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  • Almost every time Elie opens up with her tonfa guns is a moment of funny.
  • Just about all of the Plue abuse that goes on is funny, too!
  • I remember one episode when everyone was trying to use their skills to make money. At first it seemed that Haru and his sword tricks were the only thing that would work. Turns out Plue made more money than anybody, all because of his cuteness!
  • The reason Demon Card is called Demon Card? It was supposed to be "Demon Guard"; but Gale messed up painting the sign.
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  • Ruby, the rich... Penguin Sorcerer, seriously?
  • The entire chapter where Haru and the gang arrive at the land full of Nakajima's...
  • The battle with Go, the movie star and Rosa as a whole, but especially Go's line "Die for my movie".
  • Shuda revealing some of his recent memories. Including a rather... intimate moment with Cattleya. Haru is not pleased.
    Shuda: "She really is a tender woman." (cue Fanservice)
  • Musica and Julia trying to force Haru and Elie into a Relationship Upgrade. To summarize, they get Elie drunk and passed out, then threaten to strip her nude if Haru doesn't confess his love to her. When he opts to go for it, all the other guys at the party complain because they want to see Elie's "show". Haru responds to their demands for nudity by removing all his OWN clothing. The whole fiasco is rounded off by Haru gearing up for his confession... only for Elie to breathe fire in his face due to all the alcohol.
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  • The pudding episode, all of it!
  • After Haru uses The Power of Friendship to change Musica back to normal after he got turned into a werewolf, Celia is amazed and says The Power of Love is amazing. Everybody else is embarrassed and Griff desperately tries to correct her that it was friendship, not love.
  • Haru and his father Gale are catching up on what Gale has missed while he was away. Gale asks if Haru's sister Cattleya grew up beautiful like her mother. Haru confirms this, adding that she's the most popular girl on the island. Gale gets mad and says that she'd better not have a boyfriend, and Haru says that he kicked the asses of anybody who tried. Gale says, "Atta boy!"
    • Also, Gale commenting on Elie, telling Haru that he's found an amazing girlfriend (with great boobs). A red-faced Haru tells him that they're not like that (although her boobs are great). It's the offhand comments that make it.
  • When Haru stands up to the Oracion Six and lets Elie know she's not alone, then imagines her and Lucia kissing.
  • One of the most bizarre things in the entire series: The Sun and the Moon interacting when the day ends. In of the funniest scenes Haru tries to take a nap very early. Then we have the Moon smoking trying to generate smoke but the Sun does say his turn is over and just wonders what the hell is he doing. Then Haru wakes up as he cannot sleep and it is still day.

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