk to her. Given that she's chastised Lupusregina about her habit of turning invisible and scaring people by appearing out of nowhere, she likely picked this up from her.
    Shizu: That felt surprisingly good.
  • Shizu also makes an awkward and forced sales pitch of Neia's runecraft bow, insisting that she should show as many people as possible how awesome it is. Evidently even the NPCs have orders to spread the good word of runecraft technology.
    • Shizu and the two-headed magic Crown tree she fights later also make a note of hamming up how impressive and awesome the runecrafted bow is, much to Neia's confusion.
  • Shizu and Neia get into a brief spat because Shizu calls Ainz "Ainz-sama", which makes Neia jealous because she thinks she has seniority over Shizu. Shizu says that he was given permission to call him that, and Neia is clearly very jealous. Shizu is visibly as smug as an android can be.
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  • During the Intermission of Volume 13 we see Hilma literally rolling on the floor screaming with frustration at Philip's idiocy. The other members of the Eight Fingers sympathize with her but not a soul wanted to trade off duties with her. The precipitating event? After hearing a rumor that Ainz had perished, Philip noted that he might inherit the Sorcerer Kingdom if he married Albedo. Since this would cause Albedo to enter a berserk fury if said to her face, the Eight Fingers are terrified that this statement might reach her ears.

  • Pure Pure Pleiades Season 1 starts up with Ainz accidentally using an item called Total Maniac (which looks like a party popper), that removes Ainz's ability to suppress his emotions, leaving him once again vulnerable to freaking out. Hilarity ensues as Ainz tries to keep it together in the face of the antics that occur in Nazarick.
    • Episode 5 has him notice that Entoma is good at keeping up a Poker face, then Solution tells him that it's a mimic and not her actual face. Ainz then tells Entoma to show him her actual face, to which she complies, but her actual face is too scary for him to look at without his Emotion Suppression, causing him to let out a girlish, yet deep-voiced "Kyaaa!" Entoma then offers to show him what's underneath her dress and lifts it up, leading to a "Kyaaaaa!" from Ainz, except this time, he also covers his eyes.
    • Episode 7 has him visit CZ, who has been modified into a tank form called CZ2128Δ Mk. II by Solution and Entoma.
      • Ainz freaks out over the situation, but Entoma and Solution fail to realize what the problem is and show off CZ's new functions one of which includes a button that makes her break character.
      • The other Pleiades come in to see what's happening and Ainz is relieved that they came, hoping that they will talk some sense into Entoma and Solution, and while he isn't looking, they modify CZ even more including wings and rocket booster feet. Lupusegina finds it cool, and Narberal calls it beautiful while blushing and smiling. Ainz comments on their rather positive reaction.
      • Yuri, on the other hand, tells them that they shouldn't mess with the forms that their creators granted them and tells them to put CZ back to normal after they're done playing. Ainz asks if it's really fine to play like that.
    • Episode 8 has the effects of Total Maniac wearing off and Ainz regaining his cool. He tests it by looking at Albedo, who notices and offers her breasts to Ainz, who quickly refuses.
      • Later, in his room, Ainz realizes that there are eight Total Maniac left and decides to read the instructions, seeing a part about a specific condition that will unleash the true power of Total Maniac, only to be interrupted by Albedo and the Pleiades. He decides to hold off the instructions for later and lets them in… when the Total Maniac suddenly reacts, much to Ainz's confusion. Turns out the condition calls for: eight of the items to be present; and in the vicinity, there must be an Undead (Ainz), Imp (Albedo), Dullahan (Yuri), Werewolf (Lupusregina), Doppelganger (Narberal), Shoggoth (Solution), Arachnoid (Entoma), and Automaton (CZ). Ainz questions the impossibly specific nature of the condition as the poppers go off.
        Ainz: What is with that impossibly specific conditioooon?!"
