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  • The first attempt to get Motoko to ask more feminine. Naturally, she struggles mightily.
  • The entire day of Keitaro's third exam attempt in Chapter 15.
    • His exam ID photo. He almost doesn't get into the exam until he pulls off the same face to the proctor.
    • Keitaro farting while trying to calm himself down.
    Keitaro: Something is starting to come. Something is coming...
  • Keitaro and Mutsumi "sleeping together" misunderstanding. All girls thought something happened when they caught Mutsumi naked next to Keitaro in his room and the things got more messy after she said "still hurts". The things go from bad to worse when Mutsumi again, during Keitaro's trial, says the "test is positive". Not only the girls thought both had sex, but she is pregnant as well. Naru naturally punches Keitaro pretty hard for it. In the end, Haruka and Mutsumi herself explain everything: It was just a misunderstanding.
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  • The Love You and Everybody Seta does to Naru when they're trying to hook her up with him.
    Seta: Of course I like you, Naru. And...
    Seta: I like Keitaro, too.
    *Everyone does a Face Fault*
  • Keitaro's Christmas present for Motoko. Because the latter was never seen without her sarashi, he bought a bra for Motoko which Kitsune, Su, and Sarah are all too happy to put it on her. His presents for Kitsune and Sarah aren't too shabby either: a pile of (non-winning) horse race tickets and a talking artifact.
  • In Chapter 90, Tama-chan and Kuro spot a bun at the same time and fight over it, before eventually deciding to split it.
  • After Keitaro having another erotic dream with Kanako, Mutsumi and Su checkout a suspicious "content" inside the blanket. Su calls him pervert and Mutsumi says it's normal for boys.

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