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Fridge Brilliance

  • Freyja's Arranged Marriage and some of her antics become more understandable when you count in the fact that average lifespan of Windermerian is 30 years. The same goes for Aerial Knights.
  • Helman simply trying to help a rookie get their first aerial victory seems pointless when he could have taken out Mirage himself, and that it actually cost said rookie's life when Hayate comes in to save Mirage. But then you realize that the Luftwaffe would do this exact same thing back in World War II where it was a rite of passage for rookie pilots, which makes sense with how many parallels Windermere seems to have with World War II Germany.
  • Siegfried (The name of the VFs that are piloted by Delta Squadron) was the legendary dragon slayer from the epic 'Nibelungenlied'. The VFs piloted by the Aerial Knights is the Draken. Draken? It's German for drake which is a type of DRAGON. Delta Squadron was meant to fight the Aerial Knights!
    • Even better, the Siegfrieds are equipped with Deflector Shields. While it is far from being invincible as the legendary dragon blood armor, it does see some uses from time to time.
    • Later on, Messer used the Deflector Shields for atmospheric reentry and fending off from enemy attack, depleting it and left him vulnerable to getting sniped through the cockpit. The Achilles' Heel of any manned planes are their pilots, which matches nicely to Siegfried's Achilles' Heel in the legends.
  • There is no known cure for Var Syndrome. Messer is revealed to be carrying around all the time a solo single by Kaname, whose songs are a natural barrier to the infection spreading, similar to someone with diabetes carrying around insulin shots.
  • The main characters infiltrating Voldor initially seems to be just a case of The Main Characters Do Everything, as lampshaded by Hayate himself. However, Voldor's a world that's fallen to Var, meaning that Walkure and Delta Squadron are exactly the type of people who won't succumb to infection if something goes wrong (Messer aside, but he's still stubbornly resistant to its worst effects).
    • And it gets lampshaded by, when the NUNS begin using strategies that directly counteract the Var, they're incredibly competent and powerful. They just couldn't show it due to Windermere's modus operandi of obliterating any resistance through wide-spectrum mind control.
  • Roid envies the long life of humans, often wondering why they're so long-lived while Windermereans aren't. Considering that this envy is rather common among Windermereans (even Freyja showed signs of it from time to time), it's likely that one of the reasons for the rebellion was that the NUN didn't help with it.
    • On why they didn't help, there's the fact they can't: humans, Zentraedi and most other races can have their lives prolonged by reactivating their telomerase and countering the effects of aging, something relatively simple and that they know how to do simply by accessing the databases of the cloning chambers of the captured factory satellites, but Windermereans enter a lethal illness when their runes run out and the NUN scientists have no idea how the Protoculture arranged for this
  • One of the tie-in manga says that, back when Windermere was part of the New United Nations, the Spacy called upon the Aerial Knights' support often because they were superior pilots, but in the series the Knights outside the main six fail to deliver, and in fact suffer hard against the Vordorian NUNS even with numerical superiority and what should be a superior fighter. Thing is, the statement came out when the EX-Gear and Inertial Dampening technologies were still new, thus Windermereans could pull high-G maneuvers that would have made others faint or outright die, and Windermere pilots in the series have been shown to be more individualistic compared to the army of Combat Pragmatists that is NUNS.

Fridge Horror

The nature of Var Syndrome. A shockingly common pair of food items, easily imported to any planet, with the less common part easily introduced to a planet without any visible risk, that allows the Windermeran Kingdom to randomly, and with no way to resist, plant a hypnotic suggestion which forces you to do whatever they need of you. The even more terrifying aspect is that there's no known cure once the pathogen is introduced.
  • After Episode 11, this becomes even more terrifying. Now they have a starship, they're not just limited to planets within the Cluster. They could go to anywhere in the universe...
  • Roid's accelerated timetable seems to be just so he personally can be said to have 'restored' Windermere to it's 'former glory'. Then it's revealed that the Song of the Wind, central to his plot, is lethal to Wind Singers to the point that they have vastly shortened lifespans... And there's only one known Wind Singer who can perform it...
  • Crossing over into Fridge Brilliance, Roid's plan is also cruelly efficient and has two major ways in which it is practically foolproof...
    • First, due to the dimensional rift, the NUNS forces are practically unable to mount any kind of offensive strike to stop the spread of Var Syndrome, only being able to observe and make defensive and retaliatory strikes, while Windermere can make constant unopposed offensive strikes.
      • Not really, back in Macross Frontier the NUNS have shown the ability to reinforce their fold drives to cross the dimensional rifts. It's just that such ships weren't deployed in the cluster and Windermere didn't appear to warrant the effort of bringing them there until a while later.
    • Second, being the trusted assistant to Prince Heinz, he is able to persuade with very little encouragement that whatever he needs done will be done without question.
  • If it wasn't for the plan made at the end of Episode 21, whatever happens, Roid has nothing to lose, and everything to win.
  • Early on it's mentioned there's no chance of reinforcements coming from Earth due other engagements, and when NUN ships from outside the Cluster arrive it's a small Galaxy Patrol squadron. While the Windermereans were making their bid to conquer the Brisingr Cluster, the NUN Spacy was fighting something so much more formidable the Windermereans weren't even on the radar until Roid's plan entered its endgame.

Fridge Logic

  • A Meta case with "Rune ga Pikatto Hikattara" when it is sung by Freyja during the fifth episode. The English title is "When The Rune Sparkles", and the only Walkure member who the title applies to is Freyja herself!
    • It's possible the song was written after Freyja joined.

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