      • Under the effects of the Total Maniac, Ainz is once again unable to stay calm as he sees the antics that the Pleiades are up to: Narberal is dancing while smiling cheerfully, Entoma is flying by laying down on a swarm of bugs, Solution is once again fat from eating humans, and CZ is upside down while shaking and giving off smoke. Then, he's worried about what Lupusregina's become like, only to see that she's been turned into a prim and proper lady. Then, he notes that Albedo's surprisingly normal until she jumps at him.
      • Ainz knocks Albedo aside and tries to find hope that Yuri's normal, only to be proven wrong as she removes her head and rolls it like a bowling ball at the other Pleiades and Albedo. Ainz panics over how the situation has turned into a big disaster.
  • Ainz decides that he needs to know more about his servants' motivations and needs, but can't interview them directly or he'll get a chorus of sincere but sycophantic responses. Instead, he opts to send a messenger to ask them questions in his stead... a Death Knight. Hilarity Ensues as the Death Knight (technically inferior to just about everyone in Nazarick, but given preferential treatment because he was created by Ainz) goes about completing its mission despite being just as cluelessly devoted to Ainz as the rest of Nazarick.
    • He first visits Shalltear, and the vampire brides pull out all the stops to greet him as an important ambassador, including refreshments.
    • The poor Death Knight knows he's inferior to the Guardians and has to keep getting them to stop bowing to him as Ainz's will made manifest.
  • Pure Pure Pleiades episode 9, which serves as a warm-up for season 2. Featuring the Pleiades Maids trying to sing the theme tune, only to get sidetracked by the food on offer, the return of the item Total Maniac, only this time being used on the Floor Guardians, resulting in Cocytus calling everyone a slut (hoping he can join in), Demiurge adding random sounds to the end of his sentences-zonamoshi!, Mare and Aura acting like naughty children, Shalltear suffering from genuine A-Cup Angst and Sebas trying so hard not to be Keet. Each segment is opened with Clementine trying a Badass Boast, only for each Maid to give her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, from Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs to Wave-Motion Gun. Culminating in Pandora's Actor bringing out Total Calmness, a squeaky mallet that will undo the effects of Total Maniac. After the issue is resolved, Albedo notices the Total Calmness and asks to be biffed, which is granted. Demiurge, who was only pretending to be affected in the first place, asks to be hit as well, just in case the effects of Total Maniac has yet to activate on him. And then, Ainz decides to do it to himself as well for the same reason. The Pleiades then have a go at singing the credits theme, with… mixed results.
  • Pure Pure Pleiades Season 2 can be summed up as "Ainz somehow switches places with another version of himself who is running Nazarick in the form of a modern corporation." Yes, all the characters are exactly the same, and the general arrangement of things is similar but in the form of a modern corporate entity. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The Pleiades are all secretaries... Except for Lupusregina, who is, for some reason, in charge of drinking parties.
    • Ainz is very surprised about how his other self is so flexible as a manager, considering everyone is allowed to dress as they like. When he brings up the fact that Cocytus being nude, Albedo and Shaltear immediately prepare to strip naked while Ainz tries to stop them.
    • When Ainz visits Shaltear's three general affairs departments, he wonders if she was mind-controlled in this universe as well, and tries to discreetly ask her, in the form of asking if she was headhunted by other companies. It ends up with Shaltear bringing up the fact that she basically gets turned on by the idea of him using her as his chair, and CZ says the whole scene could be seen as an abuse of power.
    • Ainz next visits Department 5, which is the sales division, the same kind of work he used to do as a salaryman. It's being run by Cocytus, who immediately hands Ainz a resignation letter for recent screw-ups.
    • Of course, Department 6 is being run by the dark elf twins. It's the HR Department. And they talk about "young people" with no sense of irony.
    • Department 7 is, of course, Demiurge's department. It's the planning department, which Demiurge runs like greased lightning. Also, he has a "corporate slave spirit", and as usual, he starts bringing up plans with absolutely no context that Ainz simply has no idea what he's talking about.
