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The Var Syndrome is a ploy by the Big Bad to return the Zentrandi to their warmongering ways.
  • Averted so far. Heinz's songs are being used to amplify the power of the Var Syndrome in a plot to establish the independence and power of the Kingdom of the Wind.
    • More importantly, Var Syndrome doesn't affect just the Zentraedi.
      • Right idea. The chemical that causes Var Syndrome is a chemical created by mixing water and the unique apples of Windermere, meaning it can't be a coincidence.

The person whom Freyja was to be engaged with as a part of the Arranged Marriage will be a member of the Aerial Knights
Can't have a Macross series without some
Love Dodecahedron, right?
  • Somewhat Jossed based on the supplementary manga, Freyja's supposed betrothed was an apple farmer. The same person also helped her stow away on the ship to leave Winderemere.
    • Ironically, one of the Knights is an apple farmer who lives nearby, though.

The older Aerial Knight will be killed at the very beginning.
He will most likely die due the Mentor Occupational Hazard, most likely at the hands of Hayate, who will find himself behind a Valkyrie (as Macross protagonists tend to do). This will in turn make this It's Personal for several members of the Knights, most likely the youngest one. The old man's absence from promotional art gives credit to this theory.
  • Subverted so far: it was a rookie Helman took under his wing who died.

The Love Triangle between Hayate, Freyja and Mirage will conclude in favor of Mirage.
Because, in Macross, it's always the older woman who gets the man.
  • Then again, Freyja's species only lives to about thirty years, and at the age of 14 she's already considered to be of marriageable age, which somewhat muddles this theory.
  • Jossed. Freyja gets her man.

The Var Syndrome was derived from the V-Type Virus as a bioweapon
Besides "Var" obviously sounding like the "Va-" of "Vajra", it manifests its effects after the infected hears the trigger song sent faster-than-light through fold space. Hayate can also listen in because the necklace he wears is a fold crystal, the same way Alto did through Sheryl's earring. Further, it's also possible that the Windermerians' modified biology is itself the result of humans being infected with a variant of the Vajra virus.
  • It has been only eight years in-universe since Macross Frontier so Windermerians are not Humans. It's All There in the Manual that Humans are not the only sub-race created by the Protoculture. Macross Dynamite 7 had Zolans whom descended from marsupials that can breed with Humans. Macross Frontier character Michael Blanc according to Macross Chronicle is part Zolan. We have two inhabited planets with humanoid life Windermere and Ragna. Windermerians are the ones with moving hair spears or hearts and the Ragnans are the merpeople like Chuck and that one girl with fin ears in the Episode 1 Special Preview.
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  • I was aware that the in-universe time since Macross Frontier was only a few short years. In the last point, I meant variant of the Vajra virus more in terms of the result of Protoculture experimenting with biotechnology copied from Vajra (something like Macross Zero comes to mind), not something as recent as the product of 117th Research Fleet or the Macross Galaxy Fleet... Or the difference between the V-Type Virus injected into Sheryl (taken directly from the Vajra), as opposed to what's already in her blood as a descendant of the Nome family (a result of the Protoculture copying the Vajra), if that makes any more sense.
  • Macross Chronicle Worldguide Sheet 02A:The Bird Human states that Mayan Shrine Maiden bloodline like Sara Nome have Space-Time Resonance ability. The natural Space-Time Resonance ability of primitive Humans were needed for the activation and regenerative maintenance of the bio-organic Bird Human. The majority of humanity lost this ability due to genetic manipulation of the Protoculture with only a few having them, examples are the Nomes and Basara Nekki. Which makes sense as this ability give primitives access to their most advanced weapons. Hence the plot of Macross 30 where Songstresses from various points of the Macross timeline are abducted to power the sealed 8th Evil Series. In the prologue of Macross Delta Walkure use their trans-dimensional voices to fight the Var Syndrome. Jiku or dimensional is the same word used for Space-Time. Notice the mention of Fold Waves and Biological Fold Waves in episode 1. According to Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 08A: Over-Technology - Space Folds Song Energy is a type of Fold Wave. Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 12A: Song Energy mentions Song Energy and Spiritia come from the same Sub-Universe. Simply put Spiritia which is mentioned in Macross 7 is now called Biological Fold Waves in Macross Delta. Also in the same technology sheet mentions Sound Energy Conversion System converts Song Energy into such things as light and space-time resonance energy. So it is possible Windermerians were never nerfed by the Protoculture of their Space-Time Resonance ability or the characters we see have them. Note the Kingdom of Wind according to the character profile of Keith Windermere is a monarchy thus a nobility class.
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  • So vaguely on the right track on that point, but just went in the opposite direction instead. Got it.
  • Yes to the bioweapon, no to the V-Type infection.
    • Actually, this interview implies it's yes to both; basically, Fold Bacteria began spreading much faster after the departure of the Vajra, with Kawamori implying that they play a role in Var Syndrome.
  • Confirmed by Episode 19. After the Vajra disappeared to another dimension at the end of Sayonara no Tsubasa, the Fold Bacteria that infected human intestines were left behind when the bacteria left folded to new hosts, which were all humanoid. They also infected the whole body, causing the Var. People with Fold Receptors (like the Windermereans, Walkure and Hayate) are immune.

