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  • As is Macross tradition, many of the characters have last names related to aeronautics.
    • Hayate Immelmann shares his last name from named after German pilot Max Immelmann, creator of the Immelmann turn. Hayate even gets his own signature move named after him, the "Immelmann Dance".
    • Mirage Fallyna Jenius shares her first name with the Mirage line of fighter jets from French manufacturer Dassault.
    • Mikumo Guynemer shares her last name with French World War 1 fighter ace Georges Guynemer.
    • Kaname Buccaneer is likely named after the Blackburn Buccaneer, a Royal Navy jet bomber from the 1950s.
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    • Makina Nakajima takes her surname from Nakajima aircraft company, a prominent Japanese aircraft manufacturer in World War 2.
      • This one, however, might also be a reference to Megumi Nakajima, the voice actress of Ranka in Macross Frontier.
      • In the movie she turns out, apparently, to be a direct descendant of Raizou Nakajima, the engineer in Macross Zero.
    • Reina Prowler shares her name with the Grumman EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare aircraft. Fitting since this seems to be part of her role in the Walkure and Delta Platoon.
    • Chuck Mustang obviously named after the North American P-51 Mustang.
    • Chuck's first name could also be a shout out to Chuck Yeager, the first pilot ever to break the sound barrier in level flight, who was also a Mustang ace in WW2.
    • Messer Ihlefeld is named after German World War 2 fighter ace Herbert Ihlefeld.
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    • Arad Mölders takes his name after another German World War 2 fighter ace, Werner Mölders.
    • Messer can also be a reference to Messerschmitt AG, a German aircraft manufacturer known for its World War II aircraft.
    • Arad (アラド) if read as Arado could also be from Arado Flugzeugwerke, another German aircraft manufacturer that produced aircraft in both World Wars.
    • Bogue Con-Vaart meanwhile is named after the Bogue-class escort carriers.
    • Wright Immelmann is an obvious reference to the Wright brothers.
    • The Sv-262 Draken III is named after the Saab J 35 Draken, of which it shares sone design cues with.
      • It also shares it's numerical designation with the Messerschmitt Me-262 "Sturmvogel", one of the worlds first jet fighters (making this the second variable fighter to be a shout out to it, the first being the YF-21/VF-22 Sturmvogel).
      • As with the Draken III, the yet unnamed VF that the White Knight used in the war seven years ago is a dead ringer for the F-104 Starfighter.
  • There also seems to be a few references to UC-continuity Gundam as well:
    • As a royalist nation that declares independence from the U.N. and follows it up with an invasion, the Kingdom of the Wind is rather clear send-up of the Duchy of Zeon.
    • Roid's speech in Episode 15 pretty much solidifies him as a Gihren's Expy.
    • Epsilon Foundation's support for both the Windemerians and the UN Government makes them an Expy for Anaheim Electronics.
      • Contractors supporting numerous factions occur very frequently in the world of Macross, especially given how big its world is. Moreover, Epsilon is implied to be the remnants of the anti-UN organization responsible for designing the SV-51 dating as far back as Macross Zero, and they still want to topple the UN/NUN even now (via Windermere). However, to keep the NUN off their backs, they needed to play both sides. Though they are certainly not going to supply the NUN with their newest SV-262s.

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