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  • The first episode gets off to a good start with Tenma's cheerful description of her romantic hopes on the first day of school.
    Tenma: We are going to end up in the same class together! I've prayed for it every night for six months! My horoscope said I'm lucky in love! I found a four leaf clover! I tripped and fell down the stairs!
    Yakumo: *Concerned* What was that last one?
  • Tenma trying to send a love letter to Karasuma. . . by bow and arrow. She shoots off a gang leader's wig, makes Harima parody The Matrix, gets hit by a tree, and THWARTS A BANK ROBBERY BY MEN WITH TOY GUNS.
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  • Akira utterly trolling Hanai's attempt to join the Tea-Ceremony club (just because he wants to be on the same club with Yakumo). When he woke up after being knocked out, Hanai saw Akira putting up a message on the wall and looked like she warmed up to him... only for Hanai to realize that the message Akira put was "Hanai is not allowed to join."
  • In an early episode, Harima mixes up his Love Letter to Tenma and a school resignation letter. Tenma convinces him not to quit school, but his teacher, who got the love letter, is just confused, and says, "Uh, Harima, about this letter...".
    • Not too long after he tries to give move tickets to Tenma... except she gets pulled away by Nara last-minute and he ends up accidentally asking the teacher. Cut to Harima (a big, tough delinquent) and his teacher enjoying a movie together. The fact that the teacher accepted the invitation is the killer. Well, that and the fact that Harima is apparently getting so used to these kinds of screw-ups that he couldn't even be bothered explaining what happened.
  • Hanai recalling that he used to be such a bullied kid and Mikoto always being there to protect him. So it all came up to the point that it's Mikoto's birthday and Hanai decided that his present shall be playing the flute music that they did together when they're a kid, even when he sucked at it. All these years... and he sucked even bigger, knocking out the whole room, except Mikoto, who just threw a can of cola to his head and casually saying that he still sucks in music.
  • Eri walking in on Harima while he was trying to find his swim trunks.
  • While stranded on a cave in a deserted island, Mikoto thought of 4 plans A, B, C, D, with D, being the risky one. She hadn't even said those plans and asked Imadori if he had plans... then he said "D". Mikoto thought Imadori reads her mind perfectly and was warming up to him because plan D is the riskiest... only for Imadori to burst in and saying that Mikoto's breast size has GOT to be D Cup. Cue Megaton Kick.
    • Later, the girls are discussing how far they managed to swim, since none of them knew how before today. Eri didn't really try, Tenma swam 20 meters, and Mikoto...swam five kilometers.
  • In the Beach Episode, Harima tries to crawl next to Tenma while she is asleep. Hanai, dreaming of Yakumo, grabs him from behind. They struggle and he wakes up Eri who sees Harima all sweaty and breathing deeply. She kicks him in the face repeatedly.
  • Eri misunderstanding Tenma and Karasuma's wrestling date as their "first time".
  • During the camping trip episode, when Harima and Tenma take shelter from a storm in an abandoned school and Tenma starts to sneeze. Harima doesn't want her to catch a cold so he tries thinking of the best way to get her to take off her clothes without sounding like a total pervert. His brilliant idea? Stand up, take off his shirt, and say "Get your clothes off right now," in the creepiest sounding voice possible. Real smooth Harima, real smooth.
    • Possibly even funnier is that it works perfectly. Tenma is not your usual girl.
  • Imadori saves Mikoto from during the Kibasen and does a dramatic monologue. Mai tells him to get back in the game and hits him over the head but that causes him to fall down and get eliminated. And then he tumbles into and trips up Asou, causing Mikoto to be eliminated by Lala anyway.
  • At the end of the first episode of the second season, when all the perverted boys from 2-C had gotten files on some of the female students and Itoko, and were anylizing what traits that made them attractive. Then a virus attacks all their computers and erases all the files save one. When they open it, they see what they at first think is cleavage and are drooling all over it when it comes into focus and the "cleavage" turns out to be a candid picture of Harima's butt, with a message from Itoko to stop fooling around and start studying.
  • During the Wargames it's revealed the girl everyone thought was Eri was really her butler Nakamura in drag.
  • Harima gets jealous that Tenma is praising Hanai so he reminds the class that Hanai shouted Mikoto's name when she was killed in the survival game.
  • One of the ideas for the School Play: a Harima/Hanai yaoi fantasy.
  • The night before the school festival and Eri tries to get close to Harima:
    Eri: Hey Hige, I need to ask some questions about the menu. Do you like girls who can cook, yes or no?
    Mikoto (comically diving from her hiding spot): That has nothing to do with the menu!
    • It gets worse.
      Eri: Next question... Hige... What kind of hair do you like in a girl?
      Mikoto (comically diving from her hiding spot): Now THAT's really got nothing to do with the menu!!!
      Akira: That was a very direct one, Eri.
      • The real CMOF from that part that caused this troper to pause to get some air was that it culminated in Eri having an Imagine Spot where Harima violently rips off his shirt shouting "PIGTAILS! I'M A FIEND!!!"
  • Through an elaborate series of circumstances the school play (Sleeping Beauty) goes wildly off script after Harima takes a nap in the bed and the actress playing Beauty gets held up. Thanks to some creative improv, they manage to cover, but the crowd is more than a little confused when "Beauty" shows up looking like the resident tough guy... except for Tougou, who thinks that casting a male character — without even dressing him up! — as a beautiful princess is absolutely brilliant art, the "sort of innovation you wouldn't even see in a Broadway play! BRAVO, CLASS 2-C!!". Travis Willingham's delivery in the dub is absolutely hilarious.
  • Lala finding out what her basketball nickname "Gori" means. A day after first hearing it.
  • The Outlaw basketball team's Establishing Character Moment. Passersby see them only in silhouette playing some serious street ball. Then Tenma falls on her face... in silhouette. The other team members comfort her... in silhouette. Yakumo brings snacks... in silhouette.
  • Tenma and Lala switching classes and their ridiculous attempts at impersonating each other.
  • Eri bathing with Harima (who she has mistaken for Mikoto). Harima then farts in the tub. Eric awkwardly walks away and in the last panel she is wearing nose plugs.
  • Ni Gakki episode 15, Tenma cosplaying as her friends.
  • Any scene of class 2-C voting for something.
  • Yoshidayama mistaking Nara and Imadori to be gay together. Didn't help that the former was wearing a dress.
  • Suga trying to get into the London trip preparation committee with Eri by wearing a Union Jack shirt.
    Suga: You gotta admit that was a good idea.
    Asou: Please don't talk to me.
  • Class 2-C initially mistakes Kyoto for London.
  • Eri spent the last day in Kyoto with an actor who looks like Harima leading the whole class to think they went on a date and they are forced to awkwardly sit together on the train home.
  • Class 2-D's film about the Kyoto trip which turns into an action flick with the Harima/Eri love story at it's core.
  • The New Years episode where Harima, with Eri in tow, follows Tenman and Karasuma while still wearing the Chinese lion costume.
  • From the manga where Eri forced Harima to apply hemorrhoid cream on Nakamura (dressed as Eri for some reason). Then Tenma walks in...
  • Harima thinks only aliens eat shrimp. Then Tenma eats one.
    "I'm sick of Earth girls, anyway!"
    • "Friendship with shrimp is impossible". What is Harima smoking and where can I get some?
  • Chapter 191. Tenma praised Hanai again for getting the highest mark in the SAT's so Harima "accidentally" bumps him then Akira "accidentally" steps on his test paper.
  • Macross Tuna Massacre.
  • The class tries to figure out what to do at the walking festival. Karen proposes an obstacle course out of American Gladiators. Nishimoto's idea was essentially an orgy.
  • Harima and Imadori's Accidental Kiss.
  • The party game note  during Tenma's birthday has funny moments namely:
    • Nara being forced to crossdress for holding the time bomb as punishment.
    • Akira intentionally holding the bomb until it explodes so she can wear a giant fish costume.
    • Eri not even finishing giving the topic of the new game and getting a bald spot to wear.
    • Nishimoto giving a unfamiliar female name as the person he respects most, when the girls ask who that person was, Nishimoto whips out a copy of a porn CD and says that the person he respects is the star of one of his favorite porn movies. His punishment is being stuffed into a Buddha mask too small for him and ends up being suffocated.
  • Mikoto is telling the other girls about her date with Asou, and though she relays a story that seems feasible, her friends know her well enough to call her out on what they know to be Blatant Lies.
  • During the festival war, Madoka decides (with the most melodramatic expression on her face) what is most important to her:
    "Sorry. I...want to wear a maid outfit, and nothing's going to stop me." (shoots Shigeo)


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