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  • In general we have Hayate and how quickly he'll try and stop anyone trying to hurt Freyja.
    • In episode 13, Freyja returns the favor by risking her own life to help him and jumping off the ship in order to make sure her song reaches him.
      • This is further punctuated by showing Freyja's spirit hugging Hayate from behind as he engages against the White Knight.
  • After seeing him suffer a bit of Heroic BSoD from experiencing his first confirmed kill, Mirage (who initially started off antagonistic towards him) comforts Hayate by sharing her own experience with her first confirmed kill back when she was in the Spacy. Note that he still calls her 'instructor' despite Messer's verbal-slapping and constant failures both have received.
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  • Episode 8: Freyja's apples speech hit both this and Funny Moments due to the reaction of everyone except Hayate.
  • In episode 10, Messer invites Kaname to go with him to the Ragnan Jellyfish festival before he's sent to another system. Rather than tell her his feelings, Messer gives Kaname his bracelet that has her song recorded on it and thanks her for saving him all this time.
  • Going through Messer's notes, the Delta pilots (especially Hayate and Mirage) realize how much he actually cared for them.
  • In Episode 13, after Mirage saves Hayate from falling to his death once the reaction bomb destroys his plane, he gives her a brief hug.
  • Episode 14 sees Walkure put on a concert for everyone on the Island Ship in order to keep morale high.
  • Episode 16: It's Freyja's birthday and the entire cast gets together for her birthday. While Hayate is running late getting her present, he makes up for it when it's revealed he got it to snow. Allowing Freyja to feel at home, this continues as Hayate and Freyja mess around in the snow.
    • In a flashback, Freija as a child once got on top of a chimney in order to sing to cheer her fellow Windermerians up, despite the fact that her mother and father were killed by war.
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  • Episode 18: The chat between Freyja and Qasim. Especially when Hayate gets involved too (after being forced into it by Qasim when he pulls a gun on the Knight); the resulting conversation helps mend his relationship with Freyja after The Reveal in the previous episode.
  • Episode 22: when Hayate went berserking again, Mirage and Freyja brought him back.
  • Episode 23: the lunch between Reina, Makina and Mikumo.
  • Episode 25: Near the end of the episode, Freyja and Hayate bond over his father's letters (And also bringing up that Freyja already met Hayate's father in the past). All set to a lovely piano rendition of "Do You Remember Love". See the heartwarming moment here.
  • Episode 26: Marianne (Chuck's sister) survived.
  • Also from Episode 26. to break Mikumo free of Roid's control. Frejya asks her a simple question. "What feelings do you put into your music?
    • Cue each of the girls reciting their respective catchphrases.

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