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"Battlefield of the Valkyries"
  • Hayate whenever he gets on a Giant Mecha. We first see this when he makes his Workroid dance while moving around freight containers, this however is just foreshadowing of when he takes a damaged VF-171 and shows off some fancy footwork dodging the attacks of the Var controlled Zentraedi.
  • While Walkure's act in general is this, singing in the middle of a battlefield, but Mikumo takes the cake when she manages to turn a simple opening lyric into the greatest Badass Boast an idol has ever given, as a battlefield is transformed into a concert venue in moments.
    • Special mention needs to go to the fact Mikumo actively chases the action, jumping onto the back of a Valkyrie and then onto the face of a Quadluun battle pod just to reach out to the Var controlled pilot.
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    • When she gets buried in rubble from some stray missiles she simply breaks out of it and immediately rushes back into battle with another song.
  • Delta Squadron, full stop. First, they demonstrate the ability to seamlessly integrate aerobatic dances in support of Walkure while in the middle of battle. Secondly, they're able to go toe to toe with the Aerial Knights who just recently were able to decimate an entire fleet.
  • Freyja's singing being heard by Walkure even in the middle of the battlefield.

"Audition of Preparedness"

  • Freyja breaking out into song during a Var outbreak, even when she's on her back and with Var infected passenger standing over her. While it turned out to be a fake set up as part of her final audition, meaning that the danger wasn't real, Freyja wasn't aware of that. The fact that she was able to do what she did in that situation just shows how much resolve she has.

"A Stormy Dogfight"

  • Hayate beating Mirage by pulling off a Pugachev's Cobra, and then transitioning it into Gerwalk and then Battroid mode all while putting the sun on his back making Mirage unable to pull a bead on him while he lines up a perfect shot on her.
    • Hayate learned all this by watching the big seacat pull off a Pugachev's Cobra underwater while being chased by Chuck.
    • To all to this, Hayate did all this while his Valkyrie's AI limiter was turned off, meaning that there was barely any system keeping the plane stable at the time.

"A Shocking Debut Show"

  • During Freyja's debut live, Hayate break away from formation and starts doing an improvised dance with his VF-31 that absolutely wows the crowd.
  • With Walkure's defensive drones down due to interference, Delta Squadron defends them and their audience from an incoming storm of missiles simply by shooting all of them down.
  • In the middle of all the fighting, Mikumo simply walks up and starts singing without any amplifier support to snap a pilot out of the Var Syndrome.
    • Once Freyja joins in, they end up amplifying each other enough that just about all the UN Spacy pilots are snapped out of Var Syndrome.

"Decision Overload"

  • Hayate starts to level up his piloting in this episode.
    • His third (and most awesome so far) Big Damn Heroes moment when he kicks Bogue, who had gotten close to the Aether and was about to fire upon Walkure (and Freyja specifically).
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    • He gets a second one a few moments later when Mirage gets double teamed by Helman and a rookie Knight, getting a shot from near the edge of his guns' range to take out the rookie and save Mirage.
    • There's also him managing to dodge Theo and Xao by mimicking Messer and Keith and jumping off of the asteroids to move around.

"Behind Enemy Lines"

  • The episode includes several cases of Hollywood Hacking which partially is using Fold Resonance.

"Escape Resonance?"

  • Freyja finally finds her resolve as she goes off on her own to sing to a Voldoran pilot under the control of the Var Syndrome. Not only does she reach him and stopping his attack, her song actually reaches across the battlefield and, thanks to the nearby Protoculture ruins, even across space to Prince Heinz and King Gramia in Windermere.
  • Hayate, with the help of Freyja's song, wipes the floor with Bogue in a dogfight. When Bogue tries a last ditch transformation maneuver, he finds that Hayate has already countered it allowing the latter to shoot Bogue's weapons off and then disable his plane.
    • Him actually taking a page from Kira and consciously moving to disable rather than destroy the enemy's fighters. When Hayate cornered Bogue, he actually held his cockpit in his reticle long enough for Bogue to notice it, before choosing to spare him and moving to disable his machine. This is what actually riles Bogue so much afterwards.