When the series gets in Super Robot Wars, both Hayate and Mirage will get a Combination Attack.
They seem to look like they have one in the opening.

Arad will either die, or there will be an episode where he's fed some kind of pineapple-based food and given a bunch of death flags and then they will fake his death.
  • Paired up with the Cool Big Sis character? Check. Ace Pilot? Check. He's also the squadron commander. This year's Roy Fokker expy?
    • Subverted: It's Messer, who dies.
  • Alternatively, they could make him allergic to pineapple as a joke.

The Love Triangle between Hayate, Freyja and Mirage will end up in Freyja's favor.
  • Because Shoji Kawamori is playing with all the Max and Millia parallels between Hayate and Mirage to troll the fanbase.
  • this Tumblr post made me believe in a future for Freyja with Hayate.
  • Also, if we follow the theory of the 'oldest girl gets the guy' it's arguable who can be considered as the oldest character, as Freyja already considered as being an adult.
  • Confirmed as of the last episode, when Hayate confessed his romantic feelings for Freyja.

The idea of Walkure came to be after the military realized the prominence of idols in war. The idea got a bigger boost after Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee saved their people through song.
  • Episode 19 appears to support this but in a negative way - Berger implies that Lady M is using Walkure (specifically Mikumo) specifically to develop idols as a kind of superweapon. It's also implied that the Protoculture was looking into similar theories before they disappeared from the galaxy.

The way Freyja's singing gives Hayate his Theme Music Power-Up is connected to how Var Syndrome works
  • Var Syndrome is spread by some mysterious song that is being spread by the Kingdom of the Wind. Now since all Windermereans have a Rune and it does somehow tie into fold resonance and song, it's safe to say that this same power is what they're using to spread Var Syndrome's song.
    • Episode 9 suggests it might partly be the case, as Hayate's and Freyja's Fold Receptor Factors apparently sync really well together.
    • Confirmed in episode 18.

Mirage will try to stab Hayate at some point

Mikumo isn't a normal human being
  • Looking at how she appears in the OP, I assume she is an artificial human being, created to have very high fold waves (she has the highest of them all). Nobody knows where she came from, how old she is or where she lives. All of these things play in favor of this theory.
    • I second this motion. Kaname stated that Freya's fold values were as high as Mikumo's. Mikumo is the artificial whereas Freya is the naturally gifted one.
    • She was partly cloned from the DNA of Tupac Shakur, which is why she keeps tossing out the one handed West Coast "W" hand sign.
    • Maybe she's the last surviving member of the Protoculture?
    • Or, to combine the ideas, she's a Protoculture creation, like the Bird-Man or the Evil Series.
    • Alternatively, Mikumo is half Protodeviln, the daughter of Sivil and Basara (who impregnated the former solely with sheer Power of Rock, of course).
    • Episode 19 seems to heavily imply this.
    • Confirmed in episode 21; she's only three years old.