    • Victim's department is customer service, which he runs by himself, managing about a dozen phones simultaneously (Note that Victim speaks Enochian, not Japanese, and he is the only character that can speak it). When Ainz wonders if they can shift more people into the department, Yuri brings up the fact that almost nobody else in Nazarick would be any good at over the phone customer service, leading to Ainz imagining the Pleiades handling the calls (with the exception of Yuri and CZ) and none of them are good: Lupusregina gives the caller the middle finger, Narberal threatens to rip the caller's mouth off, Solution enjoys the thought of making the caller scream, and Entoma wishes that the caller would die while having broken the phone. Yuri then states that CZ helps out when Victim is especially busy, with CZ using multiple arm extensions to answer multiple phones at once. Ainz states that this doesn't seem all that bad.
    • Gargantua runs Department 4... And he's always asleep in a massive room, which causes Ainz to wonder why they hire him in the first place. Albedo comes along with Lupusregina because she's worried that the latter will try to have sex with Ainz in a place where nobody will hear or notice them.
    • While Ainz is discussing Albedo's love for him with Sebas, Sebas also says he's in love... With the company. As in, he's loyal to it. Ainz is very surprised before Sebas clarifies.
    • While in the cafeteria, Eclair boasts to Ainz that he'll become the next president, only for Albedo to grab him and demand that they fire him, so the penguin begs to keep his job. This happens twice. And then with the same tone as the begging, he begs to become the company president.
    • Turns out Demiurge's plan is the merger and acquisition of the Re-Estize Corporation. And then Albedo mentions the Baharuth Company...
  • Pure Pure Pleiades Season 3 is basically "Pandora's Actor accidentally kickstarts an 'overacting' fad in Nazarick while disguised as Ainz". Poor Ainz is basically running around trying to put an end to it before Demiurge finds out. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Surprisingly, it's Aura who is the Only Sane Woman other than Ainz himself, figuring out immediately that everyone's copying Pandora's Actor.
    • When Ainz finally is able to explain who's responsible for the whole mess to Cocytus... Cocytus basically replies, "Yeah, that makes sense, but only because Lord Ainz would do WAY COOLER poses than that!"
    • Ainz finally confronts Pandora's Actor about the whole mess... And said perpetrator has no idea that the poses he's doing are weird.
    • Ainz comes up with a plan to fix the whole mess, using a second version of the Total Calmness, using magic traps. Except, CZ and Entoma points out that the denizens of Nazarick would eagerly line up to get bopped on the head if ordered to by Ainz, so such a complex plan isn't remotely necessary.
    • After receiving the Total Calmness, Ainz tries to use it on Pandora's Actor, hoping it would tone down the guy's Large Ham tendencies... only for it to have completely no effect because that's just his default mode.
    • When Ainz is preparing to teleport, he decides to try out posing for himself, wondering if maybe he's missing out on something... And then he tries it. "Yeah, this is as weird as I thought. I'll just do it normally." And then gets to the throne room... Where everyone is having a posing contest. When he finally gives the order to line up, the only person not involved in the posing madness is Aura.
    • The end of the last episode is a teaser trailer for Isekai Quartet, a crossover with KonoSuba, Re:Zero and Saga of Tanya the Evil... Except it's also in the same visual style as Pure Pure Pleiades. Meaning it's going to be an absolute riot.
  • Pure Pure Pleiades Season 4, also known as Pure Pure Pleiades - Clementine Fugitive Version, is basically 3 10 minute episodes of Clementine being a punching bag to Pleiades, with the last episode ending with Clementine being so terrified by Momon's power that it breaks her, and is left sitting on a rock with a face so pure that Ainz fails to recognize her.