"Axia Flash"

  • Messer single-handedly saving Delta Squadron and Walkure from the Aerial Knights, while using his Var infection to power himself up with the help of Kaname's song.
    • It also doubles as a CMOA for Kaname who before this, initially believed that she could not be in the center stage due to her past of being a failed idol and being overshadowed by Mikumo in Walkure. She ends up singing solo for this battle (performing her song, "Axia") and is the driving force for Messer to keep on going.
"King of the Wind"
  • The Macross Elysion launches from Ragna in a move not unlike a modern rocket launch and folds to Al Shahal, only to come face-to-face with the Sigur Valens... which then folds out. That's right, Windermere waited for Chaos to attempt to retake Al Shahal before launching an assault on Ragna. The Brisingr Cluster is screwed.

"Passionate Diving"

  • This episode is filled with an awesome moment after another:
    • Just right after the Sigur Valens has folded straight towards Ragna, the Macross Elysion fires its main cannons straight into Fold space and hits the Sigur Valens, causing significant damage to the Song of the Wind Chamber within and preventing Ragna (and the unconquered parts of the Brisingr Cluster as a whole) from falling into Windermerean hands as quickly as Al-Shahal did.
    • Macross Elysion gets another moment of awesome yet again when it pulls off a Gunship Rescue by using its pin-point barriers to take the main cannon fire from Sigur Valens right after an atmospheric reentry, protecting Walkure and the colony ark behind it. The Macross Elysion plunges straight into the sea afterwards, only for the ship to resurface and challenge Gramia in the Sigur Valens, even scoring a direct hit on the Windermerean flagship.
    • After almost being taken out by Bogue and then the Sigur Valens, Freyja risks her life to help Hayate by jumping off the ship so her song can reach him. It does and him synchronizing to her singing helps him enough that he's able to hold his own against Keith and actually shoot him down. All of this to the opening theme.

"Scatter on Stage"

"Sense Emergence"

"Impulse Experiment"

"Extreme Brave"

Scarred Requiem
  • We've known for a while that Windermereans have superior physical abilities compared to humans. Then Mikumo attacks four of their soldiers bare-handed, and easily takes them down.
    • Immediately after, they send in a whole company just for her. Somehow, she still gets away.
    • And the finale is one for Roid: he alone manages to capture her.

"Fatal Judgement"

  • Berger has a few:
    • First, he reveals he can track Arad, Reina and Makina because their equipment has components provided by subsidiaries of Epsilon.
    • Then he reveals that Epsilon Corporation is pulling out due what Roid is planning to do… And, in the meantime, he just had the VF-22S of Hayate’s father restored to flying conditions without nobody noticing (remember, that fighter is on a public display), and now gives it to Arad so he can free his captured companions.
  • After their Kangaroo Court, Hayate, Mirage and Freyja are sentenced to death by jumping down a cliff, with Bogue demanding that Freyja jumps first. Hayate instead decided to go first, with Keith granting it as a last wish. So Hayate walks to the plank slowly, and then, when Bogue is getting impatient, uses the distraction provided by Arad with his father’s plane to jump down with Mirage and Freyja… Just on their waiting VF-31s that he had remotely summoned.
    • The Kangaroo Court itself is one for Heinz, it was the only way he found to be able to have a chat with his enemies, Roid might have taught him a bit too well.
  • Kaname using the show drones to swat away Windermere flying infantry.
  • Thanks to Walkure, Chuck and members of the Vordor garrison are finally able to raid Windermere. And the Vordor NUNS has brought two Konig Monsters.
  • One for the Sigur Valens, as it’s the first time something gets attacked by the Konig Monsters and isn’t even scratched.

"Eternal Walkure"

  • The entire final episode definitely qualifies.


  • Satelight released, with the Japanese BD releases, Region-free discs with English subtitles for the first time in the recent history of the franchise, contrary to the implied behest of Harmony Gold, meaning an easy import solution for English fans.
    • The official English subtitles include every single song translated faithfully, including when Prince Heinz and the mind-controlled Mikumo sing.note  The unofficial translations give a 'best guess' translation which is far from faithful.
    • A few months after Delta's run ended, it was discovered Harmony Gold had encountered legal issues which means Macross Delta may well be the LAST Macross series to be blocked by them!
  • On their third album, Freyja does a cover of Ranka's signature song, Seikan Hikou, and Mikumo covers one of Sheryl's signature songs, Diamond Crevasse.
    • Which had already been topped by the final track on their second album... Ai Obote Imasuka, done by all of Walkure! Anyone bummed out by the bless the little queen version from Macross Frontier, Forget Minmay Attack... Here's the Walkure Attack!

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