One of the places Hayate passed through in the past is Windermere
  • During the fourth episode, Freyja mentions that her music player was a gift to her in the effectively distant past from a visitor, presumably to Windermere, which introduced her to the music of the UN Spacy. It could be a subversion of Macross Frontier, where Alto was found to have given Sheryl her inspiration.
    • Likely jossed. Hayate would have been only 10 years old back then (since he's about 17 at the time of the show, and Freyja is shown in Episode 16 to have gotten her music over 7 years ago during the previous war), and he implies that his father never brought him along on deployments. If anything, Episode 17 implies that it was more likely Hayate's dad who introduced Freyja to pop music, since he was stationed on Windermere during the war, with Arad also mentioning that he loved playing with children.
    • Jossed. As alluded to above, it's Wright Immelmann who met Freyja and gave her the music player.

The people of Windermere are immune to Var Syndrome since it's the only music they listen to
  • I noticed that a member of the Aerial Knights reacted in derision towards Walkure's music, and think that the reason they do not see any problems with creating the melody that causes everyone else to go insane... is that their culture has been listening to similarly tuned music for years, so they'd be rightfully repulsed by music which is atonally happy and upbeat.
  • Partially Jossed. Var Syndrome is caused by Windermere apples, and it's more likely they just don't eat their own apples.
    • Actually, if Freyja is any indication, the Windermerians do eat their own apples. It's more likely that the natives of Windermere simply have a biological immunity to the chemical reaction that causes Var Syndrome (remember, they're technically their own species).
    • Or, alternatively, they don't drink the water from the Protoculture ruins: as a Var carrier is a binary compound, it's actually requires both Windermeran apples and Voldor water to form.note 
    • Ep 19 reveals they have naturally-occurring fold quartz in their runes, giving them natural fold receptors. Fold receptors suppress the V-type fold bacteria that cause Var syndrome, so anyone who already has fold receptors is immune.

Freyja's family died in the war of independence on Windermere. Going to war will cause a Break the Cutie moment for her as she relives her trauma.
  • Freyja keeps having a flashback to a memory of when she was a little girl in front of a burning building. The Windermerean war of independence took place several years ago, which would fit right into the timeframe of Freyja's childhood. There's also the fact that she tells Hayate that the village elder was the one trying to get her married and never mentions her parents after running away.
    • Episode 7 shows that Freyja did witness a dimensional weapon being used to devastating effect during Windermere's war of independence.
  • Largely confirmed in Episode 16 with her flashback. She still takes it in stride.
    • Somewhat related, when Berger hints that Walkure's role was to collect data on the potential to use singing as a weapon of war, Freyja appears to be very distraught - likely for this reason.

Lady-M will turn out to be someone from a previous Macross show
  • Specifically Mylene. Because as someone who's previously used music to fight brainwashing and end a galactic war, developing something like Walkure is right up her alley.
  • Or perhaps she's actually Minmay. She wasn't actually aboard Megaroad-01 when it went off the grid. She used the colony ship departure to retire and disappear from the public eye. She hadn't intended to pull an Elvis, but Megaroad-01 vanishing wasn't something she could've done anything about anyway, so why not?
    • I wish I could find a specific reference, but everything I've read from any source stated that Minmei was on the Megaroad-01. My bet's on either a Jenius of some sort, as they have all had M-lettered names.
    • Word of God has already stated that the Megaroad-01 disappearance was made to kill Minmay, Hikaru and Misa, to prevent these kinds of development happenning in the franchise. My bet is on another Macross ship near the Cluster with a female commander.
    • Episode 25 adds fuel to this theory: Chaos received a transmission from Megaroad-01 shortly after the end of the Vajra conflict. Not long after this, Lady M appeared.
  • Alternately, it's Millia who's Lady M, embarking on a third career after retiring from politics.
    • Just a theory, perhaps it could be Mao Nome? She was the one researching the fold communication properties of the Vajra in Frontier, right? What if she didn't actually die, and is trying to continue research into the effects of fold receptors and singing which is very much related to her research on the Vajra?
  • It could be Kaifun, with both the feminine alias and him managing a band falsely claiming to be the original Fire Bombers being meant to throw off investigations.