  • Released on 25th December 2016, the Drama CD "The Show Must Go On". Ainz is monologuing to himself on his acting (as a ruler), Albedo interprets it as about his stage acting, and calls for a rendition of Romeo and Juliet with the Denizens of Nazarick in the lead roles. Ainz is, of course, cast as Romeo, while Albedo and Shalltear vie for the role of Juliet. With predictable results...
  • The Drama CD "Ainz Raises Money", involves Ainz giving the Floor Guardians a salary and telling them to spend it on things they want. They all don't really want anything that can be bought with gold coins, so they decide to buy various merchandise based on Ainz's adventurer persona, Momon of Darkness. This means that all the money Ainz earned from the sale of that merchandise he came up with a few days ago came from the money he gave the Guardians, causing Ainz to realize that in the end he just lost money and not earn anything.
  • One of the side chapters focuses on the Pleiades, from Yuri's point of view.
    • It starts when Yuri is summoned to Ainz's office and learns that Solution stole a slime from Ainz (which he uses to thoroughly clean his skeleton). Yuri is horrified at this monstrous betrayal and immediately suggests using Nazarick's torturer to make her atone. Ainz clarifies he wants her to interrogate Solution, so Yuri gets her spiked gauntlets out. Ainz asks her what she thinks she's doing, Yuri realizes that she must beat her own sister with her bare fists in order to make up for her failure (as leader of the Pleiades, this should never have happened in the first place).
    • An increasingly-distressed Ainz explains that no, he doesn't want Solution beaten until she's so brain-damaged she'll reveal the truth, he just wants to know if her refusal is caused by Solution's creator putting in a failsafe. Then he takes the opportunity to experiment with what his minions can and can't do now that friendly fire is off before remembering why they were there in the first place.
    • It turns out Solution was jealous of another slime being able to wash Ainz and wanted that job herself. Ainz, who considers her an extension of her creator Herohero or even his daughter, tries to let her down gently.
    • Then his final order to Yuri: concerning their new threat assessment policy: They are not to go "We'll punch them first and think about whether we can beat them later".
  • One drama CD starts with Ainz finding the rules to a tabletop game in the library and hitting on the idea of acclimating the Guardians to being nice to humans by making them roleplay as such. The result is a game session that goes off exactly as you'd imagine it would:
    Ainz: You enter the village, and approach the large house in its center.
    Ainz: A visibly aged man emerges from within.
    Ainz: Now, what will you do?
    Albedo: I kill him.
    Ainz: Ah... eh?
    Albedo: I kill him. I attack with my greatsword for 6 points of damage.
    • After Mare injects a grain of sense into the proceedings:
      Mare: Do you think we can win as we are?
      All: Hmm...
      Satoru: (Nice work, Mare! Long live the level-headed types!)
      Demiurge: Just as Mare says, we are now merely rookie adventurers.
      Demiurge: We're sure to lose if several hundred villagers surround us.
      Demiurge: It is unwise to decide our strategy based on our original abilities.
      Albedo: Indeed. It seems I made my decision with my original mindset.
      Satoru: (That's right! You mustn't!)
      Satoru: (That's Albedo for you - she changes tack so quickly!)
      Albedo: We ought to conquer the house as soon as possible and then erect a barricade.
      Albedo: Using that as a base of operations, we will then proceed to pacify the village in safety.
      Satoru: (That's not the point!)
      Mare: Can't we just ask then to let us stay?
      Albedo: We are proud guardians of Nazarick.
      Albedo: Do you expect us to bow and scrape to mere humans?
      Albedo: Doing so would sully the reputation of Ainz-sama.
    • Albedo refuses to take commands from a mere NPC. Demiurge gets around it by suggesting she take orders from an NPC who serves as the mouthpiece of the great Ainz.
    • Ainz gets too into character as he voices the bandits, who are telling the characters to toss their weapons and strip down. Albedo and Shalltear (deliberately?) interpret this as Ainz telling them to strip right there and then.
