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Episode 1

  • The first encounter between Hayate, Freyja and Mirage; Hayate somehow ends up piling over Freyja despite the latter falling down from a pillar. Mirage immediately labels Hayate as a pervert and the cargo ship stowaway she saw earlier, prompting Freyja, the actual stowaway, to correct her. Cue Mirage's confused "Eh?".
  • A Zentradi soldier's face after he is cured from Var syndrome by Mikumo's music power.
Episode 2Episode 3
  • After being taken up on her plane by Mirage (with the latter trying her best to scare him by using high G maneuvers), he proceed to vomit all over the latter's flight suit.
    • This leads to each of them calling the other "Vomit Boy" and "Vomit Girl" respectively.
  • As a continuation of the phone Brick Joke from the previous episode, Chuck's siblings call Freyja a 'phone thief' and they are about to begin the argument again when the following incident happens.
  • The scene where big mercat gets away with stealing food from the Ragunyanyan café makes you almost forget that this is a mecha anime/Space Opera.
    • Becomes funnier when Hayate's allergy to mercats comes into play.
  • Hayate skipping his training lectures is funny enough when Mirage is involved, but when he skips out on Captain Johnson's judo class, the look of frustration on the captains face is absolutely hilarious, especially when the sign behind him says "patience".
Episode 4
  • Various Funny Background Events in Walkure/Delta's welcoming party;
    • Cpt.Johnson's very short-lived old man speech which cause total disdain in the audience before he got cut off by Makina and Nina.
    • Also apparently it takes two humans to arm-wrestle Cpt.Johnson to be considered fair. Not that it was enough though.
    • Reina Prowler eating her favorite fresh jellyfish. The animation keeps looping into Reina making Luminescent Blush every time she takes a bite throughout that entire 3-5 seconds. Amusing consider the show's polished animation and Reina's stoic attitude.
  • Meta: some fans mentioned that despite Freyja's love of apples, Sharon Apple wasn't mentioned in her list of favorite past idols.
    • Freyja comes from a family of apple farmers, judging from the manga, so it's probably just a coincidence.
    • There's also how Sharon Apple kind of turned out to be a brainwashing Yandere AI who used The Power of Rock for evil. In-universe she's probably an once-beloved star who did stuff that made their career and once-beloved-ness super awkward to bring up later on, like Bill Cosby or Michael Jackson (pre-mortem, at least).
Episode 5
  • There's a showcase filled with dozens of glasses in Roid's room.
  • Reina and jellyfish (now in chip form) again.
  • Chuck lamenting on how he has yet to date any of the girls in Chaos leads to the bridge bunnies contemplating leaving.
  • Doubly so when Freyja begins singing during the joyride, partially due to her attempting to dance while seated, and partially due to the fridge logic of the song she's singing!note 
Episode 6
  • Makina comparing the post-battle conditions of Hayate and Messer's Siegfried variable fighters, describing the former to be so trashed that it's comparatively worse than an all-nighter girl, while the latter as a sleeping beauty with a newborn skin.
Episode 7
  • The disguises as cat people. Especially Hayate's (as he's allergic) and Messer's.
  • Hayate is on a planet inhabitated by Cat Folk. Being allergic, he sneezes all the time... And the locals, believing he has a cold, want to help, much to his horror.
  • The cat puns. Mirage objects to the group making them when in disguise... Except the locals make them too.
Episode 8
  • Freyja standing up to the Aerial Knights can be both this and an awesome moment at the same time. Especially when Helman laughed at Bogue's reaction to her Armor-Piercing Question.
Episode 9Episode 10Episode 14
  • Hayate and Mirage stripping before fixing the cable. The way how they talk over the radio while Walkure is performing almost sounds like the two are having sex. Freyja blushes extremely hard from this.
    Makina: What exactly are they doing over there?
    Reina: I don't want to know.
  • At the end of episode, Hayate and Mirage, still in their undergarments, are hanging on the now fixed power line while waiting for someone help them. For extra hilarity, the surveillance camera gets a lock on them, allowing everyone on the island ship to see Hayate and Mirage, including an embarrassed Freyja. Hayate mostly takes it in stride, but Mirage screams into the horizon. Again.
Episode 16
  • Chuck and Makina (and Reina) not just spying on Hayate and Mirage, but dubbing over their conversation with their own dialogue to make it seem more romantic.
  • Even when Mirage all but outright asks Hayate whether he's in love with Freyja, he still has no clue why Mirage is even asking him that to begin with. Chuck has trouble believing his ears, and Makina...
    Makina: He's denser that a black hole.
Episode 17
  • Arad revealing the Walkure concert is not only to infect the cluster's technology with a virus so they can infiltrate Voldor, but also gain money as well. How? Half-naked pictures of Makina. It works rather well, to say the least.
  • Bogue finding a group of Windemerians watching the Walkure concert. He reacts as expected and tries to turn it off only for Reina to show up making him blush. He tries to turn it off, only to accidentally send 782 credits, causing Reina's virus to insult him for being a cheapskate. He takes it well.
    • Apparently, all Windermerans have terrible luck with not buying things by accident.
Episode 18
  • The friendly chat between Freyja and Qasim, especially after learning that they are essentially neigbors — their villages are only separated by a hill.
    • Then Hayate hears Freyja's screaming (a reaction to a tale Qasim was giving her), ran there and pulled a gun on Qasim. Qasim disarmed him... And then included him in the chat.
  • Bogue screaming hate at Reina for what happened the previous episode... While blushing.
Episode 23
  • Mikumo dealing with Makina and Reina's antics.
Special 1: Delta Mini Theatre
  • Mirage isn't appreciated by the stray seacats around the Ragnyannyan, and thinks that the reason they got attached to Freyja is the Rune... So she tries and copy it. Hilarity Ensues (and it wasn't the Rune).
  • Theo and Xao have obtained some (allegedly) secret data on Walkure's equipment, and watch with Bogue the video detailing it providing some funny commentary... And are stunned when the data suddenly give them a shot of Makina half-naked. They conclude it had been a waste of time and money.
    • Theo and Xao making advertisement to the in-universe company that procured the video, with Bogue wondering who they were talking to.
    • If you look closely at the group's reaction after watching the video, everyone has Nosebleeds. Theo uses his rune to wipe off his own nosebleed.
    • The fact that the video is in VHS tape format is worth a few chuckles.
  • Roid wearing heart-shaped glasses.
  • Mirage's grandfather asks Mirage to get him the autographs of Walkure, so she asks Mikumo. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The fact that Max Jenius wanted Walkure's autographs.

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