Lady M is Mikumo Guynemer
  • Hear me out here. While Kaname declares herself as the leader of Walkure, Mikumo has, several times, done things which suggest she has more knowledge of what's going on than any of the other members, and often acts enigmatic about her reasons for doing some things, even doing things that are not even part of what Walkure or Chaos were meant to be doing.
    • Lady M is someone who had enough influence to talk to NUNS about nuking the Protoculture ruins in Ragna. I doubt Mikumo can do this sort of thing which is talking to politicians.
    • Jossed by episode 19; they're referred to as separate people as those in the know.

The final episodes will have Windermere transmit Var Syndrome to the people of Ragna and the crew of the Macross Elysion
  • It's been established that almost no-one recognizes that the 'Galactic Apples' brand is from Windermere and is part of a binary compound to create a Var Syndrome carrier, the other part being a common water brand. Also, the apples have appeared several times in scenes before the reveal. What I'm thinking is that the final gambit to stop Walkure by Lord Roid will be to cause Ragna to fall under Var Syndrome, similar to the finale of AKB 0048.
  • Possible foreshadowing of this in episode 9 when The Aerial Knights attack Ragna, and Bogue makes a direct attack on Macross Elysion to try to take out Walkure again while they're singing(fortunately foiled by Hayate and Mirage) as a distraction while a rookie does a scan of the underwater Protoculture ruins to confirm that Heinz will be able to activate them.
  • Partially Jossed in Episode 12, when they took over Ragna using the Protoculture Ruins.

Messer will have some kind of connection to Windermere.
  • Jossed, he's from Alfheim, and he has a slow-onset case of Var Syndrome, which doesn't affect Windermerans.

Hayate's father fought in the Windermerean War of Independence.
  • Arad says something to the tune of "if only he could see you now" in reference to Hayate's dogfighting skills in episode 8. Combine with the fact that he went out of his way to recruit him for Delta and it's likely that not only did Hayate's dad fight in the war, but he was also part of Arad's squadron.
    • Almost confirmed in Episodes 15&16.
    • And 100% confirmed in Episode 17.

Messer will be the first casualty in the Delta Squadron.
  • Ace Pilot, check. Skull-like insignia on his jet, check. Shipped with one of the cool big sis-like characters, check.
  • The fact that he's infected with Var Syndrome adds the possibility.
    • Confirmed as of the end of episode 10.

Windermerans don't naturally have only a 30 year lifespan.
  • Hear me out here. King Gaiman is 33, and alive, albeit heavily affected by some kind of infection which is slowly killing him, and Prince Heinz has a illness from effectively singing Var Syndrome into existence...
    The way I see the onset of aging with Windermere is more like a debilitating disease than premature aging, and I see that something, possibly recent, possibly not, which means that they are effectively dying out. The fact that all their schemes have some kind of unseen time limit suggests that the rushing of their annexation isn't due to anything more than that they are looking for a way to save their people...
    • For what it's worth, Freyja's comments seem to indicate that the shortness of life is a concept deeply ingrained into Windermeran culture, suggesting that it's something they've dealt with for a long time and see as natural if unpleasant. That said, their short lifespan might be the result of an inherent feature of Windermere itself, which might explain why they're looking to seize other worlds and study their Protoculture ruins.
    • Not sure if what is killing Heinz is the singing or the sheer weight of his Requisite Royal Regalia...
    • Judging from what we know about Windermere, they appear to have a fairly isolationist mindset. It's entirely possible that there aren't any that have spent a significant portion of their lives off planet.
    • Jossed; side info/interviews indicate the Windermerians have always had short lives; specifically, it's a consequence of their superior physical/sensory abilities making their bodies "burn out" quickly. Basically, you can blame the Protoculture (as usual).

Mirage isn't measuring up to her family legacy because she's overthinking her flying
  • At some point in the series, probably in her focus episode, Mirage's fighter will take a damaging but not critical hit in a pitched fight, instruments kaput, no time to think, Die or Fly, and for the first time since she got into a cockpit as a pilot she stops thinking about airspeed, thruster angle, etc. and just lets her instincts take over, resulting in her pulling a move that her grandparents would be proud of.

