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  • Erica wants Godou to pour her more wine, but Godou says she has had enough. She disagrees, but Godou is proved right when it turns out she was trying to talk to a mask, facing completely away from Godou.
  • The first conversation between Yuri and Godou in Volume 1.
    Yuri: "My only wish is for a tyrant such as you to appease your anger with my death. I beg of you, please do not torture and execute hapless citizens at your pleasure. The display of compassion and tolerance is the only paragon for the noble Lord; whatever previous mistakes they have made, I am willing to suffer the punishment alone."
    Godou: "There are too many things to correct in what you said, but let's start with the first one; What sort of person do you think I am? I'm not Nero, not Dong Zhuo and definitely not Oda Nobunaga, I'm not going to kill anyone!"
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  • Salvatore popping over to Lucretia Zola's island, turning off all technology, and preventing anyone from helping Godou with Perseus.
  • Episode 5
    Erica: Yuri. You do need a cell phone. As you well know, your country has a living, breathing...- *looks at Godou* - walking disaster.
    Godou: *Deadpan* Hey.
  • About once or twice a volume, someone will talk about Godou's Blood Knight and The Casanova tendencies. The funny part is, they are almost without exception ''praising'' him.
  • Episode 10. Athena interupts Lili's attempt at Intimate Healing, and, when the healing is completed, leans over to kiss him again. Lili reacts with concern at the first and squeaks shock at the second.
  • One of the short stories has Godou, after seeing his cousin Sakura break a matchstick by using magic, Godou tries to do it but fails. Turns out he breaks an entire tree.

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