    • Albedo has a warrior, Shalltear has a Magic Knight. The warrior has more HP than the Magic Knight, which naturally draws a parallel between a stupid cow with oversized assets and someone using cheap tricks to make up for their shortcomings.
    • After the bandits are dealt with, Demiurge suggests looting the bodies. Ainz already said they had some jewels, but it turns out Demiurge wants to skin them for leather. Mare thinks that in this way the bandits will be of use to people and thus be at peace.
    • The party runs into some fairies, who distrust humans. So they need to find some good points about them, such as: their screams are very pleasing to the ear, they can talk so you can torture information out of them, their blood tastes good when they're afraid...
    • Mare learns the fairies were attacked and robbed by the bandits from earlier and decides to show the fairies the recovered loot as proof of their deed. He pulls out... their skins.
    • Demiurge has a spell that buffs damage with frog poison, but you need to add "ribbit" at the end of every sentence. Ainz suspects it's a prank, but everyone else starts doing it even if they don't have the buff.
    • Everyone complains about finding out humans can't see in the dark.
      Ainz: Why does it feel like this became a game of seeing just how much humans suck...
    • Demiurge on the Durable Death Trap trope:
      Mare: I was just thinking about the goblins here, do they have to disarm the trap each and every time they come and go?
      Demiurge: It would be one thing if this were a treasure vault, but setting a trap like this on the sole passage leading from here to the entrance seems very inefficient to me.
      Satoru: (Quit picking holes in the scenario!)
      Satoru: (The writers probably didn’t consider little details like that either.)
      Demiurge: Still, since Ainz-sama came up with this, there must be some deep, hidden meaning behind it that we cannot possibly fathom.
      Satoru: (I didn’t come up with this!)
    • Albedo finds a defense potion that takes one turn to drink and activate. She asks if she can just store it in her mouth to avoid wasting a turn.
    • The party finds five unidentified potions and decides to test them by drinking them:
      • Mare's potion turns him into a girl... which, as quickly noted by the others, doesn't change much at all.
      • Aura's potion ages her by ten years. She has a mature conversation with Albedo and notes that she sure has grown, while Shalltear... hasn't.
      • Shalltear's potion will cause her to explode the next time she takes fire damage.
      • After Demiurge gives an Awesomeness by Analysis breakdown on the probable content of the other potions based on game balance, Albedo's potion reduces fire damage... but now she has to Call Her Attacks and they must involve the word "Love" in some way.
      • Nobody drinks the remaining black potion, for obvious reasons. Ainz takes a look at what it does, and it turns out cola. Ainz's anger at being trolled is so strong it triggers his emotion suppressor.
    • After clearing the dungeon (following an actually coordinated teamwork battle), Demiurge performs another Awesomeness by Analysis (why did the leader ask a bunch of murderhoboes for help instead of his lord's army, why haven't the goblins destroyed the village and its fields looking for food, how do they have magic weapons and potions) and comes to the conclusion that the questgiver is in cahoots with the goblins (he feeds the goblins, the goblins give him their victims' money). As usual, Ainz says Sure, Let's Go with That and decides to make the village chief a demon in disguise.
    • The boss fight goes full anime with declarations on the power of humanity, called attacks, Shalltear pulling a Heroic Sacrifice... and at the end of it, the Guardians realize that they've learned something: humans truly are weak and useless scum. Albedo corrects them: thanks to their love of Ainz, humans were able to defeat a great foe, and that no species is truly useless as long as they too are willing to serve Ainz to the death.
  • The Escape from Nazarick video game, which has Clementine as the protagonist trying to escape Nazarick. Clementine has lost her memories and has to get them all by the end of the game, because if she doesn't, Ainz sends her back to the beginning to do everything all over again. And if she gets them all, Ainz lets her out of Nazarick... but has her tracked in case he needs to put her through Nazarick again. Clearly, the Overlord universe has no qualms about making Clementine a Butt-Monkey, though given her sadistic tendencies, it's certainly well-deserved.