Various Epsilon Foundation Theories
  • When the Protoculture relics they've been helping to activate have reached a certain state, they'll backstab Windermere.
  • They're the ones who used the dimensional weapon on Windermere to help eventually jump-start the war.
    • Jossed so far, as the bomber that had fired the dimensional weapon turns out to be a NUNs special unit. Whether Epsilon had some behind-the-scenes involvement in the bombing remains to be seen, though.
  • They're the ones who gave Windermere its more advanced military technology, like the Drakens.
  • They are an offshoot or descendants of the Anti-UN Forces. Note the SV in SV-262, same as in SV-51.
    • If some of the translated interviews and profiles are any indication, Windermere did indeed get a lot of their fancy toys, like the SV-262, from anti-UN remnants.
    • Confirmed, EP 19 reveals they provided Windermere with the Drakens.

Messer survived
  • Maybe I'm just denying what happened in AXIA, but I remembered that they practiced with red paintballs right? What if the tank was still in the cockpit and it got hit? That'd mean we didn't saw splashing blood, but just red paint. At the end it wouldn't be the first time Macross made it seem like someone died, right?
    • Jossed by episode 11. He's as dead as one can be, having been shot right through the heart.

Freyja's 'fiancee' will pop up somewhere later in the series

Roid will use Heinz as a puppet to control Windermere and pursue his own agenda.
  • It's clear that Roid has is own ambitions and ideas of how to run the kingdom that don't quite align with the Knights. This is also further evidenced when he told everybody that the King ceded authority to him when the King was in fact calling out for Heinz with his dying words. With the King dead and Keith in a coma, there's pretty much nobody else that can contest his authority.
  • [[Spoiler: Confirmed fact.]]

The final battle will be an Enemy Mine situation that utterly embarrasses Windermere
The enemy? A recon force from the Supervision Army, just a couple hundreds ships strong, but with enough quantum cannons to overwhelm the Windermere flagship. And now they need help from both CHAOS and the NUNS just to survive...

The NUNS is going to get serious
Because they can't always be the Redshirt Army...
  • CONFIRMED. As soon as Chaos was able to get them enough information on the true nature of the Var, they go through a heavy program of immunization of their forces, rendering Windermere's One-Man Army tendencies largely useless!

The NUNS is going to deploy a Macross Cannon
Because it's awesome to see, and because the producers of a certain in-universe movie may have well used an 'actual' design...

The ultimate Big Bad is NOT outright Windermere
Currently, The NUNS and Roid seem to have their own agendas contrary to what Chaos and Prince Heinz want, so the final enemies will be Roid, aided by NUNS and the Epsilon Foundation.
  • Partially Jossed. Yes, Windermere isn't the enemy, but the Epsilon Foundation decided not to support Roid and the NUNS are assisting Chaos towards the end. So, It's JUST Roid who is the enemy...

Lion will be covered by Walkure.
Frontier covered Ai, Oboete Imasuka and FB7 partially covers Totsugeki Love Heart. Considering that those were songs from the first and second "main" series (well, DYRL? is a movie, but still), songs from Frontier would be next on the list to be covered, and since its most famous song seems to be "Lion" (at least according to rankings of karaoke), that would likely be the one to get a cover.
  • "Lion" did play in Episode 19 when Berger was recapping the events of Frontier, but it was the Sheryl/Ranka version being played in the background and not a Walkure cover.
  • As of Episode 23, Seikan Hikou from Frontier was covered by a young Freyja.
  • After Episode 25, it was revealed that Ai, Oboete Imasuka is going to be included in Walkure's second album, covered by Walkure. This makes the theory an unlikely one, unless a movie or a continuation would be made.
  • A movie was made, and there Mikumo covered Ai, Oboete Imasuka in, presumably, the original Protoculture language. Still no sign of Lion. (Though a second movie was announced).

Johnson is Vrlitwhai's son.

