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  • Takagi asking Mashiro to fight with Kaya's father
  • Hatori's "just as planned" moment from episode 20, accompanied with a Ryuk-like expression and an apple which he takes a bite of. Then we see a fellow editor asking, "How are the apples? Nizuma's family sent them over."
  • "I am not a suspicious person!"
  • Fukuda is riding his motorcycle against the setting sun, out to get Nakai for being a jerk to Aoki. He suddenly realizes he has no idea where he is going.
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  • Shuujin: "I WANT TO BE POPULAR!"
  • The entire chapter where Mashiro and Takagi trail Hattori in disguise. Especially the "Follow that taxi!" moment.
  • When Kaya finds out Takagi can touch type he shows (off screen) the other things he can do without looking.
  • Early on, when Mashiro and Takagi find out that "Money and Intelligence" ranked third and believe they cannot make first place with a cult hit, dramatically throw their manuscripts in the river. They then realize how environmentally unfriendly it would be, and then flee the scene before someone sees them.
  • Shiratori's first few days living on his own, particularly when he tries to do his own laundry and cook his own food.
    Shiratori: Foam's bubbling out the washing machine! Is it defective?!
    Kaya: How much detergent did you put in?
    Shiratori: One box! Right?
    Kaya: Are you kidding?! Read the instructions!
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  • The recent chapters have facial expressions that are either this or creepy.
  • In Chapter 150, the new editor in chief walks away like a total bad-ass.... and then runs home cheerfully to have dinner with his wife.
  • For some reason, Mashiro with a Ferrari makes this troper chuckle.
  • As noted under the Asleep in Class entry on the main page, most of the time when Mashiro and Takagi sleep in class, they're catching up on sleep. The exception is when Mashiro falls asleep during a test, and his reaction is quite funny to watch, especially his line reflecting on it.
    Mashiro: Sigh... I bet Azuki and the others thought I must have studied real hard for the exam... They're going to think I'm an absolute idiot once they find out I completely failed it.
  • Kaya walking in on Takagi apparently doing a handstand to cure his writer's block.
    Takagi: I-I can't come up with any ideas...even if I do a handstand...
    Kaya: How would that help...?
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  • Miho's Christmas song (season 2, episode 24) is actually a hearwearming moment, but you can't blame yourself for laughing about her Gratuitous English.
    "...and a happy new ear."


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