Alternatively, Johnson came from the same genetic template as Guld Goa Bowman's father.
Before Human-Zentraedi hybrids (e.g.: the Jenius family and Bowman) started to proliferate after the events of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Zentraedi (and Meltrandi) soldiers were cloned and not born naturally because of gender segregation. And a good portion of the Zentraedi fleets scattered across the universe still use cloning to bolster or replenish their ranks. While most clones are rank-and-file mooks that are expendable, some clones usually used the best traits of earlier Zentraedi soldiers, which explains why there's an Expy of Vrlitwhai (command, strategical and tactical knowledge), Exsedol (second-in-command, The Smart Guy) and Quamzin (a fierce Blood Knight) in Episode 12 of Macross Frontier. On a meta-note, it also explains why Bowman and Johnson have a similar voice.

Mikumo is a clone of Minmay
One that developed a very different personality, but still a clone. Would explain why nobody knows anything about her.

Sarah Nome from Macross Zero is the "Star Singer" of Windermere legend, possibly making their whole society her decendants
Pretty obvious. At the end of Macross Zero, Sarah and Shin were sent into space by the Bird Human; perhaps they ended up being sent back in time as well, resulting in the birth of a new subculture to the Mayan culture, on another planet. This would explain why the Song of the Wind used by the Windemereians is very similar musically and in effect to the songs that appeared in Macross Zero, and why the giant Protoculture weapon that appears midway through the season looks extremely similar to the "Bird Human". The the whole legend of the "Star Singer" in their culture's history may be a reference to Sarah Nome herself, and there's the little fact that "Mayan" has shown up as a surname in their culture. This also leads to the secondary theory...

Mikumo is a clone of Sarah Nome
The show has already established that Mikumo's singing is strangely similar to the Wind Singer's, with strong hints that she has some connection to the legendary "Star Singer" of their culture. We already know she is some sort of clone or artificial human, created to harness the power of music, perhaps she is actually a clone of the legendary "Star Singer" herself (this is confirmed in the series and movie), who, going by the above theory, may be Sarah Nome. She certainly does have some superficial similarities to Sarah appearance wise, and personality wise would probably be closer to her than any of the other previous Macross singers, save Sheryl, who is also related to Sarah.

Mirage did not actually want to be a fighter pilot and only became one to live up to her legacy.
There's a scene in one of the earlier episodes where Hayate and Freyja talk about the fact that they were finally doing what they loved in the Delta Squadron and Walkure. The scene pans to Mirage who repeats those words and looks as if she's contemplating that statement. It would also explain why her flying technique is by the book and predictable, she's having a hard time stepping out of that comfort zone and developing her own style like Hayate and Messer did.
  • Jossed, Episode 26 showcases a brief Mirage flashback of her as a child happily in the cockpit of a Jeinus jet.

Freyja will die at the end
Likely via her sacrificing herself to save Hayate or the Elysium. All these talk about Windemereians having short lifespans has to lead to somewhere.
  • Possibly Jossed. It's HEINZ whose lifespan is majorly important, since he has been forced to sing a song which has cut his lifespan by a third or worse!
  • Episode 24 shows that Freyja's death 'is' closer than we expected, as it was shown that a part of her hand "decayed", a sign that means she is around 30 years old physically.
  • Jossed completely, Freyja is alive at the end and happily with Hayate.

Hayate's dad is Gamlin.
Just throwing this out there. We know he was a pilot, and it's heavily implied that he piloted the spec ops VF-22 that dropped the dimensional bomb on Windermere, the same limited production model that Gamlin flies in Dynamite 7. The dates also make it plausible, Hayate was born in 2050, and the last time we saw Gamlin, still single, was in 2047.
  • Going further into especulation territory, suppose he's married to Mylene (because Basara very much probably went out one night to sing at things somewhere in the galaxy and was never seen again) and she's Lady M, he could be working for Chaos (or even running it alongside her) to atone for having followed that one order.
    • Jossed about Hayate's mom who is said to be a combat medic according to Hayate. So, it can't be Mylene.
  • For this WMG to be true, you'd have to come up with some reason for why Gamlin would both change his name and drop a dimensional weapon on his own side.
  • Jossed. Episode 25 revealed that Hayate's dad is NOT Gamlin.

In the final days of the Windemerean war for independence, NUNS was planning to wipe them out with a bio-weapon.
THAT is why Hayate's dad dropped the dimensional warhead on the NUNS base. Although Windemerean civilians were killed in the blast, it was the only way he could see to prevent total genocide of the Windemereans.

Keith will kill Roid at the end of the series
Roid will consider Heinz as expendable because his singing is taking toll on his health. Keith finds out of Roid’s true plans and doesn’t like what he did to Heinz. This will also cause to agonize whether he’s doing the right thing for his brother and his people. Probably in the last episodes of the show, Keith defects Chaos and tells them of Roid’s plans and in the end, he kills him like how Char killed Kycilia Zabi with a bazooka.
  • In episode 19, a functionary was trying to work up the nerve to tell Keith something about the King's last words, but got scared when some guys appeared at the doorway. Maybe he knows that Roid lied about the King's dying words. If that is so, and Keith finds out, that would probably be enough motivation for him to kill Roid, especially with his growing misgivings he and the other Aerial Knights have brewing inside them.
    • It turns out the functionary was actually telling Keith that Roid killed the King himself. Roid claims that he was still being truthful of about the King's last words, but Keith threatens to kill him should anything happen to Heinz.
    • Confirmed, as Keith jumped out of his Drakon to stab Roid straight in the chest moments before the Protoculture flagship proceeded to blow up.

Freyja's "faulty" rune
This is a few theories in one, concerning Freyja's rune, which already is enlarged, incorrectly positioned and spends large periods inactive.
  • Firstly, Freyja will live past 30, since her body isn't burning up it's natural fold energy all the time, something which, proven by Prince Heinz, causes the sickness that cuts their age down so severely.
  • Secondly, her rune acts as a transformer, boosting her natural levels of fold energy, as well as channeling the fold energy of Mikumo and/or the ruins to further boost her active fold resonance to staggering levels.

The NUNS tracked down the Galaxy Fleet's Island, and Mirage fought there
She said her first kill was during an operation to recover an Island-class from terrorists, after all...
  • The part of Episode 19, when the salesman talks about the events of Macross Frontier, a YF-29 appears instead of VF-25. If this means anything, it might mean that the movie is closer to what actually happened, so the Galaxy Fleet might have been destroyed by the Vajra, not staying away from the NUN government and trying to do something again.

The VF-22 was a Ghost
Episode 23 shows that the pilot of the VF-22 which dropped a dimensional bomb on Windermere was dead when the fighter was found, yet it is unknown where he died. So, it might be possible that the VF-22 was converted into a Ghost, and Wright was killed before being put into the fighter just to frame him as the one who dropped the bomb. The reason for framing might be that he betrayed the NUNS in one way or another, as it was said that Wright was "too kind" IIRC.
  • Partially confirmed by Episode 25. Wright indeed got framed as the one who dropped the bomb, so it wouldn't look like the whole NUNS did it, and the fighter wasn't under Wright's control. However, Wright committed suicide after his attempts to drop the bomb far away from people failed, and the VF-22 was remotely controlled, so it is not a full-fledged Ghost.

Lily and Claire will return later in the series
The two former members of Walkure will come back to try to help or re-replace another member lost, injured, or KIA in a later episode.

Roid created the whole mess in the first place
Expanding on the thought about the VF-22 that dropped the bomb being a Ghost, Roid is known to have pursued a personal opinion that Windermere are the 'heirs of the Protoculture race'. He sets up for Wright to be put to death, then has his VF-22 drop the dimensional warhead on the NUNS forces. NUNS can't help but admit to their complacency in the warhead being there, so there's no way his own complacency in what happened can be discovered.He then advises King Gramia to bring in the laws which forbid NUNS-backed media and travel, and makes sure that everyone understands how it was NUNS who killed all those people, NUNS who caused that scar in the landscape, and it will be Windermere who will come out superior.He finds a way to amplify a little known side effect of over-exposure to certain types of fold wave, creating Var Syndrome, which he plans to use to create a galaxy controlled by Windermere.

Kaname will die at the end of the series
The way she talked about her future dreams, the infamous dead-flag quote: "Let's make it all back!" and "I'll be back." At first I thought it was a dead-flag for Arad, but she did say it to Messer('s bracelet) too. So I suppose on of them will die.
  • Jossed. She survives.

Freyja will eventually have her lifespan extended (by The Power of Love and/or The Power of